Top 5 Mobile Betting Sites

Mobile betting is the wave of the future in online gambling markets. Today, millions of bettors across the world are logging into their sportsbook accounts via mobile devices, whether that’s a cell phone, pad, or tablet.

Sports betting has come a long way since calling your local bookie from a rudimentary home phone or meeting him at a local bar. Online sportsbooks first started to appear in large numbers at the turn of the 21st century and have expanded ever since. Bettors were enamored with the ability to bet from the comfort of their own home via the Internet. No, this wasn’t a fad but an innovation in betting markets that is still continuing today.

The proliferation of cell phones began, and wireless communications of all kinds kick-started a movement to not only allow users to access their files, receive news, and send emails from their PC, but from anywhere in the world. Online bookmakers jumped on the technology just like any other company.

Today, mobile wagering is a massive and still-growing market. It is estimated that mobile wagering accounts for somewhere around $15 billion of global online gambling markets.

With numbers like that on the line, operators have put millions of dollars into developing the best possible mobile websites and applications. Now, more than ever, the mobile experience offered can be a decisive factor in an online sportsbook’s revenue stream.

What is Mobile Betting?

Mobile betting is simply betting on sports via a mobile device. Provided the bettor has an Internet connection, it allows them to place a bet from anywhere in world.

The convenience this allows bettors cannot be overstated. Nearly everyone on the planet has a mobile phone these days. This allows on-the-go wagering from anywhere. Did you hear a nice tip from a friend at the bar? Or have you been watching a line move all day at work? Mobile betting allows you to take advantage of the move no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Markets and Options

Options vary from site to site, but for the most part, most sportsbooks will offer their full range of markets, including live betting or in-play options on their mobile sites or applications. It is actually quite rare to find a site that doesn’t have their full range of bets available.

Many sportsbooks also allow players to utilize their full range of account features as well. This usually includes deposit and withdraw options, and the ability to view bet history and pending bets. This can even go further and allow players to view their VIP program and other site-specific features.

Some operators will offer a special bonus for placing a mobile wager, in hopes of encouraging customers to try out their mobile platform.

Betting on Mobile

Betting via mobile is a simple process that is no different than logging into your sportsbook account on your PC. The platform, layout, and colors, in a lot of cases are similar to the desktop platform and interface of the bookmaker’s desktop page.

Logging into your account needs no explanation. Simply enter your username and password (the same combination used on the desktop site), and log into your account. From there, you will be prompted with the front page of the app or mobile site.

How long it takes to choose your market and confirm your betting choices depends on the sportsbook and mobile platform. Some are better than others, but in today’s day and age, most are cutting edge. As mentioned above, mobile wagering is rapidly growing, and bookmakers aren’t cutting any corners when it comes to developing their mobile product.

Applications vs. Mobile Sites

Mobile platforms can come in two forms: either a downloadable mobile application, which is available via Google Play and the Apple Store, or a no-download browser version. Many sportsbooks offer both a mobile, browser-based site along with a downloadable application.

Most US-facing sportsbooks do not offer a downloadable mobile application because they’re not licensed and regulated in the United States. The opposite is true for most regulated European-based bookmakers, which have apps available at the Apple Store and Google Play Store. These bookmaking giants also offer no-download, browser-based platforms.

Typically, the no-download and downloadable applications work similarly, but the downloadable applications will allow bookmakers to add some more bells and whistles. These applications can truly transform the betting experience and truly put players right into the action. This is especially true when live betting from your mobile or tablet device.

Android Betting – Android devices have become extremely popular in recent years. They tend to be more accepting of third-party applications, compared to the iPhone or iPad, and offer a touch screen and phones chocked full of features.

iPhone / iPad Betting – Apple’s iPhone and iPad work seamlessly with most sports betting sites and many of the top bookmakers offer applications via the Apple Store. The phones and pads are also both equipped with a touch screen. This makes it simple to use, and placing bets can be done in a matter of seconds.

Windows Mobile Betting – Windows Mobile phones and tablets are rather new in the market compared to Android and Apple products but are also making their mark. Bettors will be able to use downloadable apps along with browser-based sites. Touch screens are also standard on Windows Mobile phones.

Blackberry Betting – Blackberries are also compatible with most sports betting sites and online casinos offering slots. Most notably, Blackberries offer  touch screens and, in addition, a keypad. Newer versions will be better equipped to handle sports betting applications, but no-download sportsbook sites will still work seamlessly with older versions.