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ThriveFantasy is a popular and easy to jump into online daily fantasy sports (DFS) app available throughout the country. As a prop-based DFS platform, ThriveFantasy is noticeably more limited and streamlined compared to its competitors.

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Although ThriveFantasy launched in 2016, many DFS fans don’t know what to expect or whether this app is right for them. Let’s take a closer look at ThriveFantasy and its major features.

Where Is ThriveFantasy DFS Available?


California doesn’t allow online sports betting, but it does allow online DFS apps like ThriveFantasy. It’s a big market for DFS given the many professional sports teams that call the state home.


Florida recently legalized online sports betting, so daily fantasy sports is safe in this sunny state for the time being even if it isn’t explicitly legalized.


Texas legislators have tried outlawing DFS in the past, with no success. Though online sports betting is not legal, DFS remains available to its residents.

What States Don’t Allow ThriveFantasy?

Several states, such as Montana, don’t allow ThriveFantasy, either because they don’t allow online DFS in general or because ThriveFantasy itself hasn’t moved into those markets. ThriveFantasy is typically available in states with big daily fantasy sports markets.

ThriveFantasy DFS App Promo Code

ThriveFantasy offers an opening bonus for all new account holders in the form of a 100% deposit match bonus of up to $100.

ThriveFantasy Promo CodeTBA
Deposit Match100% deposit match bonus of up to $100
States Where ThriveFantasy Is AvailableMany states from Alaska to Wyoming
Promo Code Verified ForDecember 2022

In a nutshell, ThriveFantasy automatically matches your first deposit up to $100 with some extra site credit. You can use the credit on any contest you choose. However, keep in mind that you have to play through that credit four times before you can withdraw it as cash. That’s a significant downside and it means that most players (unless they are very lucky) won’t see their bonus credit in their accounts.

Instead, it’s best to think of the promo code as a chance to try a few extra contests with ThriveFantasy without having to put up your own cash.

Unfortunately, ThriveFantasy doesn’t offer any regular or ongoing promotions besides this. Therefore, ThriveFantasy might be a better occasional DFS app to try or a novel experience here and there rather than a staple or long-term app for major DFS enthusiasts.

ThriveFantasy DFS App Review

Opening bonus aside, there’s a lot that ThriveFantasy has to offer. Let’s take a look at these major points and break down why it might be a great DFS app for you to check out.

Two Types Of Contests

Like DFS apps such as Monkey Knife Fight, ThriveFantasy emphasizes prop-based DFS contests. Within this focus, ThriveFantasy gives you two different ways to play:

  • The traditional ThriveFantasy contests are 20 player prop contests. Each player has points assigned to the over or under for their projected performance. App users can then choose 10 overs or under, then submit their entries. If players get the prop correct, they get points assigned to the selection, which are tallied to see which side wins the payout
  • Versus contests, which are similar to traditional contests. However, rather than focusing on single-player overs and under, spreads are given for identical stats between two similar players, such as touchdown probability and how many yards a football player will throw the ball. App users must once again select 10 props, then choose two emergency props to act as tiebreakers

As you can see, this basic and streamlined prop daily fantasy sports contests system makes it easy to jump in and see if you win some cash. It’s not as in-depth or robust as the DFS contest offerings available at other apps, of course.

But this could be a plus if you’re new to DFS or if you’re an experienced player who just wants to enjoy an occasional contest or two without investing too much time in research.

Limited Deposits and Withdrawals

Just like ThriveFantasy is pretty simple when it comes to its content types, so too is it simple in terms of its deposit and withdrawal options. Both deposits and withdrawals use the same methods: e-checks or PayPal transactions. Both options can be convenient, although PayPal will likely be the go-to choice for most users.

Deposits go through in just a couple of minutes. Withdrawals are also usually speedy but expect them to take one to two business days for them to fully process and for money to show up in your account.

What if you want to use another method, like a debit or credit card? Unfortunately, ThriveFantasy doesn’t allow you to do this at this time. The app might expand its deposit and withdrawal options in the future, but since it has been up and running since 2016, this seems unlikely.


Lastly, ThriveFantasy offers several contest tournaments. The most important of these are the guaranteed prize pools or GPP tournaments. Guaranteed prize pool tournaments kick in every week during the NFL and are also common throughout the rest of the year. In a nutshell, you can jump into these by paying an entry fee, usually between $15 and $500. The contest size usually depends on how many people join.

Regardless, every DFS contestant who enters has a chance at a guaranteed prize pool, which can range from $1000-$10,000 or more. The tournaments are a great incentive to return to ThriveFantasy from time to time, even if you have a more varied or deep DFS app that you use as your main platform.

