Top 5 iPhone / iPad Betting Sites

The iPhone entered the mobile scene in 2007 and has become one of Apple’s biggest selling products since then. While still far behind Android in terms of worldwide users, Apple is still second by a fair margin compared to other competitors, such as Windows Phones and Blackberry.

Both the iPhone and iPad are products of Apple, which was founded in 1976 by the late Steve Jobs. Apple is a computer hardware and software company and also sells consumer electronics and digital media.

The first iPhone was a much-anticipated product when it first hit shelves in 2007. As of 2014, Apple has released seven generations of iPhones, with the iPhone 6 due to premiere sometime in 2014. Since 2007, Apple has sold over 500 million iPhones.

The first iPad was released in 2010 and has had two generations since it premiered on the market. Like the iPhone, it features a multi-touch screen and a virtual keyboard. The latest iPad is the iPad Air. As of mid-2014, Apple has sold 200 million iPads since 2010.

Both products have built in Wi-Fi, and some iPads have mobile network cellular connectivity as well. Bookmakers offer a variety of mobile betting options to bettors on both the iPad and iPhone.

Apple App Store

Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play app marketplace banned sports-betting-related applications, until Apple decided to allow regulated and legally licensed sports betting apps a few years ago. This may have partly been due to the popularity of Android smartphones, which largely outnumber iPhone users worldwide.

It’s especially nice that Apple has accepted bookmaker applications due to the App Store’s monopoly on all iPhone app sales. Google Play is just the official marketplace for Android phones, but there are several other third-party app stores. Apple’s App Store is the only place to download apps for the iPhone.

Bookmakers can now fine tune their mobile products to iPads and iPhones and bettors can easily download them from the App Store. However, it is worth noting that only highly regulated online bookmakers will have apps available at the App Store.

Full legal status is also important for users based on their location. If online wagering is legal and regulated in your country, you will likely have a large list of apps to choose from, but if you’re living in an illegal or grey area when it comes to online gambling, you’ll likely be left out in the cold.

For online bettors in the United States and other countries where the act isn’t legal and regulated by the government, bettors won’t find apps available at the App Store.

Downloading a bookmaker’s app from the App Store is a simple process. They may have a link to download the app on their site, but bettors can also simply search their bookmaker’s name and download the corresponding betting application.

The good thing about the Apple App Store is that it is heavily regulated. There won’t be any phishing or malicious programs that slip through the cracks. You can trust that what you download is safe and secure.

If Your App Is Not Listed

That’s all right. Every online sportsbook or bookmaker will have some form of mobile site if their app is not listed in the App Store. Visiting the bookmaker’s site via your mobile web browser will automatically send you over to their mobile page. Like other smartphones, if you have a connection to the Internet or cellular network, betting on the go can be done with no issues.

Betting Bonuses

While it’s rare that there will be exclusive bonuses for users who simply just use iPhones, there are plenty of mobile bonuses available for players, especially newly credited accounts. These are easy to take advantage of and usually involve a free bet or risk-free wager the first time customers use their mobile app or mobile platform.

Features for IPhone Betting Apps

The applications available for download at the App Store are among the best that the online betting world has to offer. These bookmakers are the world’s biggest, so worrying about getting paid or security is not an issue.

The apps themselves are also advanced. Players will be able to wager on the full list of markets via mobile, along with earning points from any reward programs. They are fine tuned to work to perfection for both the iPad and iPhone. The best features of your favorite sportsbook will be available when betting from your iPhone.

Future Outlook

While iPhone users won’t be overtaking Android smartphones any time soon, online bookmakers are investing a lot of money into their App Store products. These programs are made specifically to work on Apple phones and tablets and are the cutting edge of mobile betting options.