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Offering a full range of online poker options, Global Poker is the world’s biggest sweepstakes poker site. Games run around the clock on the platform, making it a viable option for poker players in the US and Canada.

Global Poker operates under the sweepstakes model with both play money/social poker games and sweepstakes games available. Players can win prizes in the sweepstakes poker games that are redeemable for cash prizes.

Global Poker is available in most of the US and Canada. In the US, the site’s wide accessibility in most states and its steady traffic make it a popular option.

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What Is The Sign-up Bonus At Global Poker?

New players at Global Poker can take advantage of an easy sign-up bonus. Upon registering a new account and verifying details, players get a free deposit of SC 20 into their Sweeps Coins account. There is no Global Poker promo code needed – just use our exclusive Global Poker link!

Global Poker Promo CodeUse our exclusive links to unlock sc 20 package
No Purchase Offer$20 Gold Coin Package with a verified account.
Purchase Offer$40 Gold Coin Package for $20
Chumba Casino Available States?All US states (except for Washington)
Last VerifiedJune 2021

Joining Global Poker involves a simple process of providing first and last name and a valid email address. To earn the SC 20 new player bonus, however, players must submit documents to verify age and identity.

To verify their account, a player must click on the menu icon at the top left corner of the lobby when logged into Global Poker. From there, click on the “Account” tab.

This brings up a menu that explains the benefits of having a verified account and presents an option for “Identity Verification”. The verification process requires players to upload a photo of a valid driver’s license, as well as a photo for facial recognition.

Once these photos have been uploaded, Global Poker will usually respond within 24-hours to confirm the verification of documents. After that, the SC 20 will become available and can be redeemed by clicking on the “Buy Coins” link at the top right of the lobby.

The free SC 20 will appear in that menu, which gives players the chance to try the Sweeps Coins games just for signing up.

What Is Sweepstakes Gaming?

How Do Sweepstakes Games Work?

Players at Global Poker can join two separate sets of games: Gold Coins games and Sweeps Coins games.

The Gold Coins games are play money games, which use Gold Coins as currency. Gold Coins packages can be purchased but have no real cash value.

With the purchase of Gold Coins packages, you receive a corresponding amount of Sweeps Coins as a gift.

Sweeps Coins games operate as mini sweepstakes and winnings with Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for cash prizes.

Note that Sweep Coins cannot be directly purchased. They typically come as a gift with the purchase of Gold Coins. However, you can also acquire them without a Gold Coins purchase through mail-in offers or social media promotions.

How Do You Win Cash Prizes?

Sweeps Coins themselves have no real cash value. They are used to play in Global Poker’s sweepstakes poker games, aka Sweeps Coins games. Ultimately, they can be redeemed for cash prizes.

For example, available for purchase on Global Poker is a package of 250,000 Gold Coins for $50 USD. With this package comes a gift of SC 51.

The 250,000 Gold Coins can be used in the Gold Coins play money games. The SC 51 can be used in the Sweeps Coins games.

Hypothetically, let’s say a player was to play the Sweeps Coins poker games and come out with SC 75. At the end of the session, that SC 75, as a sweepstakes prize, would be redeemable for cash prizes.

Where Is Global Poker Available?

Global Poker’s accessibility to most of the United States and Canada makes it one of the highest-traffic online poker sites available to North American players.

The sweepstakes games at Global Poker are available to all players in the US, except for Washington state. Washington state, by law, doesn’t allow for Global Poker players to redeem Sweeps Coins for cash prizes. Further, players in Canada have access to Global Poker, but it is not available in Quebec.

Will Players Who Like Online Poker Enjoy Global Poker?

Yes. Global Poker offers a wide selection of cash games, tournaments, and Sit N Gos. Its high amount of traffic and easy accessibility make it one of the most popular US-facing online poker sites.

How Tough Are The Games At Global Poker?

The games at Global Poker are some of the most profitable to be found on US-facing poker sites.  One of the best reasons to check out the platform is the chance to mix it up against a player pool full of casual, recreational players.

With a sign-up and purchase process that takes seconds, as well as a massive advertising presence on Facebook and other social media, Global Poker attracts recreational players.

