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With its gem-colored graphics and crisp animation, Diamonds takes the dual-functioning symbol system of Mr. Multiplier and makes it easier to watch and comprehend. It still has alternating fields and crooked paylines, but it simplifies everything by making the symbols’ colors fill one function and their values accomplish another. The peaceful background music and lack of distracting visuals improves the gaming experience.

Diamonds offers three jackpots and plentiful multipliers, but has no wilds, feature games or free spins. Thus its economical look carries over into the lean gameplay. Whether that’s a good thing or not depends on the player.

Find out if Diamonds suits your style in its free or paid modes on Flash-enabled mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

Rich Reels

Taking up most of the game space are the five reels. There technically aren’t any rows, because each reel alternates in size, between four and three symbols, in a 4-3-4-3-4 pattern. This results in icon fields diagonal to each other. 40 locked paylines are stuffed into these 18 fields.

The player’s balance, bet and win are listed at the top of the screen, while the gaming buttons are at the bottom. Because the 40 paylines are always in play, the overall bet can only be adjusted using the “Bet/Line” buttons. The big green “Spin” button triggers individual plays. The “Autoplay” buttons set up to 25 automatic spins. Gameplay information is found through the “View Pays” button.

Colors and Symbols

Diamonds also keeps its symbols simple. Playing card values, 9 through A, are the most frequent icons, with 9 paying the least and A paying the most. Round cut gems are worth more than the playing cards. And the princess cut gem is the most profitable of the regular icons. Every symbol on the reels is colored either green, red or blue.

“Winnings” are paid out when three or more consecutive matching symbols (no matter what their color) align from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel, on a payline. “Reactions” occur when all five symbols on payline are the same color.


When one of those color-coordinated lines occurs on a spin, it bursts, then replaces all its symbols with new ones. The spin’s multiplier is then increased by one (e.g. 1x to 2x). Multiple reactions can occur, thus raising the multiplier higher. Any payline win that exists once the new symbols have appear is paid (or paid again if it has already paid out) and is multiplied by the multiplier. The reactions themselves offer small payouts, but the multipliers are more valuable.

Diamond Jackpots

Diamonds also has a scatter symbol……a Diamond. When three diamonds appear anywhere on the reels, the player is awarded the mini progressive jackpot. Four diamonds wins the midi progressive jackpot. Five diamonds gets the maxi progressive jackpot. To note, these jackpots are only offered during paid gameplay, so they’re not present during the free mode.

Road to Riches?

As exciting as the reaction multipliers may seem, the route to consistent big wins is through the many overlapping paylines. A single winning payline is rare, if not impossible. Double winning lines aren’t too prevalent. But triple winning paylines are frequent, while quadruple and quintuple combos aren’t impossible. Meanwhile, most reactions happen without any winning paylines, so the multipliers go to waste.

During the 300 test spins run for this review, reactions happened 19.7% of the time, but the multipliers boosted paylines only 5% of the time. Winning paylines in general appeared in 21% of the spins. When the multipliers were put in use, they were indeed profitable, but one learns quickly not to rely on them.

Though Diamonds is short on features, its unusual gameplay and multiple winning avenues may appeal to seasoned players tired of all the 5×3 slots out there. Casual players will likely warm up to Diamonds once they understand how it works, and find it a more enjoyable option than its odd cousin, Mr. Multiplier.

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