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Monkey Knife Fight is a relatively recent but still worthwhile online daily fantasy sports (DFS) app available throughout the US. Lots of DFS fans haven’t yet tried this streamlined and fun mobile app, so let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer and how it all works.

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Monkey Knife Fight is a relatively recent but still worthwhile online daily fantasy sports (DFS) app available throughout the US. Lots of DFS fans haven’t yet tried this streamlined and fun mobile app, so let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer and how it all works. 

Where Monkey Knife Fight DFS Is Available


California doesn’t have legal online sports betting, but online DFS apps are alive and well in the Golden State.


Florida recently legalized online sports betting in most of its parishes. DFS apps are also available to its residents.


DFS exists in a legal gray area in Texas, but it’s still readily available despite the lack of legal online sports betting. 

What States Don’t Allow Monkey Knife Fight DFS?

Some states, such as Alabama, don’t allow Monkey Knife Fight or many other online DFS apps. This is mostly because of economic reasons rather than daily fantasy sports being illegal, which is only the case in Washington. It’s up to individual app operators whether they’ll launch in a given state or not.

Monkey Knife Fight DFS App Promo Code

Monkey Knife Fight offers a basic but helpful opening bonus for all new account holders: a $5 no-deposit bonus plus another 100% deposit match bonus of up to $100.

Monkey Knife Fight DFS Promo$5 Free + 100% deposit match up to $100
Terms & ConditionsSite credit has to be played through one time before withdrawal
States Where Monkey Knife Fight Is AvailableMany states, including AK, CA, CO, CT, FL, IL, MA, NH, OH, and OK
Promo Code Verified ForDecember 2022

The opening bonus isn’t too valuable or generous. Although, on the positive side, it does help you get to wagering with a somewhat small bankroll at the beginning. Plus, the play-through requirement is not too exorbitant, meaning you might actually see that deposit match credit end up in your bank account eventually!

The $5 free contest is more attractive since it lets you try out Monkey Knife Fight without having to risk any big bucks of your own. All in all, this app promo code is reasonable if not the overall best in the DFS industry.

Monkey Knife Fight DFS App Review

But what about what else Monkey Knife Fight has to offer? Let’s take a closer look at the Monkey Knife Fight mobile app in detail.

Handful of Contest Types

As a prop-based DFS app, Monkey Knife Fight only offers a handful of contest types. Each of these relies on a prop based contest system:

For example, rather than putting together your own unique team from a league’s complete roster, you’ll instead choose whether Eli Manning will throw for 301.2 yards against the Cowboys or something similar. You choose the over or under

Using this system, DFS contestants pick their players based on choices given for individual prop contests. Then they choose the amount they want to risk, then they see if they’re successful!

This limited contest variety could be a downside for more experienced DFS fans. But on the positive side, this does make Monkey Knife Fight very easy to learn and master, making it one of the best for sitting down and enjoying some light DFS on a weeknight, for example.

Interactive App Interface

In addition to the basic and streamlined DFS contest options, Monkey Knife Fight has a very interactive app interface. Monkey Knife Fight has a lot of visual aids to help you choose the right games or players based on your specific needs or desires.

Aside from these aids, the interface is slick and streamlined and doesn’t have a lot of visual fat. Therefore, navigating through Monkey Knife Fight is a dream for folks who hate cramped mobile apps with tons of information to parse and digest. Once you make your decisions and the contest begins, you can watch the game unfold and see if you win some cash.

Live Chat and FAQs

In addition to these major aspects, Monkey Knife Fight doesn’t skimp when it comes to customer service. Specifically, you can access live chat options through Monkey Knife Fight’s social media platforms, making getting a quick answer to a technical question usually simple.

Monkey Knife Fight also offers a frequently asked questions page. This is a great page if you have a simple and probably common question, such as how to log into your account or how to make a deposit.

Monkey Knife Fight DFS Compatibility And Sign-Up Guide

Monkey Knife Fight is available on both iOS and Android devices, so there’s no limitation on your DFS enjoyment regardless of the device type you own. Furthermore, Monkey Knife Fight makes it very easy to sign up and get started playing prop-based DFS contests in no time.

  • First, simply visit the Monkey Knife Fight desktop site or download the app to your chosen mobile device.
  • Then you just click on the orange Sign-Up button.
  • You’ll be asked to take a username, password, and email address. Be sure to choose a unique password and username since you won’t be able to change the username later!
  • Monkey Knife Fight will verify key parts of your personal identity, like your name, address, date of birth. You’ll have to be 18 or older to use this online DFS app
  • Once verified, just click Continue in your account will be created. Remember to make an initial deposit since you get the deposit match bonus just for making a new account!

