Online Craps

Online craps is an expansive subject. Consider all the ways a player can shoot dice on the Internet: classic online casinos, mobile gaming apps, live dealer craps, simulators, and social games. Then imagine all the advice, opinion, and guide material people post on blogs and static websites. Then consider the players forums and message boards where the topic is discussed, often with great emotion and sometimes with logic. Add it all together and reading about craps online can get a little confusing.

Having a one-source guide to online craps is a handy reference. On this site, I hope to build a handy resource for people researching their dice gaming hobby. While it might be presumptuous to call any one source comprehensive, I want to provide a framework for study. All the topics will be discussed, including the gaming technology, mathematics, and strategy considerations. Where a citation is needed, I’ll link to authoritative web pages which support an assertion. When this craps resource cannot cover the subject in great enough detail, I’ll link to more detailed articles from respected figures. When gaming tech is better explained by an industry expert, I’ll direct readers to game specs and other reviews.

Once finished, readers should have a ready tool for the study of online craps. This is meant as a how-to guide for free craps hobbyists and real money gamblers alike. When readers finish browsing this site, they should understand the best bets on the craps table, along with the limits that strategy plays in the game. Any player reading this site should feel comfortable playing craps anywhere in the world, in the brick-and-mortar, online, or mobile casino industries. Below is a quick overview of the topics we’ll discuss.

Basic Craps

I lay the foundation for everything else by providing a basic introduction to dice shooting. This includes a discussion of the basic bets and the table layout. Craps has its own etiquette, so I’ll discuss how players should treat dealers and their fellow gamblers. I’ll answer basic questions people might ask in an FAQ format. Hopefully, the question-and-answer section gets larger as more people read the site and email questions of their own.

This site is also discusses the background of the game. I include a craps glossary, full of the key terminology. I’ve read that larger dictionaries with more esoteric terms are a little overwhelming to newbies, so I provide the most basic slang and their definitions. One way casinos lure people into sucker bets is to have lots of exotic bets with cool-sounding names. Players naturally think the smarter gamblers know this inside information and try them out themselves. In craps more than any casino table game, these are the sucker bets.

I also provide interesting facts and tidbits about the craps through the generations. The history of craps is mysterious at certain point in the distant past, but I’ll provide the leading theories and a few anecdotes about the interesting historical figures in the game’s development. And while shooting dice is a product of our culture, it has impacted the culture just the same. I’m a movie buff, so I provide a list of films that had craps depicted in them. One day, I may discuss fiction and non-fiction books which reference the game.

Other Craps Articles

Playing Craps Online

Most of the topics are going to focus on the online craps industry, though. The readers of this site are on the Internet, so the basic assumption is they’re here wanting to study online casino gaming. That means a discussion of gaming technology, by and large. This is important, whether you barely know how to turn on a computer or you consider yourself a hacker. A gambler can be an old veteran at the land-based craps table, but if they don’t understand the important aspects of choosing online and mobile casinos, their Internet experience won’t go well.

That means posting articles on the major computers and operating systems used to gamble. This site assumes most players play using Microsoft Windows PCs, because online casinos are set up for those users. Many of the savvy gamblers use Mac desktop computers and laptop notebooks, so I’ll discuss the implications for iMac, MacBook, the old iBook, and even Mac Pro computers. I’ll also discuss the casino gaming experience from the perspective of those who use the Linux operating system.

No-Download Craps

Because the casino tech support is geared towards Windows computers, many online casinos still are not compatible with Mac and Linux devices. For that reason, no-download Flash and Java games are important to discuss. Even those with Microsoft gadgets might want to try the instant play games, because they don’t want shortcuts to their casino gambling activities on their desktop for kids to find. Also, people who travel a lot might not want their laptops with such interfaces. For many reason, readers might want to try out the no-download version of a casino, so I’ll provide that information.

