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Joker Jackpot is unlike many slot games, simply because it barely resembles a slot game at all. First, it doesn’t have reels that spin, opting instead for a 5 by 5 playing area where game symbols fall from the sky. The result is a breath of fresh air for gamers who are weary of playing the same old 5 reel classic slot games over and over — no matter how many innovative bonus features a slot has, sometimes its good to get away and play an only slot that’s markedly different.

Without further ado, here’s our in-depth look at Joker Jackpot, created by the Aussie software company Big Time Gaming with their recognizable bright and cartoonish aesthetic.

Joker Jackpot – Themes and Symbols

The premise of Joker Jackpot may spark some confusion. The knight/warrior symbols as well as the battle hammer symbols make one think of the Vikings, while the maiden and the court jester symbols fit more into a Medieval Times themed slot. We’ll let it slide, because it’s such an entertaining game, but if you’re looking for a slot that provides a narrative and a cohesive theme, you’d probably be better off looking beyond this one.

On to the symbols of the game, Joker Jackpot consists of a simple combination of symbols, organized by value. The joker symbol is weighted the highest, followed by the troll, the hammer, the shield, the maiden and the knight. When arranged in a certain way, combinations of 5 or more symbols pay out in the form of larger and larger sums according to the value of each symbol involved.

How to Play Joker Jackpot

Joker Jackpot, like many other slots, can be confusing the first few times you play. First, the rules don’t explain how winning combinations occur, so it can be difficult to make sense of how to win. Luckily, we’re here to lay the game out so you can jump right in, whether you’re playing for free or putting your real money at stake.

The game consists of a 5 by 5 play screen, that fills up with symbols after each click of the “play” button (or a preset amount of “autoplay” spins). Wins come from a combination of 5 or more like symbols touching each other vertically and/or horizontally (but not diagonally). 5 in a group is the smallest win for each symbol, followed by 6, 7, 8 and all the way up to 16 or more symbols.

When a win is triggered, the symbols in question glow and then disappear, causing the symbols above them to fill in the spaces, and more symbols to be added to the board, creating an additional chance for more wins. This increases the player’s odds, not of winning on a single play, but of winning more than once on a single play.

Joker Jackpot Bonuses

Joker Jackpot is a change of pace from other slots, so much so that it doesn’t need to rely on bonuses to keep things fresh. It does have a few bonus features, starting off with the joker jackpots (hence the slot’s name):

The Mini Jackpot pays out when 5 joker symbols cluster on the screen, the Midi Jackpot when 6 appear together and the Mega Jackpot when 7 or more joker symbols cluster together in a “payline” on the game screen.

Additionally, when the chest symbol (randomly) appears on the screen, more bonuses and high-payout jackpots are made possible.

Payouts of Joker Jackpot

Here’s the thing. With Joker Jackpot, betting is highly variable (.25 credits to 1000 credits), making it a game with an enormous potential payout. With that being said, don’t expect to take home the big bucks immediately. While wins are common, big wins are not, so if you play this game for real money, don’t expect to do much more than break even in the early going of your slot gaming experience.

Even with this warning, we think Joker Jackpot is definitely worth a play, as it’s one of the more refreshingly different games on the market today.

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