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The WinView DFS platform is one of the more interesting sites of its type to come out recently. With a multitude of prop and parlay bets, users will have plenty of depth to choose from, although the site doesn’t follow the same team-building structure as the typical DFS app.

The bonus for new users is a 200% match up to $200, which is pretty good for a rather small DFS site. Deposit and withdrawal options follow a unique structure as well, and players will be pleased to find customer support available without much trouble.

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Daily fantasy sports are some of the most popular online gaming activities you can enjoy in most US states today. But this market is relatively stagnant and there haven’t been any major innovations in DFS apps for some time.

That’s where WinView comes in. A relatively new platform in online sports contests, WinView offers a unique spin on daily fantasy sports while also being an especially fun way to enjoy moment-to-moment sports action with your friends or other fans. Let’s break down WinView in detail.

What Is Sweepstakes Gaming?

If you’re a DFS fan, you may already think you understand how WinView works as a sweepstakes website. But before we dive into the details of this sports contest app, let’s break down sweepstakes gaming in detail.

How Does Sweepstakes Gaming Work?

All sweepstakes gaming websites, whether they are casinos or DFS sites like WinView, rely on one key principle: you can’t gamble real-world currency at any point.

Instead, you can wager some type of virtual, valueless currency that can’t be redeemed or used outside the sweepstakes site where it was purchased. In WinView’s case, these are points that you receive when you enter paid contests or that you can purchase for participation in free contests.

In this way, you can never gamble with real-world cash on sweepstakes gaming websites or mobile apps. WinView is the same way.

How Do You Win Cash Prizes?

That said, sweepstakes sites like WinView do sometimes allow you to receive cash prizes through certain actions. For example, WinView allows you to enter paid sports contests. Rather than wagering real-world money, you pay an entry fee and then wager valueless WinView points to indicate how confident you are in a contest prediction.

If you are successful with your paid contest prediction, you’ll receive a cash prize. Other sweepstakes sites use sweeps coins, which are bonus currencies players receive from purchasing packages of valueless currencies like “gold coins”. The sweeps coins can be redeemed for cash prizes after the fact.

As you can see, WinView is something of a cross between a traditional DFS site and a sweepstakes casino platform. 

Where Can You Play From?

WinView and other sweepstakes sites allow you to participate from anywhere in the US except for Washington state, which does not allow sweepstakes contests. If a given sweepstakes site has a mobile app for iOS or Android devices, you can also enjoy legal sweepstakes gaming while on the go.

Will People Who Like Other Online Apps Like This Form Of Gaming?

Usually, yes.

Sweepstakes gaming sites are great ways to get around restrictive state gambling laws if you live in a state without online gambling allowances. On top of that, many sweepstakes gaming platforms like WinView offer fantastic interfaces and great opportunities to enjoy online games or contests.

What Do You Get For A Signup Bonus At WinView DFS?

WinView currently offers a first-time 200% deposit match bonus up to $200. You can receive this bonus by:

  • Registering for WinView. All you need is your email address and your state of residence
  • Make an initial deposit into your WinView account of $10 or more
  • Next, use that initial deposit to enter paid contests on the WinView mobile app
  • Once you do this, you’ll get your free site credit within 24 hours. The credit can’t be withdrawn, of course, but it can be used to enter more paid contests. The credit amount is dependent on how much you initially deposit

This new player bonus is a great opportunity to try out WinView if you haven’t used an online sports contest app before. For example, if you deposit just $50 into your WinView account, you’ll get another $100 for a total of $150 cash to use to enter paid contests.

How Do Purchases Work At WinView DFS?

Purchases at WinView don’t work the same as they do with other DFS sites or apps.

In a nutshell, WinView offers both free and paid contests. These contests are very short-term and consist entirely of props or propositions.

To enter the paid contests, you simply pay an entry fee which can range from as little as $5 up to $25 or more depending on the contest in question. Generally speaking, the more money a paid contest could potentially payout, the higher the entry fee (and the more dramatic the odds will be).

Based on your initial purchase, you’ll receive a number of points you can use to wager on the contest specifically. You can wager points at rates of 250, 500, or 750 with different odds depending on the proposition contest.

Additionally, WinView allows you to wager 1000 points one time with each contest – doing this may boost your score and potential payout (see more below). This one-time opportunity is advantageous since you won’t lose your 1000 points if your prediction is wrong.

Your success with free WinView sports contests may earn you tickets that you can use to enter the paid contests described above.

How Does Entry By Mail Work At WinView DFS?

It doesn’t. WinView, perhaps because of its unique sports contest format, has no use for entry-by-mail contests at this time. Remember, you can’t earn points outside of entering WinView contests specifically. On top of that, you only get a certain number of points for each WinView contest and can’t transfer the points over from contest to contest.

