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Enter a world of gods in the Kronos slot machine brought to you by WMS. Kronos is a fairly simple and standard slot machine. It has 5 reels, 3 rows and most of the basic and bonus game features. Kronos is set high above the clouds at Mount Olympus. There’s clouds in the background and godly icons used as the symbols. Harps play while the reels are spin. It’s hard not to get drawn in by the Kronos casino game. Oddly enough, while the reels are set in the clouds, the gameplay for this slot machine is fairly simple and the bonus round is also fairly straightforward. You shouldn’t expect any elaborate themes or animations to play out. Divinity doesn’t require all that extra fuss to be marvelous.

So, are you worthy enough to come face-to-face with the gods on a desktop, tablet or mobile device and earn some riches? Take a spin and find out!

Lots of Room for Betting Options

There is a lot of room for adjustments when betting on the Kronos casino game. You can adjust the amount of line that are being bet on from anywhere from 1 to 20 lines. You can even bet on an obscure amount of lines like 17 lines if you wish. When playing Kronos for free, the line bets will range from 0.01 credits to 3.00 credits. When playing Kronos with real money, this converts to a line bet from £0.01 to £3.00. One of the most interesting features about Kronos is that the line bet go up with an interval of 0.01 credits or £0.01. This gives you plenty of freedom and room to adjust the bet to how you see fit and to what you’re comfortable with.

When betting on all 20 lines, conservative betters can get away with as little as 0.20 total credits or £0.20. On the other hand, high rollers who enjoy getting more of a thrill from each spin or enjoy hitting larger jackpots can bet a total amount of 60.00 credits or £60.00 per spin.

Explore Mount Olympus

On Mount Olympus and in the Kronos slot machine, there really isn’t a lot of symbols to worry about. You’ll get to enter a temple, meet Kronos and Pegasus, see the throne, take a look at a ring Kronos wears and also play around with 4 playing card symbols, which include a club, a heart, a diamond and a clover.

The symbol to look out for is the Kronos symbol. You should feel honored whenever you are graced with his presence. This is the highest paying symbol of all time, and, luckily, often appears multi-stacked on the reels. If you bet a maximum of 60.00 credits or £60.00, you would walk away with 2,250 credits or £2,250 for getting 5 meetings with Kronos on a win line.

Another interesting feature about this game is that while wins pay from left to right, wins involving Kronos can pay from both left to right and right to left. That’s double the opportunities to land a winning spin.

There are also two bonus symbols in this game. There’s a lion wild symbol and a Kronos gold coin symbol, which activates the Free Spins Bonus.

Get Blessings from the Gods for Free Spins

With a blessing from Kronos, you’ll easily walk away with riches beyond your imagination. The Kronos gold coin is the scatter symbol in this game, and being gifted several on the board from Kronos means that you’ll be entitled to an absolutely ridiculous amount of free spins. You’ll win:

  • 10 free spins when gifted 3 scatter Kronos gold coin symbols
  • 25 free spins when gifted 4 scatter Kronos gold coin symbols
  • 100 free spins when gifted 5 scatter Kronos gold coin symbols

Additional spins can be granted by Kronos if he gifts you additional gold coins during the free spins. If you’re lucky enough, you could win a colossal amount of free spins and walk away with your head above the crowds.

Concluding Thoughts

Although Kronos is set among divine beings, it is actually a fairly simple slot game. It has fairly regular symbols and a simple Free Spins Bonus that doesn’t come with the dazzle of a lot of extra enhancements. The gameplay for this slot game by WMS is fairly similar to other slot games designed by this slot game developing powerhouse. For example, you’ll find a lot of similarities between Kronos and the Amazon Queen.

About Kronos

Kronos, or Cronus, is the leader and the youngest generation of the first Titans according to Greek mythology. He overthrew his father and ruled among the gods during the mythological Golden Age until his reign was ended by his son Zeus. After Zeus overthrew him, he was thrown into Tartarus and imprisoned. He is also father to Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter and Hestia.

Kronos ended his father’s reign using a harpe or sickle. He was asked by his mother, Gaia, to castrate him. The time when Kronos ruled is known as the Golden Age because it was said that the people of that time had no need for rules or laws as everyone did the right thing. Immortality was absent. After some time, Kronos learned that he was going to be overthrown by his own sons from Gaia and Uranus. To stop this, he devoured them all. Rhea, Kronos’ wife, secretly gave birth to Zeus and Zeus later overthrew Kronos.

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