US Online Casino Apps

Just a few years ago, there were very few online casino apps on the market in the US. However, times have changed, and now two states offer legal casino apps while two other states are on the verge of providing them. It’s not farfetched to think that other states will soon join the rush, thanks to the many benefits of online casinos for users, operators, and state governments.

Most online legal casino apps offer a variety of games, including slots, and table games like blackjack and poker. You’ll find live dealer games where you can interact with dealers and other players, video poker games with bright graphics, and scaled-down games like roulette.

Some people prefer using a casino app to a desktop website or a live casino for many reasons. For one, mobile apps are great for those who are constantly on the go.

What States Have Legal Online Casino Apps Today?

Currently, legal casino apps are available in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Each state has its selection of apps and a regulating body that ensures all online casinos run smoothly, are safe and secure for users, and provide fairness for all members of the casino. We’ll look at each state and some of the best online casinos in each below.

New Jersey Online Casino Apps

New Jersey began to allow online casino and poker games from Atlantic City casinos in February 2013. The casinos had the option to share their licenses with additional brands, which led to a number of partnerships.

There are now more than 20 brands that allow you to play online casino games in New Jersey, but some are more well-known and receive a higher level of traffic than others. Below we’re going to look at three of the best legal online casinos in the state and what bonuses they offer.

Golden Nugget Online Casino App

Golden Nugget offers an online casino with more than 500 games, including several progressive slot options. It also offers many deposit and withdrawal methods, apps for Apple and Android devices, and excellent customer service. Right now, the bonus is $10 for signing up, with a 100 percent matched deposit bonus up to $1,500. Users can also take advantage of 200 free spins on certain games.

Tropicana Online Casino App

Tropicana Casino is another of the top gambling apps out of New Jersey and was licensed in the first round of online casinos. The company uses GameSys Group for the casino platform, which is a part of Virgin Group. The current bonus offers $25 free for registering an account as well as $100 cash back when you make your first deposit.

Virgin Casino App

Virgin Casino offers an online app for casino games and operates under the Tropicana Atlantic City gaming license. This is one of the most well-regarded apps for those in New Jersey since it offers a great blend of games, with far more table games than most other casinos. Signing up with the site offers $30 in free money, while those who make a deposit can get up to $100 cash back.

Pennsylvania Online Casino Apps

Pennsylvania also offers a variety of legal casino apps, all of which require approval from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. Some of the casino games you can expect to see at the online apps include slots, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, jackpots, progressive slots, and video poker. You won’t find online poker on the online casino apps, but it can be found on separate apps.

There are about a dozen casinos that offer online slots and table games, including big names like Rivers Casino, Harrah’s Casino, Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course, and Parx Casino. Those who wish to enjoy online gambling must be within PA state lines, at least 21-years-old, and not on an exclusion list or inside of a casino when doing so.

Unibet Online Casino App

The online casino through Unibet launched in November 2019 and offers a large selection of games, including several variations of blackjack. It is also known for providing ongoing promos, big jackpot games, a massive deposit bonus, and an online sportsbook. Those who sign up will receive $10 in free play, while those who make a deposit get a match up to $500.

PokerStars Online Casino App

PokerStars also offers a casino online in Pennsylvania with a standalone online casino app, online sportsbook app, and online poker app from which to choose. However, all of the apps share account details like your username, password, and wallet so you can share funds between the three. The casino is available on desktop as well as through apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The bonus here is worth up to $1,500 and available only for those who make a deposit.

FanDuel Casino App

FanDuel is one of the newer online casinos in the state, and it offers all the basic games you would expect. What sets it apart is its brand and the level of technology found in the app. However, there is no desktop or laptop site, so only app users will be able to participate in games with this casino. The bonus for this app is a $200 risk-free bet for the first 24 hours after making an account.

Online Casino Apps In West Virginia

West Virginia also legalized online gambling but through a different method than Michigan. The bill made it to Governor Justice, who declined to sign it. However, state law says that a bill becomes law even without a signature if the governor leaves the veto in the drawer. As such, when Justice did nothing, online casinos were legalized in the state.

