Mobile Blackjack Apps

In the age of technology it should come as no surprise that we now have mobile blackjack casino apps available for download on your phone. Whether you have an Android or an iOS iPhone, there are options available. Here we recommend the best ones for each operating system.

However, before you rush to download a blackjack casino app, you should fully understand the pros and cons of playing on your mobile device. We review them succinctly below. Also, if you want a no download or sign-up experience, play our free blackjack game.

Mobile Blackjack Casinos

It won’t be long before smartphones and tablets are the main devices for accessing the internet and enjoying the games offered online. Blackjack is already available on many different platforms and ranges from full casinos through to social games. This page outlines all the different options available for players who would like to play mobile blackjack, and are not yet sure where to start.

First up, you will find an overview of the different kinds of blackjack games available on mobile devices. After that, the main categories of mobiles and tablets are covered – along with links to pages which give you plenty more detail for each one.


What Kinds Of Blackjack Games Can I Find On Mobile Devices?

Blackjack games have evolved considerably since the original single deck players against dealer games. You can now find many cool variations on the ‘21’ theme, in addition to the standard US or European rules games, on just about every mobile device out there.

One of the shortcomings of blackjack is that the wins are small and incremental – rather than having big windfall payouts like slots and roulette. To make up for this, many blackjack variants include side-bets like Perfect Pairs or ‘Lucky 7’s’ which give you the chance of a bigger win, or even progressive jackpots linked between several casinos. Other variants switch up the rules, giving you extra surrender options, or even two hands where you can swap the top cards.

You will also find multi-player blackjack games available on mobile devices. This can be ‘standard’ games with several people playing together, or even a live dealer game where you are playing with real playing cards dealt by real dealer streamed via video-link. The other kind of multi-player mobile blackjack game involves a tournament format. Here you are competing with other players to have the biggest chip-stack after a certain number of hands, which gets you through to the next round for the chance of winning big money.


Mobile Blackjack – iPhone and iPad Blackjack Games

Apple pioneered modern mobile technology, and rightly enjoy the best choice of apps. You’ll find a huge choice of blackjack games for both iPhone and iPads, ranging from full casinos with several blackjack variants included – to stand-alone apps which are aimed at the social-media loving youth who enjoy competing and sharing results just for fun.

You can find out more on the choices available for Apple users in this article covering blackjack for iPad and iPhone.


Mobile Blackjack – Android Devices

Android now has the biggest share of the mobile operating systems worldwide. This comes loaded on generic tablets, as well as the higher end ones from Samsung and Sony. You’ll find that 4 out of every 5 new smartphones worldwide are powered by Android. It follows that the casinos should make sure they are available to players with these devices. You’ll find all of the major casino software houses now have blackjack games available for Android mobile devices. Most have apps which you can install, though others rely on the in-browser Flash technology which has improved dramatically in recent years.

Before you play a single hand of blackjack on your Android device, make sure you check out our guide to playing blackjack on Android devices first.


Mobile Blackjack – Other Mobile Systems

While Apple and Android command most of the market in mobile operating systems, they are not the only players out there. The next 2 in terms of size only have a small percent of the overall market, however this still works out to be millions of users. Windows Mobile and Blackberry users do have access to a range of blackjack games. These include the social casino apps as well as the opportunity to play for real money. As the absolute number of people using these devices increases over the next few years – we could well see even more operators make the jump to supporting these mobile systems.


Pros and Cons of Playing Blackjack on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Playing on any particular device has its advantages and disadvantages, and mobile blackjack is no exception. The key thing to check out is whether the game has been adjusted properly for the smaller screen sizes. This is not just clear cards, text and chips that you can see – the main thing is that the buttons are the right size. This is especially important when you are playing in a real money mobile blackjack game – fiddly button sizes could lead to clicking mistakes which could directly affect your bottom line. Fortunately, most casinos have already considered this and built it into their games. You will still have to be careful with some of the in-browser (flash or HTML5) mobile games out there.

Stable internet is another key factor to consider for mobile blackjack. Some play money and fun apps can be played offline – syncing when you do have internet access. For real money games this is not possible, so you’ll need to ensure that you stay somewhere you have strong coverage when real money is on the line. If you prefer the live-dealer games then I recommend you stick to a solid WiFi connection and do not rely on 3G – you do not want to find yourself disconnected seconds before you find out if you won a hand.

Casinos with Android Blackjack Apps – Free & Real Money

Android now powers more than 80% of the world’s mobile devices, and is gaining significant ground on traditional computers and laptops for the time people spend online. You can enjoy blackjack games on Android devices in many different ways. There are fun blackjack games, in the form of apps which can be free or available for a couple of dollars. You can also play real-money blackjack apps, with a full range of games including the popular blackjack variations. You can even play Android blackjack without a download, with both flash and HTML5 technology making great leaps forward in recent years.

This article covers all the different Android blackjack options. First, play-chip blackjack apps are looked at, including some popular free and low-cost apps. After this you’ll find some information on real money Android blackjack casino apps – followed by some notes on the in-browser options.


Free and Low-Cost Blackjack Apps

There are a lot of blackjack apps available in the Android store. These are mostly completely free, and come in two main categories. First, you get simple player against dealer games for play chips only. The main benefit of these games is that you do not need to be connected to the internet to play them – they work great offline. Second, you can find multi-player blackjack games in which you are playing at the same table with other people. These are for fun chips too – only you have the competition (and social) elements of interacting and trying to beat the other players.

