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Chronicling the greatest day of hooky ever, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off  lit up the big screen in the summer of 1986. It starred Matthew Broderick as the much-beloved high school senior who pretends he’s sick so he can have one last big adventure with his friends before they go off to college. His arch-nemesis, the Dean of Students, is wise to Bueller’s shenanigans and tries to catch him in the act, but fails miserably.

The film was among a series of hits for writer/director John Hughes, following Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club and Weird Science. The movie boosted Broderick’s transition from theatre to film, and earned him a Golden Globe Nomination. Though only the tenth highest grossing film that year, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’s popularity ascended with the help of home video and cable television over the decades that followed.

In 2010, WMS adapted Ferris Bueller’s Day Off into a five-reel three-row slot of the same name, not only filling it with the movie’s characters and sounds, but including actual film clips to celebrate every win. There are a pair of bonus games, as well as five progressive jackpots. Some of the game’s elements look dated when compared to current slots, but not enough to spoil the fun.

Enjoy playing Ferris Bueller Day’s Off for free in its demo mode, or bet real money on every spin in its paid version. The game is available on Flash-enabled desktop and mobile devices.

Ferris Reels

Behind the 5×3 slot is a low-quality CGI background that doesn’t quite match anything in the movie. The reels themselves are plain white. Progressive jackpot totals cycle above the reels, while gameplay controls sit beneath.

Paylines, from one to 25, are selectable using the “Lines” arrows. The per line bet can be changed in the “Bet” field. “Spin” starts single plays. “Bet Max” doesn’t actually max out the bet, instead it sets the number of paylines to 25. Up to 50 automatic spins are customizable in the “Autoplay” field. The “Paytable” button opens up a separate window that explains symbols, payouts and bonuses.

Movie Icons

In Ferris Bueller’s Day Off slot machine, wins occur when three or more consecutive matching standard symbols align from, left to right, starting from the first reel, on a played payline. There are two exceptions to the rule, as noted in the list below.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off casino game uses a variety of imagery for its symbols. These symbols and their payouts include:

  • Queen: three = 5x line bet, four = 10x, five = 100x
  • King: three = 8x line bet, four = 15x, five = 125x
  • Ace: three = 8x line bet, four = 15x, five = 125x
  • Car: three = 10x line bet, four = 20x, five = 150x
  • Rottweiler: three = 10x line bet, four = 20x, five = 150x
  • Grace, the Dean’s secretary: three = 15x line bet, four = 25x, five = 200x
  • Cameron Frye: Ferris’s best friend: three = 15x line bet, four = 25x, five = 200x
  • Sloan Peterson: Ferris’s girlfriend: two = 2x line bet, three = 25x, four = 50x, five = 500x
  • Edward R. Rooney, Dean of Students: two = 2x line bet, three = 50x, four = 500x, five = 5000x

(One may note the absence of Ferris himself. There isn’t a single image of the lead character in the entire game, which one hopes is due only to rights issues. Cameron’s father’s Ferrari has been replaced by a cartoony red car.)

The Ferris Bueller’s Day Off logo serves as the game’s wild symbol. Appearing on reels two, three and four, it substitutes for any standard symbol on a winning payline.

Fake the Parents

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off slot also has a scatter symbol, represented by the Save Ferris Badge. The scatter triggers the Fake the Parents bonus game whenever at least three badges appear anywhere on a spin.

In the first part of the bonus game, the player clicks a series of piano keyboard keys, paying homage to the film’s toy store sequence. Each key awards free spins, maxing out at 18.

After the free spins are added up, the feature shows a film clip of the Dean’s computer being hacked. As a result of this hacking, the player is rewarded with a multiplier up to 6x.

The free spins play out in front of another generic CGI background, possibly representing the movie’s Von Steuben Day Parade sequence. After the free spins have spun, the entire bonus payout is increased by the awarded multiplier.

Hollywood Jackpots

The game also has five progressive jackpots. In order of increasing value they are: Smash, Epic, Classic, Blockbuster and Acclaimed. The gradually increasing values are based off of the player’s bet. All chances to win these jackpots are distributed randomly, so there are no symbol combinations that can help win them.

Kick the Car

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off casino game includes a bonus game that honors the film moment when Ferris’s friend, Cameron, destroys his father’s prized car. This feature occurs when a single spin results in a Car symbol sitting on reel two, and Cameron on reel four.

A screen pops up, showing a foot and a car bumper. The player clicks “Go”, and Cameron starts stomping on the car. The power of the kick moves the onscreen speedometer, ultimately resulting in a payout up to 18 times the total bet.

Bueller… Bueller…

Some of the game’s graphics, like the backgrounds, are clunky. The film clips’ audio and video are often out of sync. And there is a distinct blandness to the overall design. But the most distracting element is the one that’s not there: Ferris Bueller.

If one can ignore these quirks, one will find the gameplay very simple. Every win is clearly animated. Bets and autoplays are easily customized. The Kick the Car and Fake the Parents feature games appear quite frequently.

This results in a game that should appeal to the casual player. More experienced gamers might want more from a slot, and seek out a current game. But it’s the fans of the original film who will enjoy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off slot machine the most.

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