Top 10 Online Poker Reviews

On this page you will find links to reviews of the biggest and best online poker sites around. To help you choose which poker reviews to look at first, these have been grouped into categories based on your geo and the size of the individual rooms. You’ll find balanced reviews which point out the cons of poker sites as well as the benefits – unlike other sites which seem to give every single site a top rating.

Below the summaries and links to the reviews I have added a handy guide to the key comparison factors for each site.

Poker Reviews – Offshore Sites That Welcome US Players

This group of sites are the biggest available to US players at this time, they include some big brand names who have been welcoming US players for many years – recently relocating to countries where online gambling is fully legal. Bear in mind that some of these sites do have restrictions on players from individual states. are the biggest single site and welcome US players from all states. Ignition go out of their way to keep the tables ‘recreational player friendly’ by scrapping screen-names which can be tracked and restricting the number of tables each person can play at. This site continues to grow in popularity, check out our Ignition Poker Review here.

The Winning Poker Network, or WPN is collectively the 2nd largest site, and they are growing fast. This is a true network, with many independent brands sharing a common back end and many promotions. You can find out more about the Winning Poker Network here, or read our reviews for the biggest members America’s Cardroom and Black Chip Poker.

Poker Reviews – The Top 5 Worldwide Sites

Not only will you find a gap between the biggest online poker sites and the rest, you will see that the biggest site of all – – are 3 to 4 times bigger than the 2nd biggest site, the iPoker Network. Once you take PokerStars out of the running, those other top spots are fiercely contested. It is often the site with the biggest promotion that particular month who takes 2nd or 3rd place.

Here at we have detailed reviews of all of the top worldwide sites. You can find more information in our Pokerstars Review, or check out more on the iPoker Network before reading reviews of the best members there in the form of William Hill and Bet365.

Full Tilt are owned by the same people who run PokerStars, and you can now swap funds between them. Find out more about this colorful and popular site in our Full Tilt Poker Review. 888 Poker and Party Poker complete the lineup of the big worldwide poker brands.

Smaller And Medium Worldwide Poker Sites

There are plenty more poker sites with smaller player bases that should be considered. These include the cool OnGame Network and the MicroGaming Network, who are enjoying a quiet period after several years of turmoil. New poker sites are cropping up all the time, and often have generous promotions and incentives to attract players to their room – make sure you take advantage after reading our dedicated article.

Poker Sites in Regulated States

Last, though not least are the regulated poker sites in the states of New Jersey and Nevada. These are currently smaller operations, though they are growing and proving to other states that implementation of online gambling can be a success. You can find out more in our article on legal poker sites.

What To Look Out For In A Poker Review

Here are some tips to make sure a review is genuine and not the work of a site which simply claims that every single site they review is the best site in the world, ever!

First, if ratings are given, make sure they are not all 10 out of 10, this should be a red flag – as there are considerable differences in quality between the best and the worst rooms. You should look for opinion on a site, many reviews simply repeat the dry list of games available and leave it at that. I also like to see screen shots, plus some indication of how easy or difficult the games are compared to other sites.

Finally, all poker rooms offer sign-up bonuses, and some of them are quite large. What you should look for is how a site looks after their players after the sign-up bonus is long-gone. Things to look out for include loyalty schemes, reload bonuses and good quality + regular promotions.