Playing Blackjack on Facebook

Social casino gaming is increasingly popular, and blackjack games are no exception – and there is no bigger social platform than Facebook on which to enjoy them. Not only will you find the standard blackjack rules in Facebook apps, you can enjoy a ton of variations and entertaining multi-player games. In addition, there are an increasing number of stand-alone apps for both iPhone / iPad and Android platforms which allow you to register using your Facebook login.

At the time of writing you can’t play for real money on Facebook, with in-game credits or just the satisfaction of beating your friends as the reward. In some countries, social casino games based on bingo and slots are emerging – which makes me wonder if blackjack will be far behind.

This article first covers the pros and cons of playing on Facebook compared to the choosing an online casino. After that you will find a list of the 5 most popular blackjack games currently available to play on Facebook.

Facebook Blackjack Games – The Pros and Cons

The key advantage of playing these free apps is that you can gain experience making the best decisions without risking any money. Most decisions are straightforward enough, but when it comes to splitting 9’s or whether to hit on a 12 with the dealer showing a 3 – then experience playing for credits rather than cash can be very valuable.

Another advantage is that you can play along with friends, sharing the groans as the dealer hits another 21, and the joy when he busts. Most apps allow you to share big achievements on your own timeline – so any curious friends can see what game you are playing. Of course, the biggest advantage of all is that these games are fun. They compete for your attention with 1000’s of different games – and so need to ensure you enjoy the experience and keep coming back.

For me the main disadvantage is that you are not yet able to play for real money. This increases the thrill of playing blackjack considerably, and keeps you mind sharp when it comes to making the best possible decisions too. Some people might not want to share their gambling experience publically. In which case you will need to be careful with the privacy settings when you play different games.

5 Most Popular Blackjack Games In 2019

When an app gets to 100k+ users, you know there must be something good about it. Here is a list of the very best casinos offering blackjack games on Facebook.

#1 – Double Down Casino Blackjack: More than a million users can‘t be wrong, and Double Down offer a huge range of cool slots games, casino poker games and of course – Blackjack. The graphics and game-play is super-smooth, and you can share your achievements with friends or even choose which groups of Facebook friends to share with (great for excluding your family or your boss!). You can even send this app to your mobile right from the first screen.

#2 – Casino Star Facebook App: This one is available on the website only, with no mobile phone app version. Don’t let this hold you back from checking it out though, as there are many great reasons to play. In their blackjack game you can play up to 5 hands at once against the dealer, or even bet on your friends hands. As an extra you can make blackjack side-bets on whether your 2 cards will be a pair. Casino Star also offer a whole range of social slots, baccarat and Texas Holdem Poker too. 500,000 players enjoy this app, making it one of the most popular online.

#3 – GameHouse Casino Plus: What I like about this one (other than the 1 million chips to start!) is that the home screen is set out like a real casino. Blackjack is on the bottom left,  and you can also play many of the other casino games and bingo games too. The 100,000 players who enjoy this app free bonus coins for every 2 hours of play – ensuring they can always find enough chips for a quick game of blackjack.

#4 – BlackJack: This app is the most popular game which is 100% Blackjack only. It works within the Facebook website and has a simple and clear layout – no clutter from the other competing casino games. Players looking for an easy way to get familiar with blackjack strategy should opt for this app. 10,000+ players around the world are already enjoying it.

#5 – Happy BlackJack: My final pick demonstrates that blackjack does not need to be in the same old format of player vs dealer to be fun. Happy Blackjack is a poker game based on the 21 rules that will give you a real challenge! You can play against friends or the 10,000+ people already enjoying this cool game.