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Funzpoints is an online social casino. The site allows you to enjoy casino-style games like slots and Keno for fun and a chance at real cash prizes. Funzpoints features 18 Slots and Keno available for play with GC, and an additional 60+ slots unlock for 30 days with any coin purchase.

Players enjoy Funzpoints because it has a variety of slots to choose from, each with its own bonuses, features, and theme. The prospect of added cash prizes is also a great benefit. Plus, even if real-money online casinos are prohibited in your state, you can enjoy Funzpoints legally.

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Funzpoints is similar to other social casinos like LuckyLand Slots of Chumba Casino. The site is especially popular for players in states where real-money casino gaming is not legally allowed. The sweepstakes model sets these sites apart from online casinos by offering players chances to play casino-style slots and redeem their winnings for cash prizes or more!

New players using our exclusive Funzpoints promo code link can get $2.50 for signing up and a match bonus of up to $20.

FunzPoints Casino Promo Code For January

Funzpoints Promo CodeClaim $22.50 Free with our promo code link
No Purchase Offer$2.50
Registration Offer$20
Funzpoints Available States?All US states (except for Washington)
Last VerifiedJanuary 2023

FunzPoints Promotions For Existing Users

Players at FunzPoints Casino also have access to the following promotions in January:

  • Booster Games: Boost your wins with exclusive booster games. Embark on special quests for unforgettable fun.
  • Mystery Gifts: Keep an eye out for surprises waiting around the corner to make your day. Their Mystery Gift delivers surprise wins when you least expect them.
  • Funzwheel: Feel the love with every spin of the FunzWheel! Spin to win free standard funzpoints and extra tickets.
  • Funzone: Watch with anticipation as your level builds with every Funzone you conquer. Let the funz times roll into the fantastic Funzone after each level.

Whether you’re a new member or an existing customer, you can claim these deals at FunzPoints Casino.


What Is Promotional Sweepstakes Social Casino Gaming?

Promotional Sweepstakes gaming is a particular model of online gaming that takes place in a social casino. It allows you to play with tokens, much like you would in a popular app such as Candy Crush, with a chance to win and redeem those winnings for real cash prizes. Here are the basics. 

How Does Promotional Sweepstakes Gaming Work?

Sweepstakes sites work like a combination of free-to-play apps (with in-app purchases) and online casinos. In addition, you can redeem free sweepstake tokens via a mail-in offer, which allows Funzpoints to operate as a sweepstakes site. 

Once you sign up, you can play one of two ways. First, you can play with purchased currency. On Funzpoints, this currency is called ‘funzpoints.’ A gold coin at the top of the screen represents these. You use them to sprint the reels on slots or play Keno. If you win, you get more funzpoints in return. Funzpoints are not redeemable for cash. Instead, they are tokens that let you enjoy the games. Though you start with a small number of funzpoints, you can purchase more with real money. Other sweepstakes sites call the in-game currency by different names, such as “Gold Coins.” The concept is the same, though. 

The second way you can play allows you to win and earn cash prizes. At Funzpoints, you switch to “Premium” play, enabling you to play with Premium Funzpoints and redeem your winnings for cash prizes. You cannot purchase premium tokens, and they can only be awarded by winning the games, free via daily login bonuses, social media competitions, or through mail-in requests and offers.

How Do You Win Cash Prizes?

To win cash prizes at Funzpoints, you must switch to Premium play. This is as simple as clicking a button at the top of your screen. You can flip between Standard and Premium play whenever you’d like. 

In Premium mode, you play with Premium Funzpoints, which you sometimes receive when you make a purchase or redeem a mail-in offer (more on that below). When you play with Premium Funzpoints, you can redeem any winnings for a cash prize. One hundred points are equal to $1. 

Funzpoints Daily Jackpot

Funzpoints offers a $1000 Daily Jackpot. You get one ticket to the drawing for every 500 Funzpoints won in standard or premium play, so you can win without ever making a purchase.

