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Jump on stage regardless of whether you are playing from a desktop or a mobile device, and jam out to some of KISS’ most popular songs. The KISS slot machine combines a unique slot game design with this legendary rock and roll band. This slot game brought to you by WMS, which is no surprise since this iconic slot game developing powerhouse has been actively creating unique editions for players.

The Game Design and Setup

Since KISS is a mega rock band, it’s no surprise that the KISS casino game has a unique game design and setup. Instead of merely having the standard reels, there are two game boards in KISS: the main reel set and the colossal reel set.

The main reel set features 5 reels with 4 rows each while the colossal reel set features 5 reels with 12 rows each. The colossal reel gives you a lot more opportunities to land winning combinations. This is especially true since many symbols often appear stacked on the board.

An interesting feature about these boards is that the wild symbol can carry on from the main reel set to the colossal reel set. If players land 4 stacked wild symbols on a reel on the main reel set, the symbols will transfer to fill the same reel of the colossal reel set. The game board will then be re-evaluated with the added wild symbols for new wins.

Get to Know the Band with the Symbols

There are plenty of symbols in the KISS slot game. The main performers are Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. All 4 performers are top paying symbols in this slot game, with 2 of them often appearing stacked on the reels. Other paying symbols include a guitar symbol, a KISS logo symbol, an Ace symbol, a King symbol, a Queen symbol and a Jack symbol.

Since there are many opportunities to land a winning combination with various reels, the payouts in this game for finding even 5 symbols in a payline is not extraordinary. 5 of one of the band member symbols only pay out 2.50 credits or £2.50 with a total bet of 0.50 credits or £0.50 on all 100 lines.

There are also two extra symbols to be on the lookout for. There’s the KISS feature symbol that triggers the bonus game and the wild symbol, which is made up of all 4 members. The wild symbol can fill in for any paying symbol while the feature symbol will only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5.

Rock and Roll with the Band

The KISS slot machine has up to 100 paylines. Players can bet on 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 lines. Those who bet on as many lines as possible will increase their chances of landing a winning spin. The fact that KISS offers up to 100 lines means that it gives players more potential to win. While the KISS casino game can be bet on with game credits and real money, bet amounts using real money will vary from casino to casino.

When playing KISS for free, players can make bets per 2 lines. The minimum bet per 2 line is 0.01 credits while the maximum bet per 2 line is 5.00 credits. This doesn’t change regardless of the amount of lines being bet on. Players betting a minimum of 0.01 credit per 2 lines on all 100 lines will spend 0.50 credits per spin. On the other hand, players who are betting 0.01 credits per 2 lines on only 20 lines will spend only 0.10 credits per spin. The maximum allowed bet is 250.00 credits. This is when all variables are maxed out, and players are betting 5.00 credits on all 100 lines.

Most casinos will follow the same format for bets made with real money. Each 0.01 credit will be converted to £0.01. This means that the minimum bet on 100 lines is usually £0.50 and the maximum bet is £250.00.

Jam Out on Stage with the Free Spin Feature

The 3 KISS feature symbols can appear scattered on both the main reel set and the colossal reel set. It triggers the Free Spin Feature. Find the following amount of feature symbols to be awarded:

  • 3 scatter feature symbols for 8 free spins and a scatter win of 2 times the total bet
  • 4 scatter feature symbols for 12 free spins and a scatter win of 5 times the total bet
  • 5 scatter feature symbols for 20 free spins and a scatter win of 20 times the total bet

Players that find 5 scatter feature on the board can really kill it on stage and take home a relatively large jackpot. The Free Spin Feature can be re-triggered when extra scatter feature symbols appear on the board. The same amount of feature symbols will trigger the same bonuses.

Enjoy the Nostalgia of Once Famous Performances

One of the best features of playing the KISS casino game by WMS is that there are plenty of famous tunes added. It really makes players feel as if they are at a concert once again. It’s a cool experience.

The 3 songs that are constantly playing in the background include Detroit Rock City, Rock and Roll All Nite and Shout It Out Loud. KISS writes their own songs. Paul Stanley contributed to all 3 songs while Gene Simmons contributed to Rock and Roll All Nite and Shout It Out Loud. Bob Ezrin contributed to Detroit Rock City and Shout It Out Loud.

There were plenty of additional hits performed by KISS.

Overall Thoughts

The KISS casino game is unique and a lot of fun. It has a quirky theme to it that cannot be ignored. In addition, WMS’ idea to use classic songs makes this slot game an even better experience. It feels a lot more authentic, and players trulyare reminded of these rock and roll legends with each spin.

The KISS slot machine has a maximum return to player (RTP) of 95.98%. The odds are great for players. With the additional lines in the colossal reel set, the chances of landing a winning combination is ridiculously high.

All in all, KISS is a wonderful slot game to partake in. The bonus rounds and the unique reel design make it stand out from the crowd.

About KISS

On a regular day in January of 1973, a legendary rock and roll band was formed in America. KISS consisted of 4 key performers: Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. Their elaborate performances quickly rose to the top, as they feature pyrotechnics, fire-breathing, blood-spitting, shooting rockets and smoking guitars. During performances, all band members put on elaborate make-up that make the members look like comic book-style characters. It wasn’t only until 1983 that KISS members started performing with little to no makeup.

KISS is famous worldwide. In total, KISS has sold more than 75 million records all over the world. On April 10, 2014, KISS was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and have become an important part of rock and roll history.

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