Monkey Knife Fight Deposits & Withdrawals

Monkey Knife Fight allows you to make deposits and withdrawals using a variety of methods. For example, you can make deposits using credit or debit card transfers. Alternatively, you can make withdrawals using whichever of the two you used to make your initial deposit or use your PayPal account.

The withdrawal scheme is unique in the DFS industry. Some DFS apps may, for example, allow you to make deposits with the cards and credit cards but only allow you to make a withdrawal with a debit card. Monkey Knife Fight removes this potential barrier and just lets you funnel your money back into the account you used to fund your DFS play in the first place.

Warning Against Using Credit Cards

We never recommend using Monkey Knife Fight for DFS funding. Simply put, credit cards often charge extra rates or have fees when using them for online app bankrolls. On top of that, taking out money on your credit card will result in you needing to pay interest on that balance.

It’s much wiser to simply use a debit card or your PayPal account given that Monkey Knife Fight only has a few deposit options overall. If you can’t afford to play DFS at this time, wait until you can!

Types Of DFS Contests At Monkey Knife Fight

As noted above, Monkey Knife Fight prioritizes and only offers prop-based DFS contests. Therefore, each contest is based on a proposition, such as whether a specific team will reach a certain score, whether a player will do a certain feat, and so on.

However, Monkey Knife Fight offers several different game types you can enjoy with this prop-based system. These include:

  • Over/under contests. These are the simplest way to enjoy Monkey Knife Fight and just require you to choose your game and go. Pick a player, decide whether they will go over under their projected amounts, and see if you win.
  • Rapid-fire contests. Monkey Knife Fight asks players to pick head-to-head player matchups. These have a great potential for profit since you take home twice your stake if you win.
  • Stat Shootout contests. They are similar to putting up points contests for hockey. Basically, you accumulate points based on player stat types. You can pick up to three players and win between 1.5x and 3x your stake depending on your performance

In this way, Monkey Knife Fight offers a little more game flex ability and variety than it initially seems. If you’re an experienced DFS fan and don’t want to be bored too quickly, don’t worry. Monkey Knife Fight offers more than enough action for you!

What Monkey Knife Fight Gets Right

Indeed, the Monkey Knife Fight mobile DFS app is one of the best in the industry despite its relatively young age and simplicity. Here are some of the major positive points of Monkey Knife Fight:

Easy to Use

For starters, Monkey Knife Fight’s interface is incredibly easy to use and intuitive to navigate through. The streamlined and simplistic interface makes it easy to jump into DFS if it’s your first time enjoying daily fantasy sports. However, even experienced players will appreciate just how smooth the app runs.

Easy to Enjoy

Monkey Knife Fight’s contest variety is a little limited compared to the sheer contest variety you can find at more robust DFS apps. But in our opinion, this is actually a positive point instead of a negative one. Rather than having to spend hours learning a new DFS app from front to back, Monkey Knife Fight allows you to simply jump in, put your money down, and enjoy DFS at any point during the week.

Great Tips

There’s another bonus to Monkey Knife Fight we haven’t mentioned yet: expert advice and tips from big DFS fans or known entities in the industry. For example, Scott Cullen offers major DFS tips for the baseball, basketball, and hockey leagues.

These tips could help you make wise DFS decisions and maximize your profits over the long term. It’s a surprising feature given the overall simplicity of Monkey Knife Fight otherwise, but we certainly aren’t complaining!

Monkey Knife Fight Overall Review

All in all, Monkey Knife Fight is a solid online DFS app that offers one of the smoothest interfaces in the industry. It has a little contest variety, so it’s ideal for newcomers to DFS or those who just want to enjoy a casual DFS contest or two from time to time. Check it out for its opening bonus and unique focus on prop DFS contests!

Monkey Knife Fight DFS FAQs

Where is Monkey Knife Fight DFS legal?

Monkey Knife Fight is available in a variety of states from Florida to South Dakota.

How old do I need to be to use Monkey Knife Fight DFS?

You need to be between 18 and 21 to use Monkey Knife Fight depending on your state.

Is Monkey Knife Fight DFS safe to use?

Yes. Monkey Knife Fight uses a variety of digital security measures like SSL certification to keep your personal information safe.

How can I deposit and withdraw money at Monkey Knife Fight DFS?

Monkey Knife Fight allows you to deposit and withdraw funds using credit or debit card transactions for PayPal.

Can you use the Monkey Knife Fight DFS on your iPhone or Android device?

Yes, the Monkey Knife Fight DFS app is available on iOS and Android devices.

How does DFS differ from sports betting?

Daily fantasy sports is technically a game of skill. Contestants must analyze players’ performance in the past, and then make educated decisions about how they’ll perform in the future. In contrast, sports betting is much closer to pure luck.

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