Perhaps more than any other online poker site, the Global Poker player pool is largely made up of casual players, especially at the lower stakes. The browser-based client doesn’t allow for tracking software and doesn’t include options for rakeback. Both are likely to deter more serious poker players from inhabiting the site.

For players who don’t mind playing without tracking software, however, Global Poker is a great place to find some of the juiciest online games available in the US.

Online poker in general is tougher than it’s ever been on most sites around the world. On the flip side, the cash games and tournaments at Global Poker present an ideal opportunity to build a bankroll and climb the ladder in stakes.

Player Traffic Levels At Global Poker

Low-to-mid stakes cash game players will not have a hard time finding a game at Global Poker.

At any given time, No Limit Hold’em cash games run from stakes starting at SC .05/SC .10 up to SC 1/SC 2. Six-max NLHE cash games tend to attract more players than full ring during the slower periods of the day, but during peak hours plenty of full ring games are available.

Peak hours for the Global Poker cash games are from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. EDT on Mondays through Fridays. Daytime traffic picks up considerably on Saturdays and Sundays as well.

Like most poker sites, the highest traffic and best games can be found on Friday and Saturday evenings. Keeping in mind that Global Poker is only available in the US and Canada, maximum traffic can be found from 5 p.m. eastern onward on the weekends.

Even during weekday morning hours, NLHE cash games up to SC 1/SC 2, and some Pot Limit Omaha cash games up to SC 1/SC 2 can be found. SC 2.5/SC 5 and higher-stakes games are tougher to find during slower hours. However, the traffic for these stakes picks up on weekday evenings and throughout the day on weekends.

Sit N Go traffic, as well as the turnout for tournaments, tend to follow these same patterns as well.

Global Poker Tournaments

No Limit Hold’em tournaments run around the clock on Global Poker at a variety of stake levels.

The biggest regularly scheduled weekly tournament is the Sunday Scrimmage, a SC 200+18 buy-in tournament with at least a SC 50,000 prize pool. The Sunday Scrimmage runs every Sunday evening, with satellites available throughout the week.

Global Poker will occasionally increase the Sunday Scrimmage guarantee, which has created some of the biggest turnouts and prize pools for a tournament ever seen on the site.

The largest Sunday Scrimmage in the site’s history saw Global Poker raise the guarantee to SC 500,000. A total of 1,286 players created a SC 643,000 prize pool, and first-place payout of SC 107,381.

In addition to the Sunday Scrimmage, Global Poker frequently runs special tournament series. The annual Rattlesnake Open guarantees SC 1,000,000 over a series of NLHE and PLO events. Each of these tournaments has options for low, medium, and high stakes buy-ins.

The options abound for special events and tournament series, but the slate of daily tournaments at Global Poker presents opportunities at a variety of price points as well.

Daily tournaments run from micro stakes SC 1 buy-ins, up to SC 110. Guarantees for these daily tournaments can reach SC 20,000 or more, and Global Poker will occasionally raise the guarantees for its regularly scheduled tournaments even higher.

A weekday daily tournament, known as “The Brawl”, is a rebuy tournament that guarantees SC 7,000 (sometimes more) for just a SC 5.50 buy-in.

Other daily tournaments include the “Triple Threat”, a SC 33 rebuy tournament with a SC 15,000 guarantee. Deep stack tournaments like the weekly “Tuesday Tussle” feature guarantees of SC 10,000 at a SC 110 buy-in.

All Global Poker tournaments come with guaranteed prize pools, with plenty of opportunities at micro to mid stakes on the daily and weekly tournament calendar.

Sit N Gos At Global Poker

Like most online poker sites in 2021, the highest traffic for Sit N Gos at Global Poker is found at the Jackpot Sit N Go tables.

Known as Spin & Gos on PokerStars and similar names on other poker sites, Global Poker’s Jackpot Sit N Gos are a three-player turbo Sit N Go with a randomized prize pool and winner-take-all payout structure.

Jackpot Sit N Gos run at stakes from SC 0.50 (with a progressive jackpot up to SC 1,000) to SC 100 (with a progressive jackpot up to SC 200,000). These games combine the fast action of a turbo Sit N Go with a random spin that determines the prize pool before play begins.

