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Watch the reels freeze over in Cool Jewels. This slot game is brought to you by WMS, and can be played from a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Everything about the Cool Jewels slot machine is fascinating. Not only do you have a unique reel grid and design, but the gameplay is also different. Instead of trying to match symbols in a payline, you’re just trying to find them in a group together. On top of that, there are bonus symbols with extra functions that can wreak havoc on the board.

Cool Jewels is a combination of jewels and icy cold weather. Behind the reels, you’ll see an icy background that should remind you of Antarctica or the Arctic. The reels are massive and features 6 reels with 6 rows each. Put on a parka – or at least something warm – and head on over to the reels to see what’s in store for you.

Figuring Out the Temperature to Determine Your Winnings

Gemstones fill the board of this game and are the symbols. Some of the symbols that you’ll likely chance upon include the 10x diamonds, the rubies, the sapphires and the emeralds. There are 8 base symbols and 9 bonus symbols.

Each base symbol is worth exactly the same as one another; however, the value of the symbols will go up with each consecutive win from a spin. Only groups of 4 matching symbols will be eligible for a payout. Once the payouts for the symbols are paid, the winning symbols will explode and the symbols on top will fall down to fill in the empty spaces. New symbols will fall onto the board in an attempt to create new wins. Only a maximum of 30 cascades is allowed.

The payouts are based on a tiered system. There’s a thermometer to the left of the board. Each section of the thermometer is marked with a value for each symbol. As you create winning combinations, different values will be paid out. For example, at the very least you’ll be paid 0.01 game credits for each symbol when playing Cool Jewels for free. After the 6th symbol that explodes, the 7th symbol that explodes from the same spin will be valued at 0.02 credits.

Placing a Bet

There aren’t any paylines in the Cool Jewels casino game. As a result, you are expected only to make a total bet before each spin. The amount you bet is actually a fixed amount of 0.50 credits; however, this base amount can be increased if you increase the bet multiplier. Increasing the bet multiplier will not only increase your wager, but will also increase the payout amounts as well. When playing Cool Jewels for free, the bet multiplier can be increased to 400, which means that you can spend a total of 200.00 credits on each spin.

Seeing What the Bonus Symbols Can Do

As mentioned earlier, there are 9 bonus symbols in this game. They include a shocking wild, an unstable wild, a shattering wild, a persisting wild, a premium 10x, a bonus symbol, a green watermark wild, a pink watermark wild and a blue watermark wild.

An unstable wild symbol will explode and bring along all of the symbols that are adjacent to it. A shattering wild will destroy all symbols that are in the same reel and row while the shocking wild will destroy all symbols that are diagonal from its center. If two or more of these wild symbols are adjacent to one another, they will actually enhance each other’s effects and cause a ruckus on the board by transforming symbols into blue watermark, pink watermark or green watermark wild symbols. Different things happen in the corresponding spins depending on which watermark appears.

Destroy 4 Bonus Symbols to Trigger the Free Spins

Like in almost all slot games by WMS, there’s a Free Spins Feature in this game as well. To activate this bonus round, you’ll need to destroy at least 4 bonus symbols on the board. It doesn’t matter how many bonus symbols are on the board. All that matters is how many you are able to successfully explode. The more bonus symbols you destroy, the larger your prize will be. You can expect:

  • 8 free games for 4 destroyed bonus symbols
  • 10 free games for 5 destroyed bonus symbols
  • 15 free games for 6 destroyed bonus symbols
  • 20 free games for 7 destroyed bonus symbols

For each additional bonus symbol that is destroyed, you will be rewarded an extra 5 free games. You can keep track of the amount of free games that you’ve won with the thermometer to the right of the reels. During the free games, the payout will be identical to that during standard play.

Overall Verdict

Cool Jewels is much more than just a simple slot game. From the reel grid to the gameplay, this slot machine offers a much more interesting and exciting experience than you’d ever be able to imagine. You get to watch different symbols explode on the board, and you also get to enjoy unique bonus symbols that each have their own function and feature.

Overall, most slot game players would agree that the Cool Jewels casino game is quite unique, and is definitely refreshing from all of the other slot games out there. There’s plenty of different opportunities to win, and you’d be surprised at just how easy it is to create different winning combinations and to start a cascade of exploding symbols. If you’re looking for a new experience and design that is completely new, Cool Jewels is it!

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