Available Games At WinView DFS

As noted above, WinView is different from most daily fantasy sports in large part because it technically doesn’t adhere to daily fantasy sports at all! You don’t draft players, construct lineups, and watch your newly-created team perform over the course of a game or season.

Instead, each contest at WinView is prop or proposition-based. These contests concern the outcome of a single event or question, such as:

  • Whether the team will score next
  • Whether a player will make a goal for their team
  • Whether a team will win a game within the next two minutes
  • And so on

Each of these contests is decided in real-time, so you can watch your favorite sporting event on TV and see how your WinView contests are performing on the mobile app.

WinView offers both free and paid contests. The free contests are great ways to try out this sweepstakes gaming app without spending any cash. Regardless, every contest you enter nets you a virtual betting bankroll. The bankroll allows you to make predictions for different outcomes to the above questions and more.

Naturally, different outcomes will have better or worse odds. The greater the odds against you, the greater the payout will be in points, tickets to enter paid contests, or cash if you have already entered a paid contest.

When you wager points on a WinView contest, the goal is to always finish the contest with more points than any other participating player. You earn more points in the contest by guessing the outcome of a sporting question correctly.

To make things simple, every prop question is “yes or no”, so it’s very easy to jump in and start enjoying WinView even if you don’t have a lot of online DFS experience.

Contests at WinView are separated into the following categories:

  • Beginner contests, which usually have player-friendly odds but low opportunities for payouts (if paid). You are only allowed to enter beginner contests up to your first 20 paid entries
  • Classic contests, which include multiple players and which can range widely in terms of odds, payouts, and more
  • Multiplier contests. These include “odds boosts” or similar adjustments that reward you for being bolder with how many points you wager on a contest
  • H2H or head-to-head contests. With these contests, you compete directly against other players for cash prizes
  • 50/50 contests, in which half the players are guaranteed to win at least some amount of cash

No matter what, you’ll want to pay attention to the odds multipliers on your contests of choice. Odds multipliers can inform you whether answering one way or the other will net you a greater payout in cash or points.

Additionally, WinView offers social leagues. This is a unique feature in which you can add up to 20 members to a shared social league. You can then create your own contests and share the contests between you and your friends, family members, or anyone else involved.

Every WinView account can be a member of up to four social leagues. However, you can’t create your own paid contests to share between league members. This aspect of the app is mostly a great way to get new people enjoying WinView with you or to spend time with your friends and family members when you are watching the same game on the couch together.

How To Register At WinView DFS

If you want to get started enjoying WinView ASAP, you’ll be pleased to know that signing up is very easy and simple. You can sign up for this app by downloading it on the iOS App Store or the Android Google Play Store, depending on which type of mobile device you have.

Download the app and allow it to install automatically. Alternatively, you can visit the WinView browser-based website and make an account on your desktop or laptop computer.

Regardless, you only need to be 18 years of age or older to register for this online contest platform. There are a couple of exceptions; Massachusetts residents must be 21 or older and Nebraska or Alabama residents must be 19 or older.

Once you have downloaded and/or opened the WinView website, click “Register” and you can fill in the appropriate information, including your date of birth. Once your account is registered, you can make your first deposit to enter paid contests and to take advantage of the new account bonus using major credit cards.

Support At WinView DFS

WinView offers a handful of customer support channels in case you need a question or have technical trouble. These channels begin with a frequently asked questions section on their website, which includes answers to common questions.

Alternatively, you can visit WinView’s Facebook and social media pages, which are usually pretty active. Naturally, this online contest app also includes a dedicated customer support hotline and an email address. Both of these can connect you to a customer service representative who may be able to help you solve a more complex problem.

WinView FAQs

Can I win real money at WinView DFS?

Yes. At WinView, you can enter paid contests that demand a simple entry fee. Once you are in the contest, you don’t wager real cash. You wager points instead. If you win the contest by having more points than any other participant in the contest, you’ll receive a cash payout based on the contest’s terms.

How old do I have to be to play at WinView DFS?

It depends on your state. You need to be between 18 and 21 to play at WinView.

Do I have to make a purchase to play at WinView DFS?

No. WinView offers free contests you can enter without having to spend a dime. However, many of the most popular sports contests – and the only ones that offer payouts in real-world cash – have an entry fee requirement.

What kinds of games does WinView DFS offer?

WinView offers a handful of different game types, ranging from beginners contests to more complex contests with odds multipliers. But all the sports contests are prop or proposition based; they are simple yes or no questions and you compete against other people, not the house.

What states does WinView DFS accept?

There are currently 39 states where WinView is fully legal. However, New Jersey, Nevada, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, and Washington do not allow WinView’s paid contests at this time despite most of those states allowing other types of daily fantasy sports contests. For example, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Vermont all allow daily fantasy sports in general but do not currently allow WinView specifically.

Fortunately, all of WinView’s free games are available in all 50 states.

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