When this occurred, the regulating body was given until June of 2020 to finalize rules and regulations. It was then indicated that the earliest possible launch would be in February 2021, which left time for a patent licensing process to happen after all rules were determined. However, due to new emergency rules on online casinos, West Virginia bettors started to see online gambling apps during the summer of 2020.

DraftKings Casino and BetMGM were the first to launch in West Virginia, but other apps are on their way, including FanDuel Casino.

What Other States Are Getting Legal Online Casino Apps Soon?

Right now, two states are expected to offer legal online casinos in the coming months. These include West Virginia and Michigan, and we’ll go over what you need to know about both states below. Likely, other states will also legalize and introduce legal online casino apps over the next few years.

Online Casino Apps In Michigan

Michigan is one of the states that will likely have online gambling in the coming months. A gambling expansion bill passed both houses and was signed into law by Governor Gretchen Whitmer in late 2019. Not only did this bill legalize online casinos, but also online poker and sports betting.

However, right now, the rules and regulations around online gambling are still being decided, so the online apps aren’t yet available. While there has been no date set for when these regulations will come out, and online casinos can begin to operate in the state, many believe it will occur in the early months of 2021.

Other Legal Online Casino Sites

Included above are some of the top online casinos in each of the states with legal online gambling. There are a handful of other online casinos apps that also offer great options for players. Here are some of the other online gambling apps in the US:

Guide To iOS Legal Online Casino Apps

Out of iOS and Android devices, Apple makes it easier to get online casino apps since they are found right in the Apple App Store. This guide will explain what apps you can download, whether you can download them on all devices, and how to go through the download and installation process.

What Legal Casino Apps Are Available In The Apple App Store?

Nearly every legal casino app is offered for iOS devices, and each of them is allowed to be on the Apple App Store. This is convenient compared to Android apps, which have to be downloaded off of casino websites instead of through the provided store. Unibet, FanDuel, and PokerStars all offer apps on the App Store, as do many other legal online casinos.

Can I Download Legal Casino Apps With Older iPhones And iPads?

In some cases, apps allow older devices to download their legal casino apps. In other cases, it may not be possible. This mostly comes down to what version of the operating system is on your iPhone or iPad. If the casino requires you to have an iOS of 11+, your phone that is only at version 8 isn’t going to run the application.

Thankfully, several apps allow older versions of the operating system so you can still enjoy online casino apps on your device. If you are using an older device, checking what version of the operating system it has will be an essential factor when choosing the right casino app.

Step-By-Step Guide To Downloading A Casino App From The App Store

Downloading and installing apps from the App Store to your device is simple and straightforward. You can use the steps below to guide you through the process.

  1. Open the Apple App Store and search for the application you wish to download. Click the app to open the main page, and you will find a button to begin downloading.
  2. Wait for the download to complete, after which the app will be installed onto your smartphone or tablet for your use.
  3. Find the application on your phone and click on it, which will allow you to sign up or log into your account with the legal online casino.

Guide To Android Legal Online Casino Apps

The process of downloading and installing a legal casino app on an Android device is a bit different from doing so with an iPhone or iPad. It may also be a bit different than you are used to if you download all your apps from the Google Play Store. We’ll walk you through the process and how it all works.

What Legal Casino Apps Are Available On The Google Play Store?

Unlike the Apple App Store, you are not going to find real money legal casino apps on the Google Play Store. There is a restriction against these apps, so they must be acquired elsewhere. While play money gambling apps can be found in the store, these are not the same and will not allow you to deposit or withdraw money.

Instead, casinos have to offer these apps differently. Typically these apps will be downloaded from the casino website and then installed and used just like any other Android app would be.

Can I Download Legal Casino Apps On Any Android Device?

There is no reason you cannot download and use a legal casino app on an Android phone or tablet. Just because the Google Play Store doesn’t offer them, it doesn’t mean you cannot use them. The difference is that you are going to need to download them on your own instead of through the store.

This might be new for you, but the process is straightforward, and most online casinos offer guides that explain how to do so. Below, we’ll provide insight into the process, so you know what you need to do to get a legal casino app running on your favorite device.

Step-By-Step Guide To Installing A Casino App For Your Android Device

Downloading and installing a casino app to your Android phone or tablet is not difficult. The steps below will take you through the process so you can gamble at home or any other place you happen to be (as long as gambling is legalized there).

