Massachusetts Online Gambling

Although Massachusetts does not offer online gambling at the moment, there is significant momentum in the state legislature behind the expansion of online gaming. In the meantime, gamblers can enjoy sweepstakes poker and sweepstakes casino sites along with daily fantasy sports (DFS).

Real money online gambling could become legal in Massachusetts before the end of 2020, as lobbyists from the gaming industry are successfully promoting it as a way to create jobs.

When Will Online Gambling Become Legal In Massachusetts?

Online Sports Betting In Massachusetts

Massachusetts could soon legalize online sports betting if the state legislature and Governor Charlie Baker are able to find common ground on a bill. Lobbyists from the gaming community are pushing both sides to pass a measure by July 2020, when the current legislative session ends.

The current proposal for online sports betting will allow wagering on all of the major professional leagues with a few exceptions. Players may place bets on in-game props for college games, eSports, or the Olympics.

Online Casinos In Massachusetts

Online casinos in Massachusetts could become a reality in 2020 as lawmakers search for ways to recover from the financial fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic. While most Massachusetts legislators are focused on getting sports betting passed first, there have been provisions in proposed combination bills to offer five online licenses to casinos inside the state’s boundaries.

One of the big reasons the state’s lawmakers are taking their time figuring out online gambling and online casinos is that Massachusetts’ legislative session does not end until July 31, 2020. With the added time, there is still hope that online casino gaming will end up in the final bill to be signed by the governor.

Online Poker In Massachusetts

While sweepstakes poker is legal in Massachusetts, online poker in the state remains illegal. State lawmakers are focusing their efforts on online sports betting due to the surge in revenue from neighboring states. Currently, online poker is not at the forefront of discussion in the state legislature.

Online poker fans in Massachusetts can only hope that the sports betting bill is amended to add language that would also legalize online casinos and online poker.

What Online Gambling Options Are Allowed In Massachusetts Today?

Sweepstakes Poker Sites In Massachusetts

Sweepstakes poker sites are legal in 49 states in the US including Massachusetts. The sites can function legally by offering customers a sweepstakes model of gameplay rather than a typical real money casino model.

The sweepstakes model is different because players must purchase coins to participate and do not bet using real money. After turning their cash into coins, players can enter tournaments or participate in games. While a sweepstakes poker’s site regular coins are not redeemable for cash, it will offer an alternate form of virtual currency (usually called sweeps coins) that can be entered in events that offer cash prizes.

Global Poker

The biggest sweepstakes poker site is Global Poker. To play on Global Poker, the player must trade cash for virtual coins. Once that is done, the player can join a variety of games, including cash games, tournament play, or Jackpot Sit’n’Go.

While casual card players are undoubtedly familiar with Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha, the company’s Sit’n’Go game is a firecracker. It offers gamers the chance to win somewhere between 2x and 10,000x their buy-in if they can outlast two other players and win the game.

The blinds in Sit’n’Go double every three minutes, forcing players to be aggressive and make moves early in the game to try to knock out other players and see the multiplier for their winnings.

Global Poker can be accessed through an online mobile app that works on Android and Apple’s iOS devices, as well as by online browser.

If you are a fan of online poker, sweepstakes poker offers same same thrill of hitting a card room with the chance of taking home a large cash prize.

Sweepstakes Casinos In Massachusetts

Sweepstakes casinos are legal in Massachusetts. Two popular websites, Chumba Casino and LuckyLand Slots, are the primary destinations for players. Each site offers all the fan favorites such as video poker, roulette, blackjack, and video slots.

The difference between an online casino and a sweepstakes casino is related to betting format. At an online casino, you play the games as you would in a physical casino. You place a money bet, and you win or lose money. Alternatively, at a sweepstakes casino, you must buy coins in order to play. These virtual coins work as your currency as you play the games, and they usually come with a set number of sweeps coins.

Sweeps coins are the currency for sweeps games, and can be exchanged for real prizes (including cash). Sweepstakes casinos offer bonuses and the ability to win staggering amounts of money if you hit a jackpot.

