Virginia Online Sports Betting

Virginia was once a state very limited in its gambling offerings. But it has made a remarkable turnaround – now it’s one of the most relaxed and developing states in the country in terms of gambling options. Virginia sports betting is now legal and retail casinos are currently being constructed.

Virginia gambling laws certainly adjusted quickly, so many people aren’t up to date and don’t know what to expect. This page will break down all of these developments and explain where things currently stand in this historic state, as well as explore Virginia online sports betting apps and bonuses.

Virginia Sports Betting Apps 2022

Sports betting looks unique in Virginia. Some states outlaw retail sports betting and create online-only sports betting industries. However, Virginia has no casinos. So, it created an online-only sports betting industry without prohibiting retail sports betting. However, when Virginia voted for sports betting legalization, they also voted to allow five cities to decide whether they wanted to open casinos. So, Virginia may have to revisit the retail sports betting question within the next few months or years. 

But in the meantime, bettors have online sportsbook apps to place wagers. Seven have launched in Virginia so far, with three sportsbooks still to come. Here’s the rundown on Virginia sports betting today and what bettors need to know about their sports betting options. 

Best Virginia Sportsbooks

Virginia has seven live sportsbooks, each with its own pros and cons. They won’t be the only sportsbooks to come to Virginia. But they’ll form the bedrock of Virginia’s online sports betting landscape. Here are Virginia’s seven current sportsbooks. 


DraftKings offers a 20% deposit match up to $1,000. Claim with DraftKings promo link. That high dollar amount is eye-catching, but bettors must remember that DraftKings also has a playthrough requirement. After their first deposits, bettors must wager $25 before getting $1 in site credits. But with DraftKings’ strong odds on favorites, bettors should consider a DraftKings account for the competitive odds, not just the welcome bonus. 

Get your exclusive DraftKings Sportsbook bonus offer for new players. Deposit $5 or more to receive a $50 free bet. That’s like a 1,000% deposit match credited as a free bet, which is one of the most generous online sports betting welcome bonuses.


BetMGM is often one of the first sportsbooks to launch in a new state. It offers a $1,000 risk-free bet as a welcome bonus, which is a moderate bonus in the sportsbook market. Claim with BetMGM bonus code. But bettors can also accrue MLife points toward their MGM Grand rewards accounts. If bettors have that account already, then BetMGM may be a no-brainer for them. BetMGM’s game lines offer odds that are strong all around, giving bettors a chance at some of the most competitive odds on the market. 

That depends on the odds and promotions other sportsbooks run, of course. 


Caesars offers new bettors a $1,001 first wager match. Claim with this Caesars promo code: SHARPBET. Caesars Sportsbook offers strong odds all around, making it a must-check for bettors who shop for the best odds. It also offers a great loyalty program bettors will want to take advantage of.


BetRivers is affiliated with the Rivers Casino, which has properties across the United States. But with a mobile sports betting app, the casino brand can expand its reach past its properties. BetRivers offers a 100% deposit match up to $250. Claim with BetRivers bonus code: SHARP250. That high match rate makes up for its low dollar amount. It makes it easier for bettors to redeem more bonus credits than higher-dollar deposit bonuses. Combined with a strong VIP rewards program, bettors have a lot to consider in a BetRivers account. 


FanDuel was Virginia’s first sportsbook app. It offers a $1,000 risk-free bet, which is great for bettors who can afford to bet big from the beginning. Claim with this FanDuel promo link. However, it’s an easy welcome bonus to miss. It’s only good for a bettor’s first wager, so bettors must be attentive if they want to take advantage of it. FanDuel’s game lines offer competitive odds on underdogs, so bettors who wager on that side of the line consistently should consider a FanDuel account.


Anyone who frequents the Wynn Casino and Resort will recognize the brand name. This is another sportsbook that extends a casino’s reach beyond retail locations. WynnBet offers bettors a $1,000 risk-free bet. Bettors just have to remember to take full advantage of their first wagers or they could miss the welcome bonus. 