  1. Visit the online casino website using your mobile device and look for a download link for the Android app. Download this program onto your phone, which may take some time depending on your Internet speed.
  2. Once the download is complete, click on the application and install it on your phone or tablet. This will also take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.
  3. An icon for the app will be on your phone, which you can click to sign up or log into the service. Once you’ve done that, you can start playing your favorite casino games.

What Kinds Of Games Can I Play Using Legal Casino Apps?

Online casino apps often offer a wide variety of games ranging from slot games to table games, live dealer games, and video poker. While not all casinos have the same assortment, most of the options below will be available in one form or another.


Blackjack is available at nearly any online casino, whether you’re on PokerStars, FanDuel, or Tropicana. This is an easy game to translate into the mobile format, so it’s a common one to see on casino apps. The only real difference between playing on an app instead of in person is that you’ll push buttons to make decisions through the game rather than speaking or making gestures at a casino table.

Many of these blackjack games are animated to make them feel more realistic, and most of them allow lower bets than you would find at a traditional casino. There are also often different variations of blackjack on apps so you can try something new if you get bored playing the same game over and over again.

For example, Caesars has traditional blackjack, multi-hand blackjack, Atlantic City blackjack, and several other options. Betting starts at as low as $1 a hand but can reach $500 a hand for experienced, professional players.


When it comes to casino apps, slot games are the bread and butter of what they offer. In almost all cases, you are going to see hundreds of slot games for every table or poker game on legal casino apps. Lots of people enjoy the simplicity of slots, and the potential to win a big jackpot is extremely exciting.

Every major casino app including Golden Nugget, Virgin Casino, and FanDuel will have hundreds of slot games. These are pretty similar to the slots you find on mobile websites but will be modified to fit the smaller screen of your smartphone or tablet. You choose a game you like and then make your bet, decide on your moneylines, and read more about the payout possibilities directly from the slots page.

The main difference between slots on mobile apps and those in land-based casinos is that rather than physically pushing buttons and pulling an arm, all of these things are done virtually. However, this kind of game is the closest to the traditional version compared to other online casino app games.

Progressive Slots

We’ve already talked about slots, but progressive slots are a specific kind of slot game that is worth knowing more about. With a traditional slot machine, there is going to be an absolute maximum jackpot amount, but it can vary depending on the slots you choose to play. Progressive slots work a bit differently and can offer a massive jackpot for whoever ends up winning.

With progressive slots, every person who plays and every time they play will contribute to the jackpot. The more people who are interacting with the game, the higher the prize can rise before someone wins. Some progressive slots can give out jackpots in the hundreds of thousands or millions, so these are often quite popular for casino app gamblers.

Live Dealer

Another exciting kind of game found on casino apps is the live dealer, which means that an actual person is present as a dealer, and you will be playing a game against other users of the app. While the most common kind of live dealer game is poker, more and more casinos are beginning to offer live dealer games in other areas, such as roulette, baccarat, and blackjack.

One of the issues some people have with online casinos is the lack of interaction available with other people, which live dealer games can alleviate. You play the game as if you were in a physical casino and can speak with the dealer and the other players who are in a room.

Even online casino apps that only offer a few games, like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, will often have multiple tables at which you can play. These might have different variations of a game or might be the same game in a separate room, so more people can participate at once time.

Video Poker

Those who enjoy poker and like to get through games quickly are likely to enjoy video poker offered through online casino apps. Operators like PokerStars and Unibet provides a variety of video poker options so you can play the game you like the most or take on a more challenging variation of poker to improve your skill.

Video poker is a computerized version of draw poker where the idea is for a user to make specific poker hand combinations to win money. A random number generator is implemented to ensure the outcome of the deck is arbitrary, and it will shuffle the deck throughout play. When you press a button to hit or draw, it will stop shuffling and provide the combination it has at that moment.

Table Games

We mentioned blackjack above, which is considered a table game. However, many legal casino apps also offer a selection of additional table games for you to play. These include everything from roulette and baccarat to craps, pai gow, and sic bo, among others.

