PointsBet Online Sportsbook: Review And Promo Code

PointsBet Online Sportsbook is unlike most other sportsbooks in the sports betting marketplace.

PointsBet offers traditional fixed-odds sports betting and a proprietary type of sports betting called Points Betting. Points Betting allows bettors to make precise predictions about point spreads and point totals. Bettors win exponentially more if they’re right, but they lose an exponential amount of money if they lose too. (Some Points Betting lines automatically set loss ceilings to prevent bettors from bankrupting themselves.)

Because PointsBet offers two types of betting, it offers unique bonuses.

PointsBet is currently available in:

  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • West Virginia

In 2020, PointsBet announced a partnership with NBC Sports to become the sports network’s preferred betting partner. So, PointsBet is making sure it has major media partnerships to capture and keep market share in a competitive sports betting industry.

New Player Bonuses At PointsBet Online Sportsbook

Claim Up To $2,000 in Two Risk-Free Bet At PointsBet Using Code BESTOFFER

Currently, PointsBet is offering new bettors two risk-free bets totaling $2,000. Bettors can claim this bonus with the bonus code BESTOFFER. Terms and conditions apply.

PointsBet Sportsbook Promo CodeBESTOFFER
PointsBet Sportsbook Risk-Free Bet$2,000 in two risk-free bets
Terms And Conditions Available?Yes
PointsBet Sportsbook: Available StatesNY, CO, IL, IN, IA, MI, NJ & WV
Compatible With Apple + Android Devices?Yes
Promo Code Last TestedJanuary 2023

Promo Code Comparison

PointsBet has one of the most competitive welcome bonuses on the market. Its welcome bonus is split into a $500 risk-free bet for a traditional fixed-odds bet and $1,500 for a Points Bet. This allows bettors to choose where they’d like to spend their money.

PointsBet’s welcome bonus is most similar to FanDuel, which offers a $1,000 risk-free bet. PointsBet’s fixed-odds bonus is half of FanDuel’s. But PointsBet also offers Points Betting, so there’s some nuance here.

Even though PointsBet’s welcome bonus is dwarfed by Caesars Sportsbook and Sports Illustrated Sportsbook, PointsBet offers a great welcome bonus. Caesars Sportsbook’s $5,000 risk-free bet and Sports Illustrated Sportsbook’s $7,500 risk-free bet capture attention. However, these bets are so high that bettors can hit unlisted betting limits on certain lines.

So, PointsBet’s welcome bonus still stands above many others.

The Points Betting System

Imagine you are betting on a football game between New York and Dallas. If Dallas is a three-point favorite, it only needs to win by four points or more to cover the spread – a three-point win would be a push. The bet would result in a tie, and bettors would get their stakes back.

For the sake of education, let’s take New York at +3 in this matchup.

If you bet $10 on New York at +3 and they lose by the score of 24-17, you’d end up losing $40 ($10 times the four points your bet lost by.) On the flip side, if you bet $10 on Dallas at -3 and it ended up winning by 24-17, you would win $40 ($10 times the four points you won by.)

This is a great way for bettors who want to test their own predictive models to see how accurate they can be. However, it’s not for the faint of heart, either. It’s as good a way to lose money as it is to win money.

Where PointsBet Online Sportsbook Gets It Right

Engaging Points Betting System

Points Betting is exciting for bettors, especially ones who anticipate a huge blowout.

A few seasons ago, a man placed a $10,000 bet on a game between the Buffalo Bills at Minnesota Vikings under the Points Betting rules. The Bills were 16.5-point underdogs and wound up winning the game 27-6.

That man’s $10,000 bet was multiplied by the difference in spread and game result (37.5), which resulted in a $375,000 payout.

If bettors think they’re sharps, then they should consider Points Betting.

Appeals To Younger Demographic

PointsBet has a vibrant marketing campaign led by former Philadelphia 76ers guard, Allen Iverson, and New York Jets player, Darrelle Revis. Both offer tutorials on PointsBet’s website, improving bettors’ understanding of the points-betting system.

This is an example of well-executed influencer marketing. Other sportsbooks should take note of how PointsBet has leveraged the reputations of these athletes.

Individual Player Betting

In addition to the traditional and points betting methods, PointsBet does offers a fantastic way to bet on individual players.

Bettors from the daily fantasy sports field will especially enjoy the competition. Points Bet’s individual player bets require players to hit performance-based numbers for a bettor’s wager to win. For example, a baseball player would need to reach 37 points by accumulating different results (i.e. single = 10 points, double = 20 points, triple = 30 points, home run = 40, etc).

This is the closest PointsBet comes to offering daily fantasy sports in addition to its sportsbook. Offering multiple sports gaming products at once broadens an operator’s appeal. It’s one of the reasons that DraftKings and FanDuel have been so dominant in the sports betting market.

Where PointsBet Online Sportsbook Can Improve

Add An Online Casino

Unfortunately, PointsBet does not have online casino games to entertain its customers. It does seem PointsBet is considering launching an online casino app, which could be available in New Jersey, which allows legal online casinos for real money. It’s also possible a casino app could launch in Michigan when they finalize their online gambling launch date.

Deposit Options

PointsBet offers about half a dozen deposit methods. Across them all, bettors have several convenient deposit methods. PointsBet’s deposit methods include:

  • Debit And Credit Cards – Visa And Mastercard
  • ACH/e-Check
  • PayPal
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • PayNearMe
  • In-person At Cage At Meadowlands Racetrack (NJ) Or Hollywood Casino (IN)

The most convenient deposit option will likely be PayPal. PayPal deposits have low rejection rates because they act as a trusted intermediary between parties. PayPal also has no rules blocking sportsbook deposits, which is an issue that plagues many debit and credit cards to this day. Finally, PayPal is one of PointsBet’s withdrawal options. So, PayPal users can deposit and withdraw through the same method.

Withdrawal Options

PointsBet offers a handful of withdrawal options:

  • Online Banking Transfer
  • PayPal
  • ACH/eCheck
  • In-person Cash at Cage at select retail locations in IA, IL, and NJ

PayPal is the most convenient withdrawal option on this list because it’s a successful deposit method and withdrawal method. So, bettors can use PayPal to make move all their sports betting funds. With one service, bettors can make their monetary decisions with ease.

PointsBet FAQs

Does PointsBet Have A Welcome Bonus?

Yes. PointsBet offers $2,000 in bonus credits split into two wagers. One is a $500 risk-free bet on a traditional risk-free wager. The second is a $1,500 risk-free bet on a Points Bet. So, bettors have some flexibility in how they leverage this bonus.

Can I Do Live Betting On PointsBet?

Yes. On PointsBet’s home page, bettors can select the “Live” tab to view the live betting lines. Bettors can also filter out sports that are available for live betting on this page. It makes it easy to dive straight into the action.

Is PointsBet Legit?

Yes. PointsBet is an award-winning sportsbook that began in Australia. It has since spread to the European and American markets. Bettors will find PointsBet in several states in the United States. So, bettors can trust PointsBet’s history of honesty and compliance based on the regulatory hurdles that it had to continually overcome.

Do I Have To Use PointsBet In Legal Sports Betting States?

Yes. PointsBet is only available in states where sports betting is legal and where PointsBet has been licensed by the state gaming authority. Bettors can sign up from outside the state. But bettors must be in-state for their wagers to go through.

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