Casinos with High Limit Blackjack Games

High limit blackjack games allow players to enjoy the excitement of large bets, in a game where the house edge is very small. This can mean experiencing a rollercoaster that could result a big win, or at the very least get the blood pumping!

Before you jump in to the world of high limit blackjack, you’ll need to work out whether you have enough bets in your bankroll for a full session at your desired stakes. Remember that a few early splits and double-downs will make a big difference. Below you will find information on high limit blackjack in both live casinos and online. This includes how to get the best comps through your casino host. First, up, some more on choosing the right limits for your big bankroll!

Choosing the Right Limits

Choosing how much you wish to bet is an individual choice, and as with all gambling games playing only with money you can afford to lose should you hit a bad run remains solid advice.

You should find a balance between choosing limits that mean enough to you to keep you interested and entertained, but are not so high that losing the money would be too painful. A standard bankroll management ‘rule of thumb’ used by high stakes players is to have at least 50 bets for each session. You can take what you can afford to play with, divide by 50, and get to the right limit very fast. This number of bets will protect you from short-term swings. You can always move up if you go on a winning streak, or down a level if the cards do not fall kindly for you this time around.

Getting the Most from a Casino Host When Playing High Roller Blackjack

You can find high limit blackjack games provided in nearly all live casinos with around the world. The stakes at regular tables are often plenty big enough for most players. If you are a genuine high roller with $100,000’s to play with then the casino will usually provide nosebleed stakes games in exclusive areas away from the main pit.

Upper betting limits can vary from as low as $50 a hand to max bets of $50,000 depending on the casino. If you have a good relationship with a particular casino you could ask them to raise limits for you.

If you wish to play high stakes blackjack in a live casino, your first contact should be with the Casino Host. High-rollers are the most welcome players and Casino Hosts will go out of their way to retain your custom by offering incentives and VIP treatment. Even at ‘day to day’ high stakes the casino hospitality team will usually approach you and offer their services.

What to Expect Online When Playing High Limit Blackjack Online

If you wish to play and cannot get to a casino, there is a huge choice of high limit blackjack games online. Maximum bets vary between $50 and $300 (some $500) and sites will offer large deposit bonuses as incentives which get you off to a great start. Examples include the 100% match up to $1000 at Spin City and $5000 at the US-friendly Grand Parker.

You’ll get a great choice of games, and can choose between the US rules ‘peek’ games and the European Blackjack tables. There are plenty of blackjack variations too, which add entertaining game-rule changes or big side-game bets – or even Progressive Blackjack Jackpots.

Online livedealer games have become popular for high limit blackjack players. These games allow you to see the physical cards being dealt (usually by an attractive lady) and give you a far more realistic experience. These games have upper limits starting at $50 per hand, and you’ll be playing with up to 6 other people at your table. Unfortunately the decks are shuffled too often to make card-counting a possibility.

By playing regular high stakes games at the best online casinos, you will find that the hosts will get in touch with you and offer you VIP extras including bigger bonuses and access to exclusive games.

High limit blackjack games online are no longer restricted to Windows PCs. You can play on your smartphone or your tablet – see our mobile blackjack page for more.

Join The High Stakes Experience

High limit blackjack and gambling is not for everyone. Before joining in ensure you are comfortable with these stakes, if not there are plenty of smaller games on offer. When playing live make sure you first contact the Casino Host and introduce yourself, that way you give them the opportunity to give you the VIP treatment that your stakes deserve.