Poker Sites Compatible with Mac, Windows & Linux

This page will make sure you know which poker sites are compatible with the various computing devices you might own. There are so many potential devices these days, that looking back to the days when just a simple PC version of each site was needed seems strange. Mobile devices are the new growth area, though laptops sporting a mix of operating systems are still overall the most popular device.

Complicating the compatibility questions a little more is the fact that US and worldwide players can’t access all of the same poker sites. Wherever you live, and whatever device you use – we have information here that will get you playing online poker quickly and safely.

This page is divided into two main sections. First you will find the different operating systems and devices listed. After that you will find the main poker sites which are compatible across the maximum number of devices. Each section includes a link to a dedicated article which gives you in-depth information on a certain area of compatibility.

Poker Compatibility – Devices and Operating Systems

Windows Computers: Window’s users have the widest choice of poker games, with every single operator having a downloadable client and all of the no-download poker games including both Flash Poker and HTML5 based browser games working just fine.

Mac Computers: You do not have to go back too many years to find that Mac downloadable clients were the exception and not the rule. Those days are over, and with the massive rise in popularity of Mac computers and laptops almost all of the poker sites now have a dedicated download. Find out which are the best for your particular geo in our dedicated Mac Poker guide.

Linux Computers: Another operating system which has slowly gained in popularity over the years, though not with the same reach as OSx. Linux computers do not currently enjoy any dedicated downloadable poker clients. You can still access real money poker games easily enough though. The choices are to use a Windows emulator such as WINE, or to play a no-download poker game in your browser. Learn more in our Linux poker article.

Tablets and iPads: Android and iOS dominate the tablet operating systems, with Windows 8 a distant 3rd. You will find apps covering both of the main systems from almost all of the large global poker brands nowadays.

Mobile Phones: Smartphones today are as powerful as computers were just a few years ago. The same issue exists with the Global brands having apps for both iPhones and Android devices, and the US sites only having in-browser games. On the positive side, the apps from the likes of PokerStars look great and work brilliantly on the small screen – you can even access Zoom poker to make up for the smaller number of tables possible. Find out more in our page dedicated to Mobile Poker Apps.

Poker Compatibility – Poker Sites with Support for Multiple Devices The biggest global site is super-compatible. Their software can be downloaded onto Mac and Windows machines, plus there are dedicated iPhone / iPad and Android apps – which include the very cool Zoom poker as well as both tournaments and cash games.

888 Poker: 888 have trumped all other poker sites with a full-house of device compatibility. This includes Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone / iPad and also a non-download in-browser java game. There are really no excuses left for anyone who likes the idea of the completely free $8 which 888 give new players to try out the games.

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