Online Casinos with iOS Casino Apps

For the operators who operate both mobile and online gaming sites, mobile casinos now generate about 40% of the revenues in the Internet casino gaming market. Mobile gaming is expected to grow to the point it will command about 60% of the industry revenues. No wonder, given the widespread popularity smartphones have these days. A huge segment of the population seems lost without their iPhone or Android smartphone. Whether they’re texting, sending emails, surfing the Internet, or playing online games, many mobile cell phones users cannot seem to put up their devices to have a simple conversation.

Of all the mobile devices, not have more prestige (or are more expensive) than the devices running the iOS operating system from Apple. The iPad and the iPhone are top-end mobile devices from the Apple Corporation, and they combine to form the high-end of the cellular market.

Mobile Casinos for iOS

Naturally, mobile casino operators are going to support gambling with these devices. Name any mobile casino and it’s going to be an iOS-friendly casino. Mobile gaming sites are going to support play using the iPad/iPhone and Android. Apps designed for Blackberry OS, Windows Phone OS, Symbian, and Java are going to be less common. If you want the full range of gaming possibilities, you have a choice between iOS and Android.

That means the most famous brand mobile casinos are going to support iPad and iPhone players with downloadable apps. William Hill Mobile, 888mobile, and the Fortune Lounge mobile casinos all have their own downloadable apps for iPhone and iPad. All you have to do is go to the site’s homepage, click on the link which says iOS (or iPad/iPhone in some instances), and download the craps application to your device.

iOS Overview

The question then, is which Apple device you want to use. Online casino gamblers reading this article probably already know they want to gamble with iOS products. For those still trying to decide, I’ll provide the advantage and disadvantages of playing with an iOS mobile device. I’ll also provide ideas for where you want to begin your mobile gambling experience.

The idea behind Apple products is simple: build gadgets in which the hardware and software are designed by the same company. This helps Apple designers avoid many of the pitfalls of the Microsoft business model among traditional desktop computers and Android model among mobile devices. The devices don’t have compatibility issues and endless patches. Also, because iOS is written with a 21st century programmer’s language, they are not as vulnerable to computer viruses. The resulting products are first-rate, even if those decisions means Apple products tend to be less popular than other companies’ products, which are more inclusive and appeal to the least common denominator.

iPad Devices

The iPad is the best tablet computer sold today. Years after its release, the iPad remains the most popular device. Gamblers who play mobile slots want to buy an Apple iPad tablet computer, because it provides the best visual experience in mobile gaming.

  • iPad Air 2 – Comes in Silver, Gold, and Space Gray. Retails at $499 (16GB), $599 (64GB), and $699 (128 GB) at the Apple Store. An iPad Air 2 with Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities retails for $629, $729, and $829.
  • iPad Air – Choose Space Gray or Silver. The top-end iPad 1 now sells for $399.
  • iPad Mini 3 – Choose from Silver, Gold, or Space Gray. Sells for $399 (16GB), $499 (64GB), and $599 (128GB). If you want cellular capability, it sells for $529, $629, and $729.
  • iPad Mini 2 – Either Space Gray or Silver. Sells for $299 apiece.
  • iPad Mini – Either Space Gray or Silver. Sells for $249 at the Apple Store.

iPhone Models

The iPhone is the single most popular mobile phone on the market, despite the prevalence of the many types of Android smartphones (80% of sales of many different brands). A person who wants the best mobile gaming experience needs to buy an iPhone to play online craps on their cell phone.

  • iPhone 6 Plus – These are the devices so big I jokingly say they look like the old Speak-n-Spell toys. The iPhone 6 Plus sells for $299 (16GB), $399 (64GB), and $499 (128GB).
  • iPhone 6 – This smartphone follows the trend of offering a slightly larger screen, but is more in line with the convention smartphone sizes of the past few years. It sells for $199 (16GB), $299 (64GB), and $399 (128GB).
  • iPhone 5 S – The iPhone 5S is the premium version of the 5th-generation Apple smartphone. It still sells for $99 for the 16 gigabyte version and $149 for the 32 GB version.
  • iPhone 5 C – The iPhone 5C is the basic version of the last generation iPhones. Those willing to sign up for Apple service can get an 8G version of this device for free at the Apple online store.

If you go on Amazon or EBay, you can buy unlocked versions of the iPhone 4 which are still brand new. Also, you’ll find used models of all the iPhones and iPads you might want to buy. These are sold for cheap than the factory products, but have been used and refurbished and might have issues. Only buy from sellers who have proven track records and high scores from former customers.

Craps on iPhone and iPad – Readers who want a guide to the best iOS craps gambling should read the page I wrote dedicated to that topic. On the “iphone / iPad / iOS Craps” page, I review the best craps applications for the Apple iOS devices.