Chumba Casino

The largest sweepstakes casino is Chumba Casino. Offering blackjack, roulette, video poker, and video slots, Chumba offers daily sign-up bonuses to help ease your learning curve. Starting your account is easy. Once your deposit is verified (usually within a few minutes), you are ready to play.

Progressive slot jackpots at Chumba Casino rival the amounts you would see in Las Vegas. For those of you who love playing table games, this casino brings that joy straight to your phone or web browser.

LuckyLand Slots

Another legal site available to gamers who love video slots is LuckyLand Slots. The website is incredibly smooth and offers you the chance to play for free each day with login bonuses and free play tournaments.

When you are ready to play for real money, the payment process could not be more straightforward on LuckyLand. Offering dozens of different slot games, LuckyLand is a premium sweepstakes casino site if you are looking for action and cool visuals.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) In Massachusetts

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) are legal in Massachusetts with several high-profile sites available for residents. DraftKings, FanDuel, and Monkey Prize Fight are three of the best sites. They all offer bonuses with a simple process for setting up an account.

If you are unfamiliar with DFS, here’s a quick crash course to help you get started. DFS is similar to the fantasy football that millions of Americans play each fall, but with a more substantial social element. Prize pools can total anywhere from thousands to potentially millions of dollars.

Sites like DraftKings and FanDuel use a point system that is straightforward and easy-to-follow for the beginner. Online players build a virtual roster of their favorite athletes that match with the positions of real players. Usually, the DFS games are held on the same day with no overlap so as to include games that are played the following day.

Once the games is held, each athlete’s performance is reflected in DFS games. Online players can track their team’s performance in the tournament and follow along for the possibility of a cash prize.

Another DFS site with some exciting twists on the typical games is Monkey Prize Fight (MPF). Although the site does offer the regular point games you would find on other websites, MPF also offers over/under bets on player statistics. If you enjoy putting your sports knowledge to the test, these types of games are outstanding and quite enjoyable.

Betting On Horse Races In Massachusetts

Although New England does not have live horse races, there are outlets for Massachusetts residents to bet on races around the US and abroad.

The Suffolk Downs does not offer live racing anymore, but the track still offers an on-site betting parlor that simulcasts races from around the globe. This is great for a bettor who loves the action of a racebook. However, what about horse racing fans who want to bet from the comfort of their homes?

TVG Online Horse Race Betting

TVG is an online option that is legal in Massachusetts. Accessible on mobile app or browser, the site allows customers to place wagers on horse racing events around the US and abroad.

The site offers handsome bonuses for bettors opening an account for the first time. TVG takes deposits in various ways, including credit and debit cards, wire transfer, BetCash, online bill pay, checks, and money orders. You can also make a cash deposit at Suffolk Downs that will appear in your account for easy betting.

The best thing about TVG is the ability to bet and watch the race on the website. Having a mobile app that makes betting incredibly easy, coupled with showing the races live, is a game-changer. It’s a huge reason why TVG has remained popular for many years among horse racing fans.

Online Lottery Options In Massachusetts

The lottery is not available online in Massachusetts. State legislators prefer to give the business to retailers. However, the Massachusetts Lottery saw dramatic drops in scratch-off ticket and Keno ticket sales during the coronavirus pandemic. This may raise the possibility of taking sales online.

Even though offering online lottery options could drive a huge amount of revenue, legislators like Rep. Aaron Michelwitz worry that doing so could also hurt local businesses.

In a recent meeting of the Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Michelwitz told officials, “the lottery is an economic driver to some of our local convenience stores and our local stores because people go in there to use the lottery and end up spending money on other things.”

Other legislators would like to bring the lottery online so that customers can easily order scratch-off tickets and gain access to playing multi-state offerings such as PowerBall, Mega Millions, and Lucky for Life.

