DraftKings DFS Promo Code Online DFS Review 2022

$20 Free On Deposit
+ 20% Up to $500 On Deposit

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Customer Service


Featuring one of the most customer-friendly interfaces, players on the DraftKings DFS app can build a roster and make changes on the fly from anywhere where the site is legal.

Great Mobile App
Good Variety
Competitive Promos

For DFS players, DraftKings has long reigned as one of the best tournament sites on the internet. With smooth deposit and account creation, the DFS site offers customers outstanding customer service.

The site offers DFS games for all major sporting leagues and even a few esports events. With each sport, DraftKings offers tens of tournaments for every level of entry fee. Even if you only want to play for a dollar, you’ll find a tournament to accommodate your budget.

Perhaps the best part about playing on DraftKings is its mobile app. Featuring one of the most customer-friendly interfaces, players on the DK app can build a roster and make changes on the fly from anywhere where the site is legal.

Whether you play online or via mobile app, DraftKings is one of the best DFS sites in the market.

DraftKings Promo Code Details

DraftKings Promo CodeClaim Here
Deposit Bonus$20 Free On Deposit
DraftKings Deposit / Match Bonus20% match up to $500
Terms And Conditions Available?Yes
DraftKings Available States:All states + DC except Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington
Compatible With Apple + Android Devices?Yes
Promo Code Last TestedDecember 2022

DraftKings DFS Promo: 20% Match On First Deposit Up To $500

DraftKings loves to offer healthy bonuses on a customer’s first deposit. Currently, the site offers new customers a 20% deposit bonus with the dollar amount capped at $500. So, for new customers to receive the maximum bonus they must deposit $2,500.

But that stipulation is only the beginning and this is where it gets complicated for players. After depositing the $2,500, you get one dollar of bonus money for every $25 you play. To get the entire $500 bonus, you must enter tournaments with a cumulative entry fee of $12,500.

Also, you must meet the criteria outlined above within 90 days of the deposit. Players are limited to just one deposit bonus during the term and once the 90 days are completed, the bonuses will no longer be deposited into your account.

Other bonuses on the site include free play pools for different sports each week. Another fun and easy to obtain bonus can be claimed if you refer a friend to the site. Once they sign up, you can receive free entry to a contest.

If you love to maximize your bonuses, the site offers Daily Fantasy Missions. Each day, DraftKings offers customers Missions to earn Crowns. For example, one day a Mission could be to play in a $3 Contest. Once you make your entry, the site provides you with the bonus of Crowns.

Crowns represent a currency that you can use in the DraftKings Shop. You can use your Crowns to purchase contest tickets to replace entry fees. Also the shop offers shirts, hats, and other DK memorabilia.

DraftKings DFS: Where Can I Play?

Current States 

DraftKings operates legally in 44 states and Washington, DC, plus many other countries. Six states in the US have declared daily fantasy sports as an illegal activity. Those states include Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington state. It most recently became legal in Arizona with the legalization of sports betting in the state.

States that legalized DraftKings and other DFS sites determined the site offers games of skill and not chance. Some states have lumped daily fantasy sports with other online gaming bills including the legalization of sports betting.

Currently, 19 states in the US have explicit laws that legalize daily fantasy sports. DraftKings works with the remaining states to create regulations that protect customers.

Coming Soon

Out of the remaining states that do not allow DraftKings to operate, Nevada remains closest to legalizing DFS.

Nevada, well known as a gamblers’ paradise, has not embraced daily fantasy sports. But that could change soon as DraftKings opened an office in Las Vegas to promote a bill to legalize DFS. Proposed legislation by DraftKings and FanDuel reached the state’s lawmakers recently and the companies await a final decision.

DraftKings signed a partnership agreement in 2019 with Caesars Entertainment creating a Nevada-based ally for the DFS site.

Louisiana legalized daily fantasy sports and sports betting in 55 of the 64 parishes in the state. Voters in Louisiana parishes overwhelmingly approved daily fantasy sports in the 2018 November election.