You can switch between games as often as you want. Nearly all casino apps will have some table games, whether you go with DraftKings, FanDuel, Tropicana, or another casino.

Are Legal Online Casino Apps Legit?

Legal online casino apps and websites are legitimate. They have regulations behind them that require them to be secure, safe, and fair for every player. Typically a government body will oversee legal casinos. Below are a few of the reasons you can trust legal casino apps.

Who Is Holding Your Money Is Known

When a legal casino opens, they are usually partnered with a land-based casino. Knowing who is operating the casino can offer peace of mind since you know who has your money. If the reputation of that operator were to turn sour, you could easily cash your money out.

With illegal casinos, you may have no idea who has your money or what it is being used for. You also may have little to no recourse if that casino website or app closes down without giving you any notice. This is one of the reasons that using a legal casino is the best option for everyone.

Each Game Is Tested Time And Time Again

Since legal casinos are regulated, they must offer games that are fair for each player. Much testing will go into each game to ensure that this is the case. This is something that an illegal casino may not do. When a game goes untested or isn’t tested enough, you may lose more money than you should.

This is another reason we recommend only using legal online apps and websites. There are arguments for and against heavy regulation of casinos. However, these regulations ensure you know what you’re getting into when you join a casino website.

Legal Casinos Are Unlikely To Close

You can be nearly 100 percent sure that a legal online casino will still be around the next day, week, or month. With other casinos that aren’t regulated, this isn’t the case. You might go to log in months down the line to see the website is gone, and you’ll have no idea how to get your money back.

Even in the exceedingly rare situation where an online legal casino does close, you can easily get your money back. The company operating the casino would be required to offer this information.

How We Rate Legal Online Casino Apps

When you’re looking through our casino ratings, you may wonder how we come to our conclusions. We try to take into consideration as many things as possible. This way we come up with a legitimate and trustworthy rating. We look at the following factors:

  • Legal and Licensed – The first thing we look at is whether a casino is licensed and legal since that has a significant effect on the safety and security of the users. Illegal sites have no regulations and can mistreat users.
  • Stability and Performance – The performance of a casino on its desktop website and mobile apps is another thing we consider. Nobody wants to work with an unstable platform, so we check how well casinos stand up to large crowds.
  • Usability on Phone and Tablet – Some online casinos have better performance on phones and tablets than others. Offering an app is a positive thing if it’s well put together. We look at the development and usability for players.
  • Unique Game Choices – Many games on online casinos overlap, especially the ones that are the most popular. However, it’s also essential for online casinos to be original in a way that sets them apart from the competition.
  • Promotions and Bonuses – Finally, we consider bonuses and promotions, especially concerning how they compare to other online legal casinos. We give higher rankings to casinos that have better bonuses and a large number of promotions.

Legal Online Casino Apps In The US: FAQ

Do legal casino apps also offer the option to wager on sports?

It depends on the app. While some legal casino apps only offer slot games, table games, and poker, others also include sports betting. Also, some providers offer both sportsbooks and casinos but put them on separate apps. Taking a look at the information for the casino you like to determine whether it includes sports betting.

Are there online casino apps on the Apple App Store?

Yes. Unlike the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store allows online casino apps that let you play for real money. This makes it more convenient to access casino apps on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. Most online legal casinos will offer an app for iOS devices. It’s likely that the one you want to play with is just out there waiting for you.

Do all legal casinos feature a mobile app?

No. Most online legal casinos have apps, but that doesn’t mean every single one of them does. The ones we feature typically include apps for Android and iOS devices, but there are some exceptions. The casinos that don’t offer apps will usually have a mobile-optimized website.

Can I install casino apps on my Android device?

Yes. Nothing is stopping you from installing casino apps onto an Android phone or tablet. However, since the Google Play Store prohibits real-money gambling apps, you cannot download them there. Instead, you must visit the casino website with your Android device to download the software. Once you install it on your phone, it’s no different from any other Android app.

Can I use a credit card to deposit on a legal online casino?

Yes. Legal online casinos typically feature a wide variety of options for depositing money into your account. This includes credit and debit cards from major companies like Visa and Mastercard. Most online casinos also allow deposits through bank wire, eChecks, PayPal, Skrill, and several others.

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