Video Poker Hall of Fame

Saturday, 02nd September 2017

The Video Poker Hall of Fame is a listing of significant people in the video poker industry. This honor is awarded by the vpFREE group, an Internet site and online community of online video poker players who take the game VERY seriously. The people in the Video Poker Hall of Fame are recognized for making significant contributions to video poker.

vpFree Video Poker Hall of Fame Inductees

The following people have been inducted into the vpFREE Video Poker Hall of Fame:

  1. Dean Zamzow (2002)
  2. Gary Catlin (2002)
  3. Lenny Frome (2002)
  4. Si Redd (2002)
  5. Stanford Wong (2002)
  6. Dan Paymar (2003)
  7. Bob Dancer (2004)
  8. Jean Scott (2005)
  9. Skip Hughes (2006)
  10. Michael Shackleford (2007)
  11. TomSki (2008)
  12. Ernie Moody (2012)

Dean Zamzow

– Dean Zamzow is a charter member of the Video Poker Hall of Fame. He designed the famous WINPOKER software in 1997. According to the vpFREE website, if you’re serious about video poker, then WINPOKER is a requirement.

Gary Catlin – Gary Catlin is also a charter member. He’s the author of VIDEO POKER TUTOR, which was distributed by Panamint software in the 1990s.

Lenny Frome – Lenny Frome is another charter member. vpFREE calls him the “George Washington of video poker”. He wrote multiple books and articles on the subject of the game.

Si Redd – Si Redd is another charter member. In 1975, when he was head of IGT, the largest designer of slot machine games in the world, he helped introduce video poker to the world.

Stanford Wong – Stanford Wong a charter member too, and he is well-known for his books about blackjack and sportsbetting, but he also produced VIDEO POKER ANALZER and VPEXACT software. He also wrote Professional Video Poker, one of the earliest books on the subject.

Dan Paymar – Dan Paymar is a well-known author of video poker books and articles.

Bob Dancer – Bob Dancer is arguably the most famous video poker player in the world. His series of books about video poker strategy are the best on the market. He also wrote a book, Million Dollar Video Poker, explains how he turned $6000 into $1 million playing video poker.

Jean Scott – Jean Scott is known for her books about frugal gambling. She writes about how low rollers can take advantage of comps, and her preferred game for this purpose is video poker.

Skip Hughes – Skip Hughes wrote books and articles about recreational video poker play. He also launched one of the first online video poker discussion groups.

Michael Shackleford – Michael Shackleford runs multiple websites, but he’s best known for his site Wizard of Odds. He analyzes all kinds of casino games on his website, including multiple variations of video poker.

TomSki – He’s responsible for VIDEO POKER STRATEGY MASTER, a well-received software package from 1999. He’s known for analyzing bankroll requirements for different variations of video poker.

Ernie Moody – Ernie Moody owns and operates He has patented over 50 different video poker games. You can play free video poker on his site.

The Future of the Video Poker Hall of Fame

vpFREE only inducts new members to the Video Poker Hall of Fame every four years, so there won’t be more new members until 2016. My personal pick for their next member is JB, a member of the Wizard of Vegas forums and the founder of the site That site is a wonder, with more analytical tools for video poker than you could imagine.

John Grochowski is another of my favorite writers about gambling in general and video poker in particular. His book The Video Poker Answer Book is good enough to warrant at least a nomination, as far as I’m concerned. Jeff Lotspiech and Michael Bluejay might also be good candidates.

The Video Poker Junkie Hall of Fame

Another “video poker hall of fame” can be found at the Video Poker Junkie website, which is a very old gambling affiliate site. It’s not really a hall of fame in the same sense as the vpFREE listings. It consists mostly of screen shots of online video poker royal flushes. It’s still being updated as of 2013, though, and it’s always fun to see people winning at video poker, online or off.