You’ll find big differences in the graphics, and the size of the cards or bet amounts varies considerably too. For the offline game I recommend Blackjack 21 Free, which is the most popular player against dealer game.

For players who prefer the interactive style of game, then Blackjack 21 Pro Live both looks and plays great. You can download this one free at the Google Play store. This app will give you daily bonuses of more chips to play with, and also allow you to purchase more chips on top.

The most popular titles change a lot as brand new games get developed. Some good alternatives to check out include Vanilla Blackjack, Blackjack Royal 21 Live and Bonus Blackjack 21.


Real Money Blackjack Apps for Android

When it comes to choosing real money blackjack apps for Android, your location is important. US players have a limited set casinos compared to those worldwide – though still have access to some fantastic Android apps. If you are a worldwide player the choice is larger, at the same time you’ll have more ‘duds’ to filter through before you find the gems among the Android blackjack apps available. Bear in mind that the Play store will only show you play-money and free apps, to get hold of the real money versions you’ll need to go to the website of the game owner and download it from there.

You’ll need to download a complete casino app in order to reach the real money blackjack games on your Android phone. This setup is much the same as the old computer downloads, you start with the lobby and cashier functions, and then when you access a new game for the first time that game is downloaded onto your phone separately. This makes great sense, since the alternative is that every player gets every single game from the get-go.

For US players Win Palace casino has a full download for Android, this casino also have a great reputation – having looked after their players very well for the last 5 years. You can download the casino and check out the games for play-chips before you switch over to real money.


Android Blackjack Software Uses Flash And HTML5 Games

Flash is a solid option nowadays, and not the 2nd rate crash-prone slow system it was 5 years ago! In fact, I can rarely tell the difference once the games are running. This is better for tablet or Phablet users than for players with smaller smartphones. The advantage that choosing Flash blackjack games gives you is that you can pick and choose from a lot of variations at a lot of casinos very quickly. Depending on the spec of your particular tablet, and your ability to multi-task, you can even choose to play more than one game at the same time.

Newer games are being developed on HTML5, which has the advantage of not needing separate support from your operating system – or a separate plug-in. With improved internet connection speeds, more powerful devices and the growth of cloud computing – it would not surprise me to see even better browser games as we move forward.

iOS Blackjack Apps for iPhone & iPad

It won’t be long before more hands of blackjack are played on mobile devices than at live casinos and computers combined. Apple devices have lead the way with the development of cool blackjack apps, and you can now choose from a large number of games. This article outlines your options with both free games and real money casinos. In addition to the apps which you can download, I will cover the popular browser based casinos which are compatible with apple devices.

First up, the free-to-play iPhone and iPad blackjack games are covered, including both single player and social blackjack games. Next I focus on real money casinos with apps for Apple devices, before looking at real-money games which do not require an app download. Finally, the importance of doing your homework before downloading the first app which comes up is discussed. There are some big differences in reputation and in the bonuses and offers between casinos – as well as some restrictions for US players.


Blackjack For iPad and iPhone – Free-To-Play Blackjack Apps

You’ll find a lot of blackjack apps which allow you to experience the game against the dealer. These start you off with a stack of chips, and then top you up again daily. What the makers of these apps would like you to do is purchase extra chips through either a one off payment – or even better regularly whenever you run out. This kind of app can be played offline, with the chips synching next time you are connected.

The other key category of iPhone and iPad blackjack apps is more competitive and social. With games like Yazino Social Blackjack or the Bee Blackjack Casino, you are playing alongside other players whose chip scores are visible to all. You can play against your friends on the same app, or alongside strangers. Most of these are free games funded by in-app purchases – though some have initial costs of a couple of dollars.

You can also find training apps to help you learn the correct basic blackjack strategy, for example ‘Blackjack 101 Free’. These will have a small charge to compensate the creator, which is well worth it if you can learn to avoid making mistakes at the real money tables!


Real Money Blackjack Apps for iPad and iPhone iOS

Real money blackjack can be found on several of the best casino software platforms including MicroGaming, PlayTech and Real Time Gaming. How these work is that you first download the main casino app, which includes the lobby, cashier and links to all the individual games. Once your account is set up, you choose the specific blackjack variation that you would like to play from the list, and that game will download separately. This only takes a few seconds, and means that every iPhone or iPad blackjack player does not need to download the complete suite of casino games. It also allows for easy upgrades, which will come on a game-by-game basis.


HTML5 and Flash Casino Games that Work on the iOS

In-browser blackjack is a great alternative for iPhone and iPad users worldwide. The latest games at many of the leading casinos are built using HTML5 technology, which gets around the lack of support for Flash from apple. These allow you to dip-in and play blackjack at a variety of casinos without having to go through the download of an app. Great for shared devices or for those who want to check out games at several casinos before deciding which to download.

Flash software is not officially supported by Apple for any of its products, though there are plenty of work-arounds available including unique browsers and plug-ins for the Chrome browser.  These work best on the iPad, you’ll hit the additional problem of getting Flash to recognize your small screen if you try this on an iPhone.


Plan Before You Play

Remember, when it comes to ongoing benefits, there are big differences between what is on offer at different online casinos. Before you download the first iPhone blackjack app you come across, take some time to check out who really looks after their loyal players and who does not. Over time, this will make a very big difference to your overall bankroll and your enjoyment of the games.

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