Plus, every three hours, you’ll also get to spin the FunzWheel. That can result in winning up to 10000 free Funzpoints or 80 tickets to the Daily Jackpot. The winners are announced daily at 9:00 PM EST. The prizes are as follows; 10 x $20 cash prizes, 20 x $15 cash prizes, 30 x $10 cash prizes, and 40 x $5 cash prizes.

Where Can You Play From?

Promotional Sweepstakes gaming sites, better known as social casinos, are allowed in almost every US state. 

The only major exception is Washington state, which prohibits sweepstakes sites such as Funzpoints. Therefore, if you attempt to play from an IP address in Washington, you will not be able to access the site. 

This widespread availability makes Funzpoints promotional sweepstakes and social casinos excellent choices for players in states with strict prohibitions for real-money casinos. Texas and Florida are two good examples. You can play at Funzpoints in either state without issue.

Will People Who Like Other Online Casinos Like This Form Of Gaming?

Most likely, yes. Social casinos and similar sweepstakes sites offer large libraries, primarily consisting of slot games. Some sites have scratch-off lottery-style games and table games as well. For example, Funzpoints is known for its slots and Keno games. 

If you like any of those titles, Funzpoints will have something for you. Its slots come in several fun themes, and it has Keno guides that teach you how to play. 

Casino gaming enthusiasts should have no trouble finding a game to enjoy at Funzpoints or any sweepstakes casino. 

What Do You Get For A Signup Bonus At Funzpoints?

Like its real-money casino or sports betting counterparts, Funzpoints has several great offers for players. 

To start, you’ll get 1,000 Funzpoints just for signing up. Once you join, you can use these credits to play a few games and get a feel for the site. 

Funzpoints also lets you spin a prize wheel every three hours. Depending on your spin, you’ll receive Funzpoints for regular use and jackpot tickets for a chance at a piece of the daily $1000 jackpot.

You also receive 250 Premium Funzpoints for signing up, but there’s a catch. You have to complete your profile. Fortunately, it’s straightforward. Go to your account, then enter your personal information from your government-issued ID:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • Date of birth

Once you do this, you’ll receive 250 Premium Funzpoints (equal to $2.50). This also unlocks the “Buy” option, so you can purchase Funzpoints to play with. 

Visit: Funzpoints to claim 1,000 Funzpoints at sign up

How Do Purchases Work At Funzpoints?

Making a purchase at Funzpoints is pretty simple. However, it first helps to understand why you may want to make one in the first place. 

Why Make A Purchase At Funzpoints?

There are two key reasons you might wish to make a purchase at Funzpoints.

First, you can purchase Funzpoints to play or practice the games on the site. You can get started without purchasing extra, but the amount you receive for signing up may not last long if you play quite a bit. Buying more will keep you in the game. 

Second, you can purchase Funzpoints to rack up Premium Funzpoints. For example, if you buy 1,000 Funzpoints (a $4.99 price tag), you’ll receive 500 Premium Funzpoints. Playing with Premium Funzpoints is the only way to earn cash prizes; getting this extra boost with each purchase is helpful. 

How To Purchase Funzpoints

Here’s a step-by-step guide to purchasing Funzpoints:

  1. Access your profile (click the menu, then “Profile”)
  2. Select “Edit Profile” and fill in the relevant details. These must match your government-issued ID. You will have to contact support to get the information changed and redeem prizes if they don’t. 
    1. Once you do this, you’ll receive 250 Free Premium Funzpoints
  3. Exit to the main lobby screen, then click “Buy.” This option only becomes available once you’ve completed your profile. 
  4. Choose the number of Funzpoints you wish to purchase and select the proper “Buy” option.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking the appropriate box on the payments screen.
  6. Select your payment method. The following methods are available:
    1. Credit/Debit Card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
    2. Paysafe (via MasterCard)
    3. Funzwallet (any unredeemed cash prizes from Premium Funzpoints)
  7. Enter your payment information and complete your purchase. 
  8. Start playing with your Funzpoints.