DraftKings DFS: Compatibility Guide

Using DraftKings DFS On Desktop

Players can safely access DraftKings using their desktop’s mobile browser without needing to download additional applications. Regardless of PC or Mac, the site comes through cleanly on compatible browsers through both operating systems. 

PC Desktop

The version of DraftKings you will find on PC compares nicely to the mobile app experience. Making lineup changes and looking deeper into a player’s stats maintain the fluidity you will find on the mobile app.

That said, on PC, you can expect to see a deeper array of stats without the cramped mobile screen. If you like to take your time in building your lineup and getting the most information possible, the desktop version reigns over the mobile app.

Whether you are using Microsoft Edge Chromium, Firefox, or Google Chrome, DraftKings features outstanding load times and dependable gameplay.

Mac Desktop

If you own a Mac computer, you’ll be pleased to hear that the site runs effortlessly on Apple’s Safari browser. Load times are short using Safari and creating a lineup routinely goes without seeing that dreaded color wheel.

Other browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome also provide a pleasant experience for the player. The same holds true for making deposits and withdrawals across all Mac-compatible browsers as each helps process transactions easily.

DraftKings does not offer a standalone application in Apple’s App Store for the desktop.

Using DraftKings DFS On Mobile Devices

The popularity of playing daily fantasy sports on your mobile device is undeniable. Not only are the apps sophisticated and offer a fantastic interface, but they are incredibly easy to use. While the desktop version of the DraftKings DFS app may be more complete, the simplicity of the mobile app offers an attractive alternative.

iOS Devices

For Apple’s iOS devices, you can download DraftKings’ mobile app from the Apple App Store. Downloading is immediate if you are logged into the store. Once you download the free app, you input your login information or sign up for a new account.

The interface of the app on iOS devices does not offer a lot of bells and whistles for the player. Instead, the compact interface clearly shows what sports they offer and what Contest you can enter.

Looking at stats on iOS devices is one of the big differences between the desktop. On the browser, the stats fill up the entire screen. With the app, you need to scroll with a finger to find more detail. The constant back and forth is exhausting on the mobile device after using it a few times.

Despite a few nagging issues, the DraftKings app on iOS provides an enjoyable sidekick for your daily fantasy games.

Android Devices

Although available on Google Play, the DraftKings app can also be obtained without downloading from the site. You will need to sideload the DraftKings app if you own an Android device. You also must allow the app to find your location so they can make sure you are in a legal state.

Once you get the app loaded, you’ll find the app offers a secure and effortless interface.

After you select a sport from the main screen, the app will present you with different types of contests. Each provides a brief description to help you better understand the event. Next, you build your roster using a concise talent pool. If you want more information, all you need to do is click on the player.

When you build your roster, you confirm your entry, sit back and cheer on your players.

Great for gaming on the go, the Android version of the DraftKings app provides a solid playing experience.

DraftKings DFS: Depositing And Cashing Out 

Deposit Options At DraftKings DFS

Debit Cards

Customers can make deposits using their debit cards on DraftKings. Regardless of the company associated with the card, whether it is Mastercard or Visa, DraftKings will accept deposits using this method.

Credit Cards

Credit cards can also be used at DraftKings to put money on your account. The company accepts American Express, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard for deposits. Players have the option of saving the credit card to the account for future use on the site.


Paypal provides the customer with outstanding deposit protection. The processing site uses your credit or debit card or your bank account to withdraw money for your DraftKings account. After making the deposit, PayPal offers payback protection in case of irregularities.

Cashout Options At DraftKings DFS

Credit Or Debit Card

DraftKings uses valid credit and debit cards in your account to return funds. If the card used is no longer valid, then you should contact their customer service for plan of action.


PayPal presents players with a one-stop shop for making quick deposits and no-hassle withdrawals. DraftKings makes returns to PayPal incredibly simple by using your virtual wallet of credit/debit card and bank account information.

Gift Card

If you used a gift card to make the deposit, then DraftKings will place winning funds back on the card. If you no longer have the card, then contact customer service before you ask to withdraw funds.

