Egyptian Riches Slot Machine

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The rich and the wealthy in ancient Egypt had it good. They led a decadent lifestyle filled with fine wine, high fashion, gold jewelry and plenty of parties and social events. To demonstrate the vast amount of wealth that was present in ancient Egypt, WMS brings you the Egyptian Riches slot machine. This slot machine has the same theme as the Lady of Egypt although the game design and setup is much simpler in comparison. It only has 5 reels with 3 rows each. Nothing too decadent or elaborate.

Access the sheer amount of wealth present in Egyptian Riches from either a desktop, a mobile device or a tablet. You’ll be brought back in time to ancient Egypt where there are plenty of ancient treasures and deities waiting for you. Ancient Egyptian music will also play in the background with each spin of the reels. WMS really has every detail down to perfection.

Make an Offering to the Deities

All ancient Egyptians know that they are where they are thanks to the blessings of certain deities. If you’re interested in joining high society, you’re going to have to pray to the right gods when taking a spin on the reels. To increase your chances of getting your prayers heard, bet on as many as 20 lines; however, if you feel uncomfortable with that, you can bet on as little as only 1 line. You can make an offering with game credits or play with real money.

When playing Egyptian riches for free, you can adjust your bets per line. The minimum allowed is 0.01 credit per line. At the very least, you only need to bet 0.01 credit per spin. That’s if you only bet on one single line. At the very most, a spin can cost 0.20 credits when playing all 20 lines. The maximum bet allowed per line is 5.00 credits. If you’re looking for a sign from the deities, you can bet as much as 100.00 credits on a single spin.

Live a Life Filled with Decadence

Once you’ve made it in the right groups, your life will be a lot easier. The most valued symbols in the Egyptian Riches casino game is the Egyptian Riches logo, Anubis, Eye of Ra, a Falcon, a Cat, a Scarab, a Vase, a Cartouche and an Ankh. The Egyptian Riches logo symbol reigns supreme in terms of value. 5 of these symbols on a payline awards 5,000 times the line wager. This means that if you bet 1.00 credit on the line, you’d walk away with 5,000 credits. Anubis comes in next with a payout of 700 times the line wager.

To make your life even more extravagant, there are 2 bonus symbols in the game: a bonus feature symbol of a beautiful Egyptian woman and a wild symbol, which is also the Egyptian Riches logo symbol.

Pick from Scarabs and Treasures for a Mini Jackpot

Become blessed by 3 bonus feature symbols on the board, and you’ll unlock the Egyptian Riches Feature. This feature is separated into two parts. You’ll first be taken to another screen where you will be given the option of choosing 1 of 5 scarabs. Scarabs were very important in ancient Egypt. They symbolized good luck, growth and more. The chosen scarab will reveal a cash prize that is worth anywhere from 1 to 7 times the total line bet.

Next, the other half of the screen will light up, and you’ll be presented with 25 treasure chests. Unbox each treasure chest to reveal another cash prize that is between 1 to 6 times the total line bet. The cash prize from the scarab will be added to each prize present in the treasure chests.

The treasure chest may even reveal a ‘Pick Another’ option. When this happens, you can pick another scarab, which will reveal another cash prize. This cash prize will be also be added to other treasure chests that are unboxed in the future. This cash prize is in addition to the cash prize that was revealed from the first scarab. In short, you want to find as many ‘pick another’ options as possible when unboxing the treasure chests because the cash prize that is added can really compound and grow.

You can continue to unbox treasure chests until you open one with a ‘collect’ sign in it. When this happens, all of the monetary awards will be added up, and you’ll be exited from this bonus feature.

Overall Experience

Although it’s impossible to get a true experience as to how the rich and the wealthy lived in ancient Egypt, Egyptian Riches gives you a pretty good idea. This slot game is pretty simple and straightforward. It follows a similar gameplay to many other WMS slot games. The most interesting aspect of this game lies in its bonus feature. Unboxing treasure chests is more fun than you’d think. It’s like opening presents on Christmas Day.

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