At the lower stakes, Jackpot Sit N Gos are easy to jump into and play at any time of day.

Traditional Sit N Gos also run at stakes up to SC 218, but most of the games that actually fill up are at the lower stakes. Variants include 6, 9, 18 and 27-player Sit N Gos.

Cash Games At Global Poker

NLHE and PLO cash games are alive and well at Global Poker. At the micro, low and mid-stakes, cash game players will not have a hard time finding a game, especially during the evenings and weekends.

During peak hours multiple NLHE cash games, both six-max and full ring, are available up to stakes of SC 2.5/SC 5. Cash games from SC .05/ SC .10 up to SC 0.5/SC 1 can easily be found around the clock.

The highest-stakes NLHE cash games on the site, at SC 5/SC 10, don’t fill up nearly as often. As such, players looking for these higher stakes games might find it tough. At least one six-max SC 5/SC 10 game tends to run during peak times, however.

Plenty of opportunities for PLO cash game players run around the clock at Global Poker. Even during the slower hours of the day, multiple PLO games run from the microstakes up to SC 1/SC 2.

Short-stacked games, with a 20 big blind maximum buy-in, are also an option. At peak hours, the short-stacked games run at SC 5/SC 10 regularly.

Breaking Down The Rake At Global Poker

The cash game rake at Global Poker is comparable to major legal online poker sites like PokerStars and partypoker.

For cash games at all stakes, any pot going past the pre-flop betting round is raked at 5 percent, with a cap dictating the maximum amount that can be collected as rake. The cap is dependent on the stakes and number of players in the pot.

StakesRake Percentage2 Players Cap3+ Player Cap5+ Player Cap
SC .05/SC .105%SC 0.75SC 1.00SC 1.50
SC .10/SC .205%SC 1.00SC 1.50SC 2.00
SC .20/SC .40 (20BB)5%SC 1.00SC 1.50SC 2.00
SC .25/SC.505%SC 1.00SC 2.00SC 3.00
SC .50/SC 15%SC 1.00SC 2.00SC 3.00
SC .80/SC 1.60 (20BB)5%SC 1.00SC 2.00SC 3.00
SC 1/SC 25%SC 1.00SC 2.00SC 3.00
SC 2.50/SC 55%SC 1.25SC 2.25SC 3.50
SC 4/SC 8 (20BB)5%SC 1.25SC 2.25SC 3.50
SC 5/SC 105%SC 1.50SC 2.50SC 3.50
SC 10/SC 20 (20BB)5%SC 1.50SC 2.50SC 3.50

Like other online poker sites, the rake has a more dramatic effect at lower stakes. The cap increases only slightly as the stakes go up, meaning the amount of maximum rake Global Poker takes out of a pot is less of the pot as a percentage at the higher stakes.

For example, when two players go all-in pre-flop for SC 10 each (the max buy-in at that stake) in a heads-up pot at SC .05/SC .10, the total pot is SC 20, and SC 0.75 is the rake cap. SC 0.75 is 3.75 percent of the SC 20 pot.<

That same scenario at SC 10/SC 20 sees a total of SC 400 go into the pot. However, since the rake cap is SC 1.50 at that stake, the max rake is only 0.375 percent of the pot.

Global Poker’s cash game rake structure resembles partypoker’s, which also uses a 5 percent rake system with similar caps throughout the stakes. PokerStars uses a 4.5 percent rake system with lower rake caps than Global Poker and partypoker throughout most stakes.

Rake for Sit N Gos and tournaments on Global Poker are comparable to other online poker sites, with most taking about a 10 percent rake fee.

How Do Purchases Work At Global Poker?

Sweeps Coins for the sweepstakes games at Global Poker are not able to be purchased directly. Sweeps Coins come as a gift with the purchase of Gold Coins packages, or through free mail-in and social media offers.

For example, one of the offers on Global Poker is a 500,000 Gold Coins package for a $100 USD purchase. That purchase also comes with a gift of SC 103.

The 500,000 Gold Coins can be used in the Gold Coins play money games, while the Sweeps Coins can be used to play in the sweepstakes poker games. Prizes won in the Sweeps Coins games can be redeemed for cash prizes.

