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The Alice and the Mad Tea Party slot game from WMS is much more charming than mad, and it ends up being a fun, relaxing way to spin through a few minutes or even an hour. The game itself incorporates the iconic Mad Tea Party concept from Lewis Carroll’s book. The tea party plays a role in the several movie and television adaptations, but you’re not going to see a Johnny Depp-inspired hatter here or even the green-clothed version of the old animated classic. You will find some charming illustrations of characters and items relevant to Wonderland, though, including Alice, the Hatter, the White Rabbit, eat me and drink me items, tea time accouterments and card suits.

Overall, Alice and the Mad Tea Party is fun to play. The music and sound effects are more “elevator music” and less “in-your-face soundtrack” than some other slots, and some of them are just down right satisfying. When you use the up and down arrows to change the amount of the line bet, for example, each click results in a rising or falling note. Clicking quickly through the numbers causes a sort of melody to play. The background music when you spin the reels is relaxing, and when you win, the music picks up pace to become something you can image the White Rabbit scurrying along to.

Betting and Winning: Plenty of Paylines in this Party

Alice and the Mad Tea party includes 30 paylines, and betting is done as a function of paylines plus a mandatory feature bet. The amount of the bet can be customized by upping the base bet in increments of a penny. The base bet is multiplied by 30 lines; it’s then added to the mandatory feature bet of 20 times the base bet. That means a base of 0.01 results in a total 0.50 bet. Players can ramp up the bet as high as $2.00 base (or $100 total bet). Since bonus rounds and features can exponentially increase winnings, a large bet could come with an enormous payout.

Each of the symbols has a different associated payout and win requirement. Most symbols only payout if 3, 4, or 5 of them appear on any of the paylines, but the fact that you can win on more than one payline creates a higher chance of big payouts. Wild symbols add to the ability to win, though they won’t stand in for the “Feature” symbol.

Exciting Bonus Rounds and Features

Just as Alice’s adventures are full of wonder, this slot game is filled with wonderful features. Many of the fun characters from the book have their own feature, and two tea-infused bonus rounds can turn your relaxing spin into an exciting few minutes of sound effects and coin drops.

Alice Feature

During this feature, one to five random symbols are turned into the wild symbol, and paylines are evaluated once the change is made.

Queen Wild Feature

You’re not going to fear losing your head when this Queen feature pops up. Once it’s triggered, you are offered a chance to pick a card, revealing one of the four suits and a monetary award. The award is 50 times or 250 times the line bet for the spin that triggered the feature. The Queen wild them replaces all symbols of the suit revealed, and the paylines are evaluated (plus, you get that nice hefty multiplier).

Cheshire Cat Feature

The Cheshire Cat feature randomly selects up to 10 reel positions and magically morphs them into a Cat wild. Like all other wilds in the game, Cat wild stands in for any symbol other than the Feature symbol. Line pays are evaluated once the wilds are in place, and with up to 10 smiling wilds, you could be rolling in the coin drop.

Caterpillar Feature

Like the vowel-blowing character, the Caterpillar feature is fairly simple. It increases the payout by a multiplier of 2 through 10 or a whopping 15.

Mad Hatter Feature

The Mad Hatter feature is appropriately a bit random. Once it’s triggered, you are asked to pick a teapot. Of course, no tea is actually involved; instead, the pick reveals a diamond, muffin or white rabbit. They each multiply the potential payout by different amounts, and the white rabbit and diamond end the feature on that spin.

Super Mad Respin Bonus

The Super Mad Respin bonus can significantly boost payout. It’s launched by three ALICE word symbols appearing on the same reel. You get to pick a teapot, which adds a potential ALICE word symbol to the mix and determines whether you get another spin within the bonus. For the duration of the bonus, any ALICE word symbols you place on the reels stay in place; only the other symbols spin. Wilds change into an ALICE word symbol, and you can spin up to seven times in the bonus, depending on what comes out of your teapot on each spin.

Once the bonus round is complete, line pays are evaluated and paid out in a shower of digital gold coins and some fun music.

Mad Tea Party Free Spin Bonus

This bonus round is triggered by three FEATURE symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. That gets you six free spins, all of which involve choosing a teapot to reveal various multipliers or wilds. You can get multipliers of two or three times on each spin, and the double multiplier plus pick again option lets you increase potential winnings by another two or three times. You can even trigger the Super Mad Respin Bonus within the Mad Tea Party Free Spin bonus for crazy fun.

Alice and the Mad Tea Party can be played online or via mobile for free. Some free options start you with 1,000 in credits; when you play at the lowest line bet, that results in a whopping 2,000 spins even without calculating the inevitable winnings.

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