How Does Entry By Mail Work At Funzpoints?

To receive free Funzpoints by mail, you must follow the steps below closely. Ensure you get the details exactly right so you get your points. 

First, use a notecard to write the following information down. Then, you will send this to Funzpoints to redeem your Premium Funzpoints. 

  • Write “Funzpoints Sweepstakes” at the top of the card. 
  • Write your name, complete address, Funzpoints username, and the email address connected to your Funzpoints account. 
    • Be sure each of these is on its own line and legible. 

Next, mail the card in a self-addressed envelope to this address:

Woopla Inc.

58 Glenda Crescent

Sydney Nova Scotia

B1S 2M5 Canada

You can redeem a mail-in offer once every five business days to receive 1,000 standard Funzpoints and 500 Premium Funzpoints. 

Available Games at Funzpoints

Funzpoints has two primary game types: slots and Keno. 


Slots comprise the brunt of the Funzpoints game library. There are more than 40 to choose from, each with its own theme and mechanics. There are bonus rounds to look out for and prizes to be won. The slots feel very similar to Vegas machines or real-money online slots. If you’re familiar with those games, Funzpoints’ games will feel very familiar to you. 


Keno is similar to lottery games. You pick numbers and assign colors to them; if your number hits, your picks in each color count toward your possible wins. 

It’s hard to grasp at first, but Funzpoints has a guide to its Paintball Keno game built right into the site. Check that out for a full rundown of how the game works. 

Buffalo Fury

Buffalo Fury is one of Funzpoints’ featured slots. It has a 4 by 4 reel array and features national-park-themed art. The symbols are styled after wildlife and natural phenomena like badgers, eagles, wolves, geysers, and, of course, buffalo. 

Landing five or more Buffalo Bonus symbols triggers the free spin bonus. During that bonus, special Buffalo Fury symbols are added to each reel. If you land a Buffalo Fury symbol, that reel locks while the others continue to spin for the rest of the bonus. 

The scatter pay system is one key mechanic that sets Buffalo Fury apart from other slots. Instead of hoping for symbols to appear from left to right, you win by landing certain numbers of identical symbols on the reels. More symbols mean bigger wins!

Overall, Buffalo Fury is an excellent choice for any Funzpoints player, either as a starting point or a standby favorite. 

How To Register For Funzpoints

Signing up for a Funzpoints account is very easy. Here are the quick steps to get started:

  1. Head to and click “Register.”
  2. Fill in the requested information. This includes your email address (type it twice as requested to confirm), creating a username, and creating a password. 
  3. Accept the terms and conditions. 
  4. Confirm your email by clicking the link sent to your inbox. 
  5. Return to Funzpoints and start playing. 

Support At Funzpoints

If you need support, your best route is to check the FAQ and “How It Works” sections of Funzpoints’ website. 

If those options don’t give you the support you need, you can email [email protected] with your question or issue. 

Funzpoints FAQ

Can I win real money at Funzpoints?

You can win cash prizes. If you play with Premium Funzpoints, and winnings are redeemable once you exceed $20. You can get Premium Funzpoints by purchasing standard Funzpoints or redeeming a mail-in offer. They are not redeemable until you use them in a game. 

How old do I have to be to play at Funzpoints?

18 or older. You will need to enter your personal information matching your government-issued ID (e.g. driver’s license) in order to redeem any cash prizes. Anyone 18 years or older and within a US state other than Washington can play. 

Do I have to make a purchase to play at Funzpoints?

No. You can play without ever making a purchase at Funzpoints. You receive some Standard Funzpoints when you sign up and additional prizes if you spin the wheel every three hours. 

What kinds of games does Funzpoints offer?

Funzpoints primarily offers slot games. There are more than 40 available on the site. There is also a Keno game, with another Keno title listed as “coming soon.”

What states does Funzpoints accept?

You can play at Funzpoints from any US state except Washington. Your location is verified by your IP address, so if you try to play from Washington, you will be blocked from accessing Funzpoints’ games. 

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