Where DraftKings DFS Gets It Right

Smooth Game Play

DraftKings gives players one of the best DFS experiences through their sophisticated, yet accessible, interface. Whether you prefer playing on their website or through their advanced mobile app, you won’t struggle with technical snafus. Instead, the company clearly outlines the sports available and its contests vary in price and skill level.

Building a roster on DraftKings is very intuitive and the statistics provided for each player are exhaustive. You will not need to go outside the site to research statistics as they offer a wide scope of data.

Exceptional Customer Service

What about when you have a problem on DraftKings? You should not worry as the company has streamlined the customer service process. However you wish to communicate, whether through email, on-site messaging, or through their automated message form, your question will be answered expeditiously.

The site’s best customer service option is the live chat with representatives. These DraftKings employees are well versed in all legal or technical questions on the platform.

Easy Deposit/Withdrawal System

Another area that DraftKings gets right is with their deposit system. The site does not create hurdles for you to jump through, just a straightforward form to deposit your money. You can deposit safely with a credit or debit card, or through PayPal. Having PayPal as an option adds another layer of protection, but does not create a long wait time for deposit.

When it comes time to take your money out of your account, DraftKings handles the legal stuff with a smoothness you’ll appreciate. There will be a couple of legal forms to fill out at time of withdrawal, but those are simple to complete.

Once you complete a contest, your winnings reach your account quickly and, again, it is incredibly easy to withdraw your funds.

Testing Support Options At DraftKings DFS

If you have a question for DraftKings, don’t worry because their first-rate support system holds long hours. From 6:00 am to 12:00 pm EST, the site quickly responds to any question or request.

If you are searching for information, the site offers customers a clean and easy to read Contact Us page.

On the page, DraftKings offers an email address, physical mailing address, a live chat option, and a message form. The site does not offer live telephone customer service. While the lack of phone operators might seem disappointing, the other options more than make up for this oversight.

The page also features a robust FAQ section, offering pre-written answers to any question you may have. Players can find information on topics such as how to manage your account to their rules on contests.

DraftKings offers a live chat function allowing players to get fast answers to their questions. If you need an answer immediately, this is the customer service function to use. Within 60 seconds, I had an answer to my question about the legality of the site in a state.

When the time comes to clarify any problem you may have on DraftKings, the site delivers outstanding customer service.

DraftKings DFS FAQ

How many different sports can you play on DraftKings?

DraftKings offers contests in association with several sports. The popular DFS site promotes games featuring the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, Soccer, CFL, NASCAR, MMA, and esports. With each sport, DraftKings provides a multitude of different games with a variety of entry fee levels.

How do you get paid if you win at DraftKings?

Cash prizes are only awarded to players if the site runs and completes a contest. Once the contest is officially scored, players are awarded cash based on their finish. Winnings for players will be deposited by 12:00 pm EST the following day.

Once the cash reaches the account, you can withdraw the funds. Using the “Withdrawal” option, you might have to fill out an affidavit of eligibility and/or tax form before receiving funds.

Players wishing to receive their funds via check can expect a delay of 14 business days for processing.

What is the best way to make a deposit on DraftKings?

To deposit money on DraftKings, you must select the “Deposit” button on the top right of the home page. Once you select that option, you will see a page that allows transfer by credit or debit card, or PayPal.

You can choose one of the sites’ customized deposit levels or choose your own deposit amount using the “Other” box. Currently, each deposit gives the customer a 20 percent bonus on their total amount, up to $500.

How old do you have to be to play on DraftKings?

To play on DraftKings you must be at least 18-years-old in the majority of states according the site’s terms of use. For players in Nebraska and Alabama, the legal age is 19-years-old to open an account with the daily fantasy sports company. In Iowa and Massachusetts, players must be 21-years-old to legally play on the DraftKings site or mobile app.

Where is DraftKings DFS available?

DraftKings DFS is available in most US states and Washington, DC. DraftKings DFS is not currently available in Nevada, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or Montana.

Does DraftKings DFS offer international sports?

Yes, DraftKings DFS players can find Fantasy Euroleague Basketball, Fantasy Australian Football, and more.

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