Although the state is hesitant to add new online options, the lottery does allow customers to purchase season tickets. These season tickets allow customers to play the same numbers over some time without having to buy a new ticket before each drawing. Instead, the customer buys the ticket ahead of time and pays a discounted fee to lock in those numbers for each drawing over three, six, or the next 12 months.

While updating the lottery to make it accessible online will be costly for the state, the potential for new customers and more frequent play is an advantage that lawmakers in Massachusetts will need to consider to keep the game alive.

Legal Online Gambling Sites In Massachusetts Versus Illegal Betting Sites

In 2018, the US Supreme Court ruled that states may make their own legal decisions about sports betting, Before this ruling, US gamblers would frequently place their bets on offshore online sportsbooks where the potential for fraud was high.

Multiple illegal offshore betting sites have been accused of wire fraud by US prosecutors. There have even been cases in which gamblers’ winnings have completely vanished from their accounts and without legal recourse. In fact, one of the reasons why states have been quick to legalize sports betting is to eliminate the demand for offshore gambling websites.

Regulations governing legal online gambling websites in Massachusetts are a way to protect customers. They ensure that bettors will receive their winnings without any problems and that they will receive fair and equitable odds on all games.

Legal sportsbooks must be licensed by the state before they can accept their first bet. If they fail to adhere to regulations set forth by lawmakers, they run the risk of having their licenses revoked.

Gamblers tend to run into the most problems with illegal offshore sportsbooks when it comes time to withdraw winnings. At a legal sportsbook, the process will be smooth and straightforward in accordance with regulations.

Conversely, at illegal offshore sportsbooks operating in countries without regulations, your winnings could be held for long stretches of time. At worst, they could be held forever. These offshore sportsbooks can simply claim that you never made the winning bet in the first place. If that happens, you will have to cut your losses, as you will be without legal recourse.

Legal Online Gambling In Massachusetts FAQ

Are online casinos in Massachusetts legal?

No. Online casinos are not legal in Massachusetts. Currently, only sweepstakes casinos and sweepstakes poker are legal in the state of Massachusetts. Both types of gaming websites use virtual currency such as coins or tokens. Players can accumulate these coins through gaming in the same way as one would in a casino and exchange their winning for sweepstakes prizes (including real money).

Is DraftKings legal in Massachusetts?

Yes. Playing daily fantasy sports (DFS) through DraftKings is legal in Massachusetts. Players can build virtual rosters using athletes in major professional sports. They can then enter their teams into tournaments using money pre-deposited into their account. Top-scoring teams in each competition win cash prizes.

At this time, players may not use the sports betting feature on the DraftKings mobile app or website.

Is FanDuel legal in Massachusetts?

Yes. Residents and visitors in Massachusetts may play daily fantasy sports (DFS) on the FanDuel mobile app and website. Tournaments against players from other states and territories are legal to enter. If players win cash from placing high in an event, they can withdraw that money without penalty. However, they must follow taxation laws.

Keep in mind that sports betting through the FanDuel mobile app and website is not legal in Massachusetts.

Are there legal online sportsbooks in Massachusetts?

No. There are no legal online sportsbooks in Massachusetts. Sports betting in a casino or through an online mobile app is not currently legal in Massachusetts.

While a sports betting bill is under discussion in the Massachusetts legislature, it has not been passed, and Gov. Charlie Baker has not signed any legislation into law.

Is Chumba Casino legal in Massachusetts?

Yes. Chumba Casino, a popular sweepstakes casino, is legal in Massachusetts. Chumba remains legal because it follows a sweepstakes model instead of an online gambling model. Players turn real money into virtual coins, which are used to play casino games and accumulate coins. They can then exchange these virtual coins for real prizes.

Is Global Poker legal in Massachusetts?

Yes. Global Poker is legal in Massachusetts. Unlike regular card rooms that players will find at a casino, Global Poker offers sweepstakes poker. Players can join tournaments with the opportunity to win cash prizes if they finish in a high ranking. Since players are not playing poker where a dollar bet is a potential dollar won or lost, the site is legal and not technically considered gambling.