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There are a lot of great parts about getting to wake up each day and experience life—like the way the sun shines through your window and the blue sky reflects off of everything in sight to give the day a warmer, cheerier feeling. Or that feeling you get when you’ve spent hours, days, or even years working on something and it finally comes to fruition. No matter what your reason for waking up is, there are few feelings in the world that can compare to this special sensation.

Some people wake up and drag themselves through work for the simple pleasures in life; pleasures like having a nice drink and relaxing or playing a game of slots. If these are the types of things that keep you going, Casino Island 2 is the perfect slot game for you. It takes place on a beautiful island where your only concerns are playing slots and relaxing. If you need some time away without spending a fortune, check out Casino Island 2 by WMS.

Features & How to Play

Upon first glance, Casino Island 2 may look a bit confusing, but that’s just because there’s so much information packed into one screen. There are five reels, three rows and nine paylines which can be toggled on and off. The bet per line setting allows you to set your line bet to a number between 0.01 and 5.00 for a maximum total bet of 45.00. If you look just above the bet per line setting, you’ll see the paytable. This will update as you change your bet to reflect your potential winnings with that bet.

Right beneath the paytable, it says “Return to player = 96.9%.” This lets you know what percentage of your money you can expect to get back as you play. Keep in mind you may get much more than 96.9%, or you may get much less—this number is only an average.

There are a total of 10 symbols in Casino Island 2, as well as one bonus boat symbol. In order of lowest to highest value the symbols are the bell, seagull, boat, propeller, buoy, steering wheel, compass, lighthouse, anchor, and treasure chest. With the smallest possible bet of 0.01 per line (0.09 total), the largest payout you can receive from a normal payline win is 60.00. Playing with the maximum total bet of 45.00 allows you to win as much as 30,000.00 in a single spin.

If you land two or more all-white sailboat symbols on any active payline, you’ll get a boat trip. You can choose between one of five different island locations to travel to. If you choose the wrong location, you’ll be met with a rock before you arrive and you’ll only get a small reward. However, if you choose correctly, you can win some pretty nice prizes. Prizes are based off your bet per line and vary depending on which location you choose (even if you dont’ hit a rock).


Are you looking to try Casino Island 2 out for free before risking actual cash playing it? All you have to do is look for a free version of this game at an online casino and give it a whirl. When you want to play for real money, you can sign up for an account and deposit money.

If you don’t own a laptop or desktop computer, you won’t have any luck playing Casino Island 2. This game isn’t available for mobile devices, so you’ll just see an error message if you try to play it on your smartphone.


The easygoing island theme of this game gives it a great relaxing feel, but fun is important, too. Does Casino Island 2 live up to its luxurious name and appearance or is it more frustrating than fun?

Casino Island 2 has a decent design but it’s nothing to write home about. It’s pretty cheaply done, but the deep blue colors are nice and invoke feelings of the beach on a sunny day. The background music is a perfectly calm and relaxing tune that loops as you spin the reels.

The features in Casino Island 2 are okay but not amazing. If you just want a game where you can place small bets and still have a shot at some nice prizes, this game is a good choice. But if you’re looking for a game with free spins, bonus games, and other cool bonus features, Casino Island 2 isn’t going to satisfy your needs. There is only one extra feature in this game, and it’s a simple pick and reveal game.

You don’t have to spend thousands to take a vacation. Casino Island 2 has a relaxing feel and super simple gameplay that make it the perfect at-home getaway for slots fans.

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