Poker Strategy Guide

The best thing about studying poker strategy is that you can earn as you learn. As you move from a solid understanding of the basics to the ability to read opponents and make moves at the table – your profits will keep on improving. This page lists strategy articles which go right through the range of poker strategy knowledge. You will find the nuts and bolts to give you a solid grounding in the poker principals, then fresh ideas on making moves which will add much more to your bottom line.

Before you start learning about poker strategy, you need to be aware that not all poker sites are equal when it comes to how easy their games are to beat. Some sites are popular with small stakes pros, who play many tables simultaneously to make a living. Others are more popular with recreational and beginner type players – making the games far easier. Which you choose will make a big difference to your profit, or even determine whether you win or lose. Check out article on selecting the most profitable poker games for more on this important topic.

Poker Strategy Tips – Poker Strategy Basics

Before you can start embellishing your play with creative bluffs and check-raises – you need to have the basics down. This starts with knowing which starting hands to choose depending on the situation, and of course how much to bet when you do get a hand you want to play. Position is a key element in all poker games, and is discussed in our position in poker strategy article.

To help you put together all the different pieces of the poker strategy jigsaw, check out this overview of Texas Holdem cash game strategy. This includes less glamorous, but extremely important principles like good bankroll management. Managing your money well might not feel like much fun, though without this important poker skill you will almost certainly end up going broke.

Poker Strategy Tips – Making Some Moves

Learning poker strategy will involve experimenting with making moves on your opponents when you do not necessarily have the hand you are representing. The best known poker move is the bluff, where you raise without a hand hoping that your opponent will fold. Experienced poker players rarely bluff with no chance of winning – this article on making moves in online poker explains what they do instead.

Math underpins everything you do in poker. Without a basic understanding of your chances of making a flush or a straight you will be leaking chips every time you play. Many people are hesitant to learn about the math, seeing this as somehow difficult or daunting. In reality, these numbers are easy to pick up – and can be used to win more money at the tables right after you learn them. Check this article on how understanding poker math will help you win for more in this key topic. Getting a reputation as someone who defends their blinds can stop your opponents stealing from you, more on this in our article on defending your blinds in online poker.

The very best time to make a move in online poker is when you have a good read on your opponent’s hand. If you know what they are playing (or more likely, a narrow range of possibilities) then you can bluff with confidence or fold without losing any more chips. Hand reading is a topic which you will keep learning throughout your poker career, and our article will give you a framework to get you started. Online poker players have many different styles, and learning to profitably counteract each one can help you win. See this article on adjusting to different types of opponents for more.

Once you know how to beat the games, you can increase your hourly profits by increasing the number of tables you play at once. Check out this guide to learning to play multiple games at once when you are ready for the big money.

Poker Strategy Tips – Tournament Poker

Tournaments have a fixed buy-in and give new players the opportunity to turn a small investment into a big win. These games also offer a lot of poker for your money, assuming you do not bust out on the first few hands. This form of poker has strategy considerations of its own, and these considerations change depending on the format of the game and the stage the tournament is at.

For players new to tournaments, this article gives you a tournament strategy overview, introