Lists the Easiest Poker Sites

You will find massive differences between the easiest poker sites to beat and the hardest. Some sites attract poker experts with their rewards and bonuses, while others market to new players – offering recreational games and entertaining promotional offers. Simply making yourself aware of the easy games, and making sure you play at the juiciest tables can make a significant difference to your win-rate.

First of all, I look at what makes one site easier than another. This includes the types of players attracted to different rooms, and how incentives offered by rooms themselves make a big difference. After this you’ll find information on the top candidates for the easiest sites to beat.

Easiest Poker Sites To Beat – What Makes For An Easy Poker Site?

Many poker players are known only to players who have been playing the game for a while. These are the people who tried online poker at a site they saw on TV, enjoyed the game and took the time to learn about strategy. Once involved in the game they learned about sites where there were big loyalty rewards just for playing a lot of hands – and left their regular poker site to play there.

Other sites have far more new players, these often start off with the sports-betting or casino sections of household name brands. Seeing poker is available they give it a try, loosening up the games considerably. It is not just these wild novice players you can win from, many slightly more experienced opponents will loosen up their game to try and win the chips offered by the newbies – making the games even wilder.

Pro poker players like to play a lot of tables and use special database software with on-screen stats displays to help them get reads. This leads them to favor sites who reward a lot of hands – for example with rakeback or volume bonuses. Many sites deliberately discourage grinders by stopping heads-up display tracking tools, and restricting the number of tables played at any one time. If you choose the right site you could be sat with regular players enjoying a casual game. Choose the wrong one and you could find yourself against 5 or more robotic ‘nits’, playing 12 tables each to eek out a living online. I know which one I would rather choose.

Top 3 Candidates With The Easiest Games

I rate iPoker, 888 Poker and the US-friendly as the easiest rooms to beat in 2014. Here is a summary of what makes the games at these sites so profitable.

The iPoker Network: This is collectively 2nd in the online poker site rankings, and has a built in conveyer-belt of new and recreational players. iPoker is made up of big name European and UK sports betting brands including William Hill, Bet365 and Betfair. These brands have big sponsorship and TV advertising budgets and attract a lot of players to their sports-books. From there it is just a click to enter the pooled poker room – where 1000’s of games and tournaments run every day.

In addition the new players, iPoker have entertaining promotions which are more geared to the recreational player than the grinders. This includes the famous Jackpot Sit N Goes and lots of qualifiers to live events around the world. You’ll enjoy those easy iPoker games, if you have not yet seen them with your own eyes then take a look soon!

888 Poker: The fastest growing poker site of recent years also has a sports-book, however it is the casino that brings the most players to the poker room. The games here are wild and loose, with far fewer grinders than any other site around. 888 do not reward high volume of play, instead holding promotions and tournaments that give away gadgets, sports-tickets or entry to special live tournaments hosted by their pros. Currently the single biggest offshore site welcoming players from the US – Bovada are part of the global Bodog brand famed for their online betting site. This site is very ‘anti-grinder’, and have put 3 deliberate strategies in place to keep their games very easy to beat. First the games are anonymous, which stops tracking services from telling paying subscribers how you play and what your leaks are. Next they bad ‘HUD’ software, which is used by grinders to get reads from tables they are not watching. Third, you can only play 4 games at once (more for tournaments), which is not generally enough to interest the pros. The result is super-easy poker games. When you add this to easy US deposit options, you’ll see how Bovada came to be the US number 1.