Some Gold Coins packages don’t come with a corresponding Sweeps Coins gift. So, players who want to join a Sweeps Coins game should purchase an appropriate Gold Coins package.

There isn’t a way to deposit an arbitrary amount onto a Sweeps Coins balance. Gold Coins packages are generally available for rounded USD amounts like $10, $20, $100, and $300.

Gold Coins purchases allow players to participate in all of Global Poker’s games. They can be used in the Gold Coins play money/social gaming side, and the Sweeps Coins sweepstakes poker side.

Global Poker operates legally as a sweepstakes gaming site. As a result, purchases of Gold Coins are generally instantly approved by banking institutions. Options for purchasing include debit/credit cards, Skrill eWallet, and Instant ACH/eCheck.

The Global Poker sign-up and verification bonus add SC 20 into a player’s account. It’s a great introduction to Sweeps Coins games. Further purchases can be made by clicking on the “Buy Coins” icon at the top right of the main lobby. From there, you can choose a Gold Coins package.

Support At Global Poker

Clicking on the “Support Page” link at the bottom right of the main lobby brings up links to a Global Poker FAQ page as well as an email address for other queries.

The support team is available year-round, 24-hours a day.

How Does Entry By Mail Work At Global Poker?

Players can receive SC 5 for free through Global Poker’s mail-in offer. This offer requires players to send a stamped #10 envelope to Global Poker’s Sweepstakes Department. On the front of the envelope, the player must legibly write their first and last name and the words “Sweepstakes Credits”.

This offer allows for players to participate in the Sweeps Coins games with no purchase necessary.

For more details about Global Poker’s mail-in Sweeps Coins offer, click the “Support Page” link at the bottom right of the main lobby. From there, click on the “FAQ Page” link, scroll down on that page, and click on the “Sweeps Rules” link.

Global Poker FAQs

Can I win real money?

Yes. Players can redeem Sweeps Coins prizes won in the sweepstakes games at Global Poker for cash prizes.

The Sweeps Coins games legally operate as mini sweepstakes games. Players cannot directly purchase Sweeps Coins, which come as a gift with the purchase of Gold Coins play money packages.

How old do I have to be to play?

18-years-old. Players must be age 18 or older to play at Global Poker. No matter which US state or Canadian territory a player is located in, 18-year-old is the minimum playing age.

In order to redeem Sweeps Coins for cash prizes, players must be able to submit documentation proving age and identity.

Do I have to make a purchase to play?

No. Global Poker offers a sign-up bonus of SC 20 for registering and verifying an account. Sweeps Coins are always available through various free offers at Global Poker.<

Players can acquire Sweeps Coins through mail-in and social media promotions, with no purchase necessary. For more information on Global Poker’s free Sweeps Coins offers, click the “Support Page” link in the main lobby. From there, click on the “FAQ Page” link and navigate to the “Sweeps Rules” link.

What kinds of games does Global Poker offer?

The sweepstakes poker games at Global Poker include cash game, multi-table tournament, Sit N Go, and Jackpot Sit N Go formats.

All of these formats are available to play at a variety of stakes, in both the Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins games. Global Poker’s games draw some of the highest traffic of any US-facing online poker site.

What do Reddit users think of Global Poker?

Here are a few threads on reddit users playing at Global Poker: Why is no one playing on Global Poker? and What is the deal with Global Poker’s Currency?.

What US states does Global Poker accept?

All US states except for Washington state. Global Poker is legal to play in 49 states and Washington DC, as well as most of Canada.

Players in Washington state cannot legally redeem Sweeps Coins for cash prizes, as per state law.

Does Global Poker Accept players from California?

Yes, California players are accepted at Global Poker because it’s a sweepstakes site allowing for it to operate under California sweepstakes laws.

Does Global Poker accept Bitcoin?

No, currently Global Poker accepts online banking, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), skrill, and instant ACH.

Is Global Poker legit?

Yes. Global Poker operates under the sweepstakes model. The sweepstakes model uses social gaming and other promotions to allow gaming online. This model has been used for decades.

VGW GP Limited, a public company that uses patented technology to offer its unique sweepstakes poker games, owns and operates Global Poker, Chumba Casino, and Luckyland Slots.

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