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Legend has it that Lady Godiva shed the proprieties of 11th-century England, along with her clothes, to ride a horse naked through town in the defense of her fellow townspeople of Coventry. Bowed down by the oppressive taxes imposed by her cruel husband, Lady Godiva agreed to bare all for a ride through Coventry in exchange for the removal of burdensome taxes.

While undoubtedly apocryphal, the story has become a Western cultural touchstone that still resonates ten centuries later. As such, it is no surprise that WMS’s slot machine, Lady Godiva, is a fan favorite that strikes a chord with players both in land based casinos and online platforms as well. WMS has put together an outstanding video slot game experience with an array of bonus features and free spins that delivers outstanding payouts. As such, let us slip into something “a little more comfortable” and look at this intriguing slot game.

Playing the Lady Godiva Slots

Just like Lady Godiva herself, her namesake slot machine is very generous. This six-reel slot machine features four symbol slots each, and offers a unique gaming environment known as the all ways system. In other words, you can pay a flat rate to access every possible payline combination simultaneously, which opens up an amazing 4,096 possible winning combinations on each spin.

Albeit a unique gaming situations, WMS had adopted a standardize format that mirrors most other slots resulting in wins accrued by landing identical symbols from left to right on the reels. The game has a mix of both low paying symbols, such as the ubiquitous playing card icons for instance, but it also features higher paying combinations when you manage to land icons that directly relate to the good Lady Godiva herself. Indeed, Lady Godiva, depicted as a beautiful, young blonde woman, is a stacked symbol that can expand as far as to cover as much as an entire reel of four spots.

Set with a backdrop of a bucolic country scene, bright purple hues color the individual reels. WMS has developed a fresh looking and modern depiction of 11th-century England. Keep your eyes open for the symbols that can lead to winning combinations that include:

  • Rose
  • Cat
  • Lute
  • Jewels
  • Tiara
  • Pen and Scroll
  • Ten through Ace Cards
  • Peeping Tom
  • Leofric
  • Lady Godiva
  • Horse

Featuring both a standard wild icon, as well as scatter symbol, the latter symbol is represented by the horse icon, and needs to appear at least three times to trigger the slot’s free games round. As always in these types of games, the more scatter symbols you manage to land simultaneously dictates the number of free rounds that you will be awarded.

The Jewel icon serves as the game’s Wild card and substitutes for other symbols with the exception of the scatter symbol. The free spin slot round has the potential for some healthy payouts. The Jewel symbol comes stacked, and when landed in conjunction with the Lady Godiva stacked symbol, results in impressive winnings to be added to the player’s account, which begins with a minimum of ten free spin rounds.

Truth and Fiction: The Tale of Lady Godiva

As noted above, the Lady Godiva legend is in all likelihood exactly that, a legend. Godiva was a real life character married to the Earl of Mercia, Leofric. While a philanthropic contributor to various nunneries and monasteries across his fiefdom, Leofric paid for his largess on the backs of his subjects through excessive and burdensome taxes.

Reportedly, the good Lady Godiva’s numerous entreaties to lower the taxes finally led to the bargain that has come down to this day. The denizen’s of Coventry were told of the woman’s sacrifice and asked to remain inside as she made her daring ride through the cobbled streets of the town. Local lore reportedly has a tailor, named Tom, refuse to avert his eyes and purportedly spied on the lovely lady’s naked ride and was subsequently struck blind and earning the unflattering sobriquet, Peeping Tom.

Doubt regarding the verifiable proof of the tale lies in the fact that the first literary or historical reference of the story did not appear until two centuries following her death, and the Peeping Tom component would not be added to the story for another five centuries in the 1800s.

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