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Built on the same interface as Haunted House, Golden Goals shares that slot’s positive and negative qualities. This soccer-themed slot by Big Time Gaming is loaded with ways to win and offers a complex gaming experience, but provides little explanation on how it works. The faux-analog graphics look great and the background arcade noises sound realistic.

The slot’s lone distraction will be shed as soon as the player figures out the gameplay. Then he or she will find plenty to enjoy, whether or not soccer is of much interest.

Golden Goals is available in free and paid gaming modes on Flash-enabled mobile and desktop platforms.

The Playing Pitch

Golden Goals has a complex structure, stretching out over four screens.

The main screen includes the five-reel by three-row slot, as well as three different bonus payout meters. There are three gameplay buttons at the bottom. Since the paylines are locked at 20, the bet can only be adjusted in the “Stake/Line” field, from 0.01 to 10.00. Since there are no automatic spin options, plays are triggered with the “Start” button.

The “Pays” button leads to a second screen detailing symbols, payouts and paylines.

Above these two screens are two Golden Goal bonus game screens. On one screen the player clicks for free spins. The bonus reels sit on the other.

Soccer Symbols?

Golden Goals has no sporting standard symbols. Instead it shares icons with its sibling slots, Haunted House and Lucky Streak. In order of increasing value, these symbols are: Cherries, Lemon, Orange, Plum, Bell, Pear, Grapes, Watermelon, Single Bar, Double Bar and Triple Bar.

Wins occur when three or more consecutive matching icons line up from left to right on a payline, starting with the leftmost reel. The Cherries, Double Bar and Triple Bar also offer wins for two symbols.

Trail Bonus

To the right of the reels is the Trail Bonus meter. The game doesn’t explain how the meter works. Also, some reel symbols have little numbers attached. Again, this goes unexplained. Though those two elements look unrelated on the surface, they are in fact linked.

At the end of each spin, those little numbers are added up and the result is shown on the meter. When the total is between six and 10, payouts are awarded. When the total is eleven or more, the Go For Goal feature begins.

Go For Goal

The Go For Goal meter sits to the left of the reels. It offers payouts from 40x to 10000x line bet. For each step of the game, lights flicker between two awards. To stop the lights and get the win, the player must click the “Start” button. As the awards flash, so do the “Advance” and “Collect” fields. If the light stops on “Advance”, the game continues and the payouts increase. When the light stops on “Collect” the bonus game concludes and winnings are collected.

Golden Goals Spins

The regular reels also include a Golden Goals scatter symbol. The more scatters on the reels, the bigger the payout. When three or more scatters land on a spin, the Golden Goals bonus game begins.

Fifteen numbered soccer balls flicker on the first Golden Goals screen. The player clicks the stop button to determine the number (one to 15) free spins.

The game then moves to the Golden Goals Reels screen. This 5×3 slot is identical to the regular slot with one important difference: wild symbols. Every spin includes wilds. And every spin wins. As an added bonus, additional free spins are won when three Golden Goal scatters appear.


Golden Goal isn’t just for soccer fans. Its numerous features can appeal to anyone. Experienced gamers looking for a change of pace may enjoy all these winning routes. Casual gamers could be put off by the game’s lack of guidance, but if they stick around and test out the free mode they’ll begin to enjoy running up the score.

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