How to Win at Blackjack?

Blackjack is casino game you can beat in a live casino setting. To do this you will need to master the basic strategy, and then learn to count cards while hiding the fact that you are counting from the casino security team. For most people, the path to pro blackjack player is too time consuming or mathematical. You can still win in the short-term – and by reducing the house edge with smart play and taking advantage of casino comps and bonuses, you’ll find your bankroll lasts long enough to enjoy a few nice upswings.

Online you will not be able to use counting to overcome the house edge. This guide will show you how to use the online games to become a blackjack expert who could one day take on the live casinos – and to have a lot of fun along the way. I have started with some nuts and bolts – money management and the rules / basic strategy. After that you’ll find information on card counting – followed by some notes on emotional control.

Tip#1 – Money Management

When it comes to Blackjack and all other forms of gambling, you should only be betting amounts you are willing to lose. Set aside a portion of money that you are willing to gamble with, which should be capped at an amount high enough to enjoy the thrills – but low enough not to negatively impact your life should it end up in the houses’ coffers. My recommendation is never to enter a game with less than 50 bets to allow you to play for a decent amount of time and easily absorb the swings of the game.

Tip #2 – Understanding the Rules

You need to be familiar with the basic rules of blackjack before you start playing. Knowing you bust if you go over 21 is not enough, you will have to be comfortable with all aspects and terminology of the game. Make sure you understand what is meant when insurance is offered (and never take it!), and if you can double down with certain hands. This will not only benefit you but keep the game flowing nicely for all players.

Local casinos and even online card rooms can have their own subtle difference and variations on the rules. You should avoid unprofitable and awkward situations by checking these before you sit down to play. A strategy card is a must-have for serious players. Many casinos allow you to use one while playing – though it will make your Blackjack session far more enjoyable if you can memorize this.

Tip #3 – Card Counting

By taking to time to study and practice how to card count, you can get a legitimate edge over the House. Card counting is simply keeping track of what cards are yet to be dealt and adjusting betting amounts based on whether the cards to come are favorable or not. If there is a comparatively large number of high cards left in the deck compared to lower ones the player has an edge, and this is a great time to increase your bet sizes.

Learning to card count does take significant amount of time studying and practicing until you can implement it correctly, but if you are willing to do this the increase in your hourly winnings at the table will be worth it. I recommend the Hi Opt 2 or Uston Advanced Count systems, there are many others which are easier, only they do not work so well in the modern 6 to 8 deck games.

Remember that card counting will not work online. If you play online the best you can do is play ‘perfect’ strategy for the individual game rules, then add a fat Casino Bonus on top to make sure you get some extra cash in your account.

Tip #4 – Emotional Control

Once you have researched you strategy and have put it in place, keep to it. Even when you have an edge it will be very thin so expect the inevitable swings of the game to come. You should avoid chasing loses and getting reckless in your betting in order to get back to where you were as soon as possible. Likewise after a hot streak you should avoid getting confident and celebrating your victories with too many drinks, or betting more because you are running good.

Keep your cool and bet only in the logical yet confident manner you have spent time practicing. Ultimately the cards do not care if you are winning or losing and with a comfortable bankroll neither should you. The edges will work themselves out in the end.

Tip #5 – Defy Common Belief!

Common belief says you cannot win at Blackjack. You should now see this is wrong in the live casino setting at least – and you can play winning Blackjack with study and discipline. Keep learning everything you can about the game from the basics to advance strategy while making sure you have enough bankroll to support your play and emotions.