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During the Golden Age when everyone lived in peace and harmony, 12 Titans known for their incredible strength ruled the world according to Greek mythology. These Titans are descendants of Olympian deities. WMS enjoys developing slot games that have a background in Greek mythology, as they have released other slot games, like Kronos, that are similar in theme.

Meet and rule with the Titans in the Kingdom of Titans slot machine, which can be played from any desktop that runs on a Windows or Mac operating system. Although the theme of the Kingdom of Titans is grand, the reel grid is fairly standard and simple. You’ll meet these remarkable individuals on a 5 x 3 reel grid. Trumpets play in the background as you spin the reels, and you’ll see large columns on both side of the reels holding them up.

Place a Wager

Play the Kingdom of the Titans with 30 fixed lines. The only change you can make, regardless of whether you are playing the free or paid version, is to the line bet

When playing Kingdom of Titans for free, line bets can vary from 0.01 credit to 5.00 credits. This gives all players ample room to adjust the bets based on what they’re most comfortable with. If you’re a cautious gambler, you can bet as little as 0.30 credit on each spin. That’s not a lot, and even a small deposit will last a long time. If you’re more of a risk taker, then you can bet as much as 150.00 credits on each spin. The more risk that you take, the higher your reward will be when you spin a winning hand.

Be Graced by the Presence of the Titans

The Titans are busy, so you shouldn’t expect too many symbols in this game. Themed paying symbols include a male Titan, a female Titan, a golden knife, a golden helmet, a golden chest plate, a silver coin, a vase, a harp and laurels.The two Titans offer the highest payout in the game. Both will pay out 500 times the line wager when there are 5 of them in a row.

There are also two bonus symbols in the game. There’s the Kingdom of Titans logo symbol, which is also the wild symbol, and a mountain symbol, which is the feature symbol that activates the Free Spins Feature.

Enjoy the Spinning Streak Feature

It’s actually quite unusual for WMS to include in-reel features in their slot game, which is why it is quite incredible that a Spinning Streak Feature has been included in the Kingdom of the Titans.

During each spin, the Spinning Streak Feature is activated whenever a winning combination is created. The symbols that are part of the winning combination will lock into place on the reels, and the other symbols and positions will spin again. If the new symbols that appear on the board will enhance or create a winning combination, the new symbols will also lock into place, the winnings for the new combination will be paid out and the remaining positions will be re-spun again.This continues until no new winning combinations are created.

Whenever this in-reel bonus is activated, a random multiplier ranging from 2x to 10x will be awarded at the end of the feature to further increase your winnings.

Climb the Mountains to Win Free Spins Feature

To get to the Kingdom of Titans, you’ll be asked to climb several mountains. The more mountains you climb, the more free spins you’ll be rewarded. For example, you’ll win:

  • 8 free spins for climbing anywhere from 5 to 7 mountain symbols
  • 10 free spins for climbing anywhere from 8 to 9 mountain symbols
  • 25 free spins for climbing 10 mountain symbols
  • 50 free spins for climbing anywhere from 11 to 15 mountain symbols

The Spinning Streak Feature is still relevant during the Free Spins Feature.The Free Spins Feature can be re-triggered by climbing up more mountains.

Concluding Review

While the theme of the Kingdom of Titans casino game isn’t anything too special, the in-reel Spinning Streak Feature makes this slot game stand out from all of the others that have been designed by WMS. With the Spinning Streak Feature, you really increase your odds of landing a large winning combination from a single spin. The Free Spins Feature also offers a lot of free spins, which make it worthy of being mentioned.

If you’re interested in Greek mythology and enjoy slot games that revolve around this theme, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for in the Kingdom of Titans.

About the Titans

So, who are the Titans? The Titans are members of the second generation of divine beings according to Greek mythology. They descended from Olympian deities, and mostly ruled during the Golden Age where rules and laws were not needed because everyone lived in peace and harmony. The Titans were known for having incredible strength. The first set of Titans to rule include 12 individuals: Mnemosyne, Tethys, Theia, Phoebe, Rhea, Themis, Oceanus, Hyperion, Coeus, Cronus, Crius and Lapetus.

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