ThriveFantasy DFS Compatibility And Sign-Up Guide

ThriveFantasy is available on both Android and Apple devices, so you can download it without any major trouble. Once you download the app:

  • You need to simply open it on your mobile device, then click Sign Up.
  • ThriveFantasy will ask for some personal information like your name, date of birth, and address to verify your identity.
  • Once your identity has been verified, you can then fund your account using your PayPal account or an electronic check.
  • Don’t forget to make your initial deposit while taking advantage of the 100% deposit match bonus!

ThriveFantasy DFS Deposits And Withdrawals

Once more, ThriveFantasy only allows you to make deposits and withdrawals using PayPal transfers or electronic checks. Electronic checks could be beneficial if you want to ensure extra security, but PayPal transfers are a little more convenient. You can make deposits and withdrawals using both ways. This is notable since many DFS apps have more deposit options than they do withdrawal choices. 

Types Of DFS Contests At ThriveFantasy

ThriveFantasy’s DFS contests are primarily propositions or based on a proposition. However, they offer prop-based DFS contests in a variety of game types. These include the above-mentioned guaranteed prize pool tournaments but also include:

  • Head-to-head contests. With head-to-head contests, you and at least one other player directly go head-to-head and compete with your prop guesses. One of you wins and takes home a prize, and the other goes home empty-handed
  • 50/50 contests, which guarantee that at least half the field for a given prop DFS contests goes home with a payday 50/50 contests our team-based and you determine whether you are on the winning side based on your overs and under for your 10 chosen players

ThriveFantasy is a little more simplistic and basic compared to DFS apps with more contest variety. Again, this could be a great pick if you are due to daily fantasy sports or if you’re not interested in investing a lot of time and money in complex contests.

In other words, ThriveFantasy is ideal for quick, basic, fun DFS contests (arguably the way daily fantasy sports is meant to be enjoyed!).

What ThriveFantasy DFS Gets Right

Although ThriveFantasy isn’t a major force in the DFS industry, it gets a lot right. Let’s take a look at its major advantages so you can determine whether you’ll download it today.

Simple And Streamlined

ThriveFantasy’s interface is very slick and streamlined, so navigating through its different controls and contests is child’s play. Accessing the limited number of contests takes just a couple of button presses, then you can add players to your roster with another few presses. ThriveFantasy doesn’t require you to do a ton of research on a team’s complete list of players when building your lineup. Instead, your choices are strictly limited to 10 players for prop contests.

Whether you’ll appreciate this is ultimately determined by your preferences and desire for prep. If you’re in the mood for quick and easy DFS contests, ThriveFantasy could be the perfect app for you!

Fast And Responsive

The ThriveFantasy mobile app itself is very fast and responsive. You shouldn’t normally encounter any lag — possibly because the app itself isn’t large. However, we also like that ThriveFantasy’s player options are well researched and put together. As you build your 10-player roster and choose their overs and under, you don’t normally feel like you are lacking good options or that you can’t be competitive against other contestants.

Good Promo Offer

We’d also like to redirect attention to the promo offer once again. Though it is small, the 100% deposit match bonus up to $100 is a great way to double the size of your bankroll right off the bat. Even though the withdrawal play-through requirement is a little high, we would prefer a 1x play-through requirement, it’s still a good way to try out ThriveFantasy without having to risk too much.

ThriveFantasy DFS Overall Review

Ultimately, ThriveFantasy is a decent and simplistic DFS app designed for new players or fans of daily fantasy sports who like to plop down on the couch, play a few contests, then move on. It’s not necessarily the best app for major DFS enthusiasts or those who like doing a lot of research to construct their perfect player lineups. Still, you might consider giving this DFS app a try from time to time, especially when one of its guaranteed prize pool tournaments rolls around!

ThriveFantasy DFS FAQs

Is ThriveFantasy legal in the US?

Yes, but only in certain states. For example, ThriveFantasy is available in California.

How old do you need to be to use ThriveFantasy DFS?

That depends on the state in which you reside. States like Michigan require you to be 19. Other states, such as California, require you to be 21.

Is ThriveFantasy DFS safe to use?

Yes. ThriveFantasy has been running since 2016 and uses SSL certification in conjunction with other digital security measures to protect personal data and corporate data like.

Can you download the ThriveFantasy DFS app on your Android or iPhone device?

Yes. ThriveFantasy is available on both iOS and Android devices.

How can you deposit and withdraw funds at ThriveFantasy DFS?

ThriveFantasy only has a couple of deposit and withdrawal options: electronic checks or PayPal transfers.

Does ThriveFantasy DFS offer a welcome bonus?

Yes. It’s a 100% deposit match bonus worth up to $100 in site credits.

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