1 – Online Poker

Online poker is constantly evolving. From early days of global sites on Windows computers, to today’s multi-device platforms with different operators covering US and non-US markets.

Here at GamblingOnline.com you will find all the guides and information you need to make the best possible choice of where to play. You’ll also find strategy information to sharpen up your skills before you sit at the real-money poker tables. This page is a hub, summarizing many of the important categories of information here – and providing links to where you can find further information to answer your most important questions about the online poker games.

The sections below each cover a different factor influencing the best site for you to choose. These are your location, your device or operating system, your bankroll and experience level and the type of poker game you would prefer to play. This page ends with information on the biggest and best poker networks.

Online Poker – How Your Location Affects Your Choice Of Site

US players have faced restrictions on the poker sites they can reach since the passing of a bill known as the UIGEA in 2006. Things got worse after Black Friday in 2011, when most of the remaining major sites pulled out. Things have now settled down, and there are some excellent offshore sites and networks providing games to American players. You can find out about these, and the newly regulated State sites in our US poker sites article. For more about the history and current laws, this legal poker sites article will clarify things for you.

The US is not the only location with some restrictions, there are isolated markets in many countries including France, Spain and Italy. You can find out more in these dedicated articles covering UK poker Sites, European poker sites, Canadian poker sites and Australian poker sites. Each of these articles gives you information on how to use local currencies to deposit with too.

Online Poker – Mobile Poker And Compatibility With Different Operating Systems

Next to your location, the device you wish to play on is the single biggest factor in determining which sites you are able to access. Mobile poker is becoming more popular as each year passes, and many major poker sites now have iPhone and Android apps. For those that do not, you can still play in your browser, though this is complicated by the lack of support for Flash technology on Apple products. Our mobile poker article has the info you need to choose the right site for your phone and location.

Tablets, different operating systems and in-browser games are all available to players who know where to look. We have a page dedicated to compatibility of poker sites, which itself leads to some detailed guides covering Linux, Mac and Flash Poker.

If you still can’t decide, then I recommend you check out our main Poker Reviews page, where you will find summaries of the major sites and links to full reviews of them.

Your Bankroll And Experience Level Count

It makes sense that an experienced high-roller will be looking for something completely different in an online poker room than a new player who only wishes to start off with a small deposit. We have both of these situations covered here, and plenty of strategy articles which will take you from being a beginner through the buy-in levels to the higher stakes games.

Our poker strategy main index gives you access to a full list of articles covering strategy for cash games, tournaments, sit n goes and even poker variations including as Omaha and Stud. This will take you from the basics, though some of the tricky moves you can make at the tables and on to the more advanced topics like hand reading. If you want to take full advantage of your new found skills then check out this article covering the easiest poker sites to beat.

Different Types Of Poker Games Available Online

Online poker has diversified into more formats than it is possible to keep count of. The main 4 formats are cash-games, tournaments, sit n goes and fast-fold poker. Within those categories you get different poker games, different betting rules and different structures and quirks – especially in tournament play.

Here at GambingOnline.com we have your game preference covered with articles on the best sites for tournament poker, the best sites for SNG poker and information on the high traffic poker sites where you will find the biggest selection of games.

Learning About Poker Networks And Stand Alone Sites

The number of new poker sites springing up to compete with the established players never ceases to surprise me. Most of these are ‘skins’, the term used for new sites on existing poker networks who share a common software platform – branding themselves individually but pooling together their players with other members.

Networks range in size from the massive iPoker Network – who are made up of household name sports betting brands, to some very small networks with peaks of just a few hundred players. Global networks include big names like MicroGaming, OnGame and Bwin/Party. There are also a number of networks available to US players (albeit on a smaller scale). These include Merge Poker, the WPN Poker Network and the Revolution Network.

The biggest sites of all are known as Independent Poker Networks – or stand-alone sites. These are poker rooms which have grown big enough to hold their own without the need for multiple members in a network. The biggest of all are PokerStars.com, with the next 3 places in the rankings fiercely contested by 888Poker and the iPoker Network.

Wherever you choose to play on your particular device from your unique location remember that Poker is a game which takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master – enjoy the journey!