Best Android Betting Sites

Since their inception back in 2008, Android phones have rapidly grown to become the most popular phones in the world. They currently represent over 80% of all smartphone users globally. Android sells more devices than Windows, iOS, and Mac OS combined. As the top mobile provider, betting on Android devices has become a massive business for online bookmakers.

Who Owns Android?

Android Inc. was originally financed by Google in 2005 and was later bought by the global search engine giant in 2007. Many attribute much of the success of the platform to its open-source nature, despite the software being mostly proprietary. This has led to developers choosing the Android platform over competitors because of its low cost and customization options.

Why Aren’t There Gambling Applications in the Play Store?

It’s against their policy. Google Play, like many other app marketplaces, doesn’t allow applications that feature gambling or other adult material. Bettors won’t find gambling apps at the Play Store for this reason. However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t accessible.

Downloading Android Sports Betting Apps

Since we can’t download apps the traditional way through the Play Store, downloading them from the bookmaker’s site or using a third party app store is the best bet. Unlike Apple, which has an exclusive App Store for the iPhone and iPad, there are several third-party app marketplaces that are readily available for download.

Another way to do this is to install an online bookmaker’s web application to one of your phone’s pages. This can be done by simply bookmarking the sportsbook’s mobile-based platform or site and creating an icon. Doing this gives you quick access to the site for betting purposes and eliminates the URL bar. Since you’re running directly off the bookmaker’s website platform, you will always be using the most up-to-date version of the software.

Android Features

Mobile sports betting options continue to improve each month. It’s now possible to watch live streaming video and commentary for a variety of different sports. Depending on the online bookmaker, they may offer thousands of games per year via live streaming on mobile devices. Watching a match from your Android smartphone is an excellent way to stay in the action and sweat your bet till the final whistle.

Live betting markets are also easily accessible, along with live match statistics and results. Android betting apps might as well be thought of as all-in-one sports and sports betting applications. They allow bettors to view live odds and statistics, watch games, and of course, wager on their full slate of markets.

Android Betting Bonuses

Yes, in a lot of cases there are betting bonuses for Android, and this will likely continue to increase. Sportsbooks offer promotions for players to entice them to use their mobile platforms. This might include a free play wager on the first bet placed from a mobile device or other incentives to bet via mobile.

Mobile betting is a massive worldwide industry, and bookmakers spend hundreds of thousands developing and refining their mobile products. They want bettors to try them out (hoping they will love the product), and they’re happy to offer some incentives. Take advantage of these bonuses.

Each mobile bonus offer has unique instructions on how to claim the bonus, along with rollover requirements. Be sure to read the fine print before attempting to cash in on a bonus; the terms will vary between sites.

Do Most Online Bookmakers Support Android?

Yes, almost universally. Not all offer downloadable apps that are available at the app store, but any sportsbook or bookmaker worth considering has a mobile browser page. Any Android phone with an Internet connection can access a browser-based mobile betting platform.

The Future of Android Betting

The Android market grows rapidly every year. Even with all the ink Apple receives for the newest versions of their iPhones and iPads, the world continues to use Android phones in increasingly larger numbers.

Bookmakers optimize their apps to work on all platforms, including Windows Phones, Blackberry, and Apple products, but have a special focus on Android. It’s by far the most widely used platform worldwide. For now and the foreseeable future, Android bettors will get the best the online betting world has to offer.