Unibet has a unique bonus offer that may interest new bettors. Bettors get a $600 risk-free bet with our exclusive Unibet promo code BETBONUS. They’re pushing into Virginia hard, so bettors who are interested in starting with a large welcome bonus should consider creating a Unibet account. 

Other Sportsbooks Available In Virginia

Golden Nugget Virginia

Golden Nugget Virginia offers a nice market depth and odds that match or beat most of its competitors. But where it really shines is with the welcome bonus. New members at Golden Nugget Virginia can receive a bet-match up to $250. Simply place your first bet, and Golden Nugget will give you a free bet of equal value. Terms and conditions apply. Beyond that, other Golden Nugget Virginia features include:

  • Golden Lines: Every day, Golden Nugget Virginia posts odds boosters on major league and college sports.
  • Notorious VIG: Golden Nugget offers low vigs (fees sportsbooks charge for taking bets) on select events, usually cutting the fee in half (e.g., -110 becomes -105, or -105 becomes +100).
  • Parlay Boost: Golden Nugget will boost parlays up to 20%. The more legs, the higher the boost.

PointsBet Virginia – Coming Soon

PointsBet, launching by early November 2021, has a wide range of unique features and daily promotions that make it worth considering. This includes low-vig points spread bets, parlay profit boosters, and risk-free bet offers. But none are as unique as the PointsBetting wager. Totals bettors receive a multiplier for every point over or under the total, and it applies to both a win and a loss. New members can place a risk-free bet up to $2,000 that’s either a fixed-odds bet or the high-risk PointsBetting wager.

Barstool Sportsbook

Barstool Sportsbook is the sportsbook that branched out from Barstool Sports. It offers a $1,000 risk-free bet, which bettors must use on their first wagers if they plan to redeem it. Since Barstool Sportsbook is connected to Barstool Sports, bettors who consume Barstool Sports’ content will likely enjoy Barstool Sportsbook as well. David Portnoy’s personality comes through in the sportsbook too. 

Online Sportsbooks That May Come To Virginia

Even though Virginia has eight live sportsbooks, it’s awarded ten sportsbook licenses. The remaining two will likely be the next sportsbooks to launch. Here are the top candidates for Virginia’s next sportsbooks.

Bally Bet

Bally Bet is the Bally Casino’s new sportsbook app. It has a temporary sports betting license in Virginia, so bettors should expect Bally Bet to be one of Virginia’s next sportsbooks. It offers a $550 risk-free bet to its new bettors. As the latest in a long line of casino sportsbooks, bettors should expect to see other casino sportsbooks down the line, too. 

Best Virginia Sportsbook Bonuses 

There are many sportsbook bonuses on the market. But there are a few main types of bonuses that are common among welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions. Here’s what Virginians can expect to find in their new sportsbooks. 

Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free bets aren’t exactly risk-free. Bettors have to deposit and wager their own money first. If they lose, then bettors will be credited their lost stakes up to a certain amount. That ‘certain amount’ is the high-dollar amount advertised. Bettors get site credits back instead of cash, so bettors must use them to place more bets. Risk-free bets don’t give bettors cash they can walk away with. Welcome bonuses can be generous, but not that generous. 

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are a bit of a misnomer. Bettors are rewarded site credits based on how much money they deposit in their accounts. However, sportsbooks also include a playthrough requirement that actually rewards the site credits. For example, DraftKings’ 20% match rate qualifies bettors for $1 in site credits for every $5 they deposit. But bettors also have to wager $25 before they’re awarded $1 in site credits. Bettors must pay attention to deposit bonus terms to see which ones are good deals and which ones are just flashy advertisements. 

No-Deposit Bonuses

No-deposit bonuses are almost as simple as they look. Once bettors register their accounts, they get the advertised amount of money in site credits. However, site credits are only good for betting, not for withdrawing. If bettors want to withdraw money from sportsbooks, then they’ll have to win. But since these bonuses are the closest things that bettors will get to free money, these bonuses are often small. They’re usually between $25-$50. Occasionally, sportsbooks will push them higher. But bettors shouldn’t count on these bonuses to fund their accounts. 

