Haunted House Slot Game

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Lights flash all over the slot and the payout grows. But you don’t know what’s happening, or why. Another set of flashes suddenly begin and you have to press a button, but which one? And why?

Big Time Gaming has designed another feature-rich unique-looking slot in Haunted House, but gives little helpful guidance on how it works. One must figure it out as one plays, which is fine for a free game but not when real money is on the line.

The good news is there are many ways to win on a spin. There are bonuses, scatters, free spins and a feature game. The symbols and paylines will be familiar to most slot players, but it’s when the features kick in that gameplay becomes unclear.

Haunted House slot’s free mode is highly recommended before one commits to the paid version. Both are available on desktop and mobile devices.

Spooky Slot!

Haunted House has been designed to look like an analog slot machine so the animation is limited, bu the gameplay is complex.

The main screen is packed with information. The five-reel three-row slot sits above the gameplay buttons. The paylines are locked at 20, so the bet can only be adjusted with the “Stake/Line” buttons. Single spins are triggered by the “Start” button. “Pays” shifts the view over to the symbol and payout screen.

To the right of the reels is the Full Moon Money trail. The Full Moon feature game is found to the left of the reels. The Haunted House scatter payout lights are above the slot.

(Not So) Scary Symbols

Haunted House forgoes the usual playing card value icons, and uses classic slot symbols instead. In order of increasing value, these are: Cherries, Lemon, Orange, Plum, Bell, Grapes, Watermelon, Single Bar, Double Bar and Triple Bar.

Wins occur when three or more adjacent matching symbols line up from left to right, starting from the first reel, on at least one of the 20 paylines. The Cherries, Double Bar and Triple Bar also offer payouts for two symbols.

Full Moon Fever

Attached to random symbols are values of one through three. At the end of every spin, these values are added up and displayed on the Full Moon Money Trail. Additional payouts are awarded for total values between six and 10. Once the total reaches 11, then the Full Moon Money feature game begins.

Payout values flash, and the player must click the “Start/Stop” button to stop the blinking and collect the reward. Values increase in each round until the light lands on the “Collect” field. Sometimes the player is awarded a “Repeat Chance” to keep on clicking for payouts. The slot’s largest single payout, 10000x, awaits at the top of this game.

Haunted Scatters and Spins

A Haunted House icon serves as the game’s scatter symbol. Two or more scatters pay out, no matter where they appear on the reels. Three or more scatters initiate the Haunted House free spins.

Ghosts with numbers zero through 16 await on the next screen. The goal is to click and stop the light on the higher numbered ghosts. The number it stops on equals the quantity of free spins.

The free spin reels are packed with wild Pumpkin symbols that substitute for any standard symbol on a payline. A win is guaranteed on every spin. These reels also included the scatters, so a player can win additional trips to the ghost screen to gain more free spins.

Frighteningly Fun

All these features are enjoyable and offer excellent payouts. They’re also presented with a unique two-dimensional design. It’s just too bad the game provides no useful explanations. Its lone feature information bubble makes no sense unless one already knows how the game works. Better clarity about these highlights may make the game more attractive to new players. As it exists, Haunted House will only appeal to gamers willing to spend time figuring out the gameplay. The player’s patience will pay off.

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