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The “Keep” was the heart and soul of medieval life. A place of last resort during the height of battle, and the social center of the castle during time of peace, WMS Gaming has placed the Keep at the center of action of their land based and online versions of their slot game, Knights Keep. Based on the world of medieval Europe, WMS’s thematic approach to this unique game was a fan favorite when it occupied the floor of the local casino, and enthusiasm has not diminished since WMS transitioned the title to an online format. For fans of WMS Gaming systems, and students of the Middle Ages, Knights Keep is a must see game designed to deliver the most fun you can have while still wearing your armor plating.

Living the Knight’s Life in Knights Keep

Selecting one word to describe WMS Gaming’s Knights Keep slot game might be difficult until you hone into the heart of the game you would probably choose the term innovation. WMS utilized their signature Bluebird2 and BluebirdxD platforms to develop a uniquely innovative game. Featuring a six-reel, 192-payline format with a sideways pyramid shaped layout, this particular format is only offered by the talented design team at WMS.

As mentioned, while originally created for the land based casino floor, the game has lost nothing in translation to the digital realm. High definition 3D graphics, animation that pops off the screen and a sound track that puts the player at the center of the action are all highlights of the gaming experience.

The iconography of the game has a decidedly medieval flavor, so players should keep their eyes open for the following game symbols and special features:

  • Kings
  • Queens
  • Knights
  • Jesters
  • Scepters
  • Crows
  • Diamonds
  • Clubs
  • Hearts
  • Spades

As with all slot machine games, you win payouts by accumulating matching symbols from left to right that form combinations along the game’s various paylines. The goal of course is to get your medieval retinue into the free spin bonus round of the game. This feature is triggered with the appearance of the Knight symbol, evocative of a chess piece rather than a character representation, which is the launching pad to the free round feature.

Earning Free Spins in the Knights Keep

The free spin feature, as mentioned, is activated by the appearance of three or more Knight Symbols, which boosts the player’s chances with five free spins. Landing five Knights at once awards twenty-five free spins that really revs up the winnings as if you are attending a medieval feast. Additionally, you can keep the party going with retriggers during the free spin round. The normally sideways pyramid shaped layout of the game is flipped to the upright position, and now the single right side wheel is available to feed into the winning spins thus contributing to your overall win column.

A Search for Political and Social Stability

While typically viewed in the Thomas Hobbes’ fashion of life being “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short,” the Middle Ages were a constant journey towards political and social stability in the aftermath of the collapse of the Roman Empire. In the enormous power vacuum that arose following Roman withdrawal from civil life, the denizens of Western Europe were looking for stability in a scary world. Rather than situated in a far away imperial capital, a strong warlord, capable of providing protection to the local populous, exercised power from strong castle keeps. In return, local peasants agreed to a sophisticated list of responsibilities owed the Lord of the Manor from tilling his land to paying taxes to guaranteeing food on the nobleman’s dinner table.

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