Flash games do not require a casino software download. Instead, the player click on a link which says “Flash Game”, “Flash Casino”, “instant Play”, or “No-Download”. Once this is hit, the games install in the web browser instead of a software packet. These browser-based games are getting more popular each year. While the technology used to lag behind the downloadable software, it now has the same graphic and audio capabilities. The main limitation is that many online casinos only offer a certain percentage of their games in the Flash version. 50% is a decent assumption, but the limitations generally show up in slots gaming. All casinos are going to offer craps.

I also discuss Java gaming in brief. Java is an open-source programming language which can be written to create instant play games, too. Some online casinos prefer to offer Java games instead of Flash games. Since Adobe has suggested it might cancel Flash Player one of these days, it’s important that players know about the alternatives.

Live Dealer

Options are a key in online gaming. One of the best options for craps players is live dealer games. Imagine a casino studio out there somewhere in the world (usually the Baltic States or Central America) with live craps dealers. These people play live craps and broadcast it to their customers via live streaming video. Instead of a random number generator and a simulated crap table, you get to play a real game over the computer feed. The camera stays on the table at all times. Players can interact with dealers and pit bosses like they would in a casino. Increasingly, interaction with other players is available. Live craps restores the online game to the way it was meant to be played.

Mobile Craps

As much as 40% of real money Internet gambling is done through mobile devices these days. Most gaming experts believe mobile casinos eventually will command as much as 60% of the market. It’s easy to see why. Most people these days can’t seem to function without their iPhones or Android smartphones. It was only a matter of time before the love for online casino gambling got transferred to the mobile cell phone market.

I’ll discuss the many options for mobile play, starting with the iOS operating system. IOS craps can be played on the Apple iPhone, the iPad tablet computer, or even the iPod Mini. With one downloaded mobile craps app, you can be playing on your iPhone 4, iPhone 5, or massive iPhone 6-Plus. Whether you use the iPad Air or Mini, the same goes for the tablet computers. Because the iOS is all built for one company’s devices, it’s relatively easy to remember the gaming options. The same can’t be said for Android craps, though.

Android Craps

Android craps are played on mobile devices using the Android operating system from Google and a consortium of other tech companies. There are so many different types of Android smartphones and tablet computers, it gets confusing for even the tech geeks like myself. I’ll devote pages to help sift through the Android devices, while providing an overview of the mobile gaming process.

Get ready to hear about the Sony Xperia Tablet Z, the Google Nexus 10, Lenovo Yoga 10+ HD, the Asus Nexus 7, Asus Transformer Pad Infinity, Asus Transformer Prime, the various Samsung Galaxy models, and even the Amazon Kindle Fire HD. It can all get awfully confusing, so read about the pros and cons of playing craps on each.

If anything, the Android cellphone market is more confusing. If it’s hard to know whether the Samsung Galaxy S5 is better than the Moto X or LG G3, you’ll need to read an article devoted to the subject. I’ll discuss the HTC One M8, the Motorola Nexus 6, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, and a host of other top models. Some gamblers already know what they want and don’t need a primer. Many others are going to want to read my guide to craps played on Android smartphones.

Those who use Blackberry, Windows Phone, and other alternative mobile operating systems shouldn’t worry. I’ll also discuss your brands and point you in the direction of mobile casinos which support your devices. You’ll find Blackberry casinos and Windows casinos, but even those who use Symbian and Java mobile smartphones are going to be able to play craps online.

Social Gaming and Free Craps

I don’t want to leave out the players of freebie craps. In many ways, everything discussed above is meant for the free craps players, too. Online and mobile casinos tend to offer a freeplay version of their games, if you register an account on their site. That being said, I want to discuss those forms of gambling which are only for free players. The most popular way to play craps for free these days is social gaming.

Social craps is a way to play on social networking sites like Facebook. Someone download a craps gaming app (often for $1.99) from Android Marketplace or iTunes. Once this is done, they can play with Facebook friends or in the wider international gaming community. Either way, the money wagered is simulated. Everything is for fun.

That’s the point of online craps: it provides gaming for every type of player. Whether you like free things, you’re a penny player, or you’re a high roller, someone has your game uploaded to the Internet. Search enough and you’ll find the perfect game of craps for you. Keep reading our online craps page and you’ll find that game.