Loyalty, Rewards, And VIP Programs 

Loyalty, rewards, and VIP programs award bettors with points that unlock various perks. These are especially valuable for big spenders. The highest spenders can unlock perks like personal banking attendants and other rewards that’ll make them feel like VIPs. However, these programs are best for bettors who not only wager big but wager big consistently. Splurging one weekend isn’t enough to reach the highest VIP or reward tiers. But bettors shouldn’t bankrupt themselves just for VIP rewards. Nothing in Tier ten will make up for the amount of money bettors have to spend to reach it. 

Why Virginia Sportsbooks Are Safe To Use

Virginia sportsbooks are safe to use because of the combination of government oversight and market pressure. 

Most of Virginia’s sportsbooks so far are large sportsbook brands in multiple states. They depend on their reputations in past and current states to secure access to future ones. Gaming Commissions consider past lawsuits or any other legal actions in deciding whether to award a sports betting license. Without a sports betting license, sportsbooks can’t legally operate in their chosen states. They also jeopardize their existing licenses, which could threaten current market leaders. Sportsbooks are incentivized to keep bettor data safe and avoid scandals that could hurt their businesses. 

If they lost market access, sportsbooks would also struggle to compete against other sportsbooks. One of the reasons DraftKings and FanDuel are so big is because they’re early entrants. They stake claims in sportsbook markets early and grow their customer bases first. That ensures they maintain market dominance wherever they go. Even basic security practices like end-to-end encryption help sportsbooks keep bettor data safe. It’s widespread and keeps the Gaming Commissions happy. If bettors want to download a sportsbook, there is no safer option than a legal, licensed sportsbook. 

Virginia Sportsbook FAQs

How old do bettors have to be to use Virginia sportsbooks? 

21. Virginia’s sports betting bill spells the sports betting age out clearer than many other state bills. It’s usually set to avoid conflicts with retail sportsbooks’ liquor licenses. However, Virginia still doesn’t have retail casinos. So, sports betting has just been grouped with a higher tier of gambling than, say, bingo. 

Who regulates Virginia sportsbooks?

The Virginia Lottery regulates Virginia’s sportsbooks. It sets the industry regulations, including sports betting license requirements. The Virginia Lottery keeps sportsbooks in line so bettors have safe sports betting options. It’s one of the most critical regulatory bodies in Virginia for avid bettors and gamblers. 

How safe is Virginia online sports betting? 

It’s as safe as any other government-regulated industry can be. The Virginia Lottery had many examples to model its sports betting regulations on when it legalized sports betting. It also contains the same provisions that make sports betting safe in other states, including investigation procedures for sportsbooks that aren’t cutting it. 

How can bettors dispute Virginia sportsbooks? 

If bettors have a complaint with a sportsbook, then they can go through the sportsbook’s complaint resolution process. Failing that, the Virginia Lottery has a complaint resolution process for giving customer complaints extra weight. It gives disgruntled customers more resources to right whatever wrongs they believe were committed against them. 

How do Virginia sportsbooks protect bettor data? 

Virginia sportsbooks use standard security measures like end-to-end encryption. They also have to submit their software to be tested for security before the sportsbook can go live for bettors. Regulatory and market forces keep sportsbooks secure and bettors safe. 

What are common deposit and withdrawal options at Virginia sportsbooks? 

Virginia sportsbooks include these common deposit options: 

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfers
  • PayPal 
  • Cash Deposits 

These deposit methods are sufficiently tied to a bettor’s identity to be accepted by sportsbooks. Withdrawal methods are more restricted. Bettors may only find PayPal, bank transfers, or cash withdrawals. Larger sportsbooks offer more options, but these make up the core offering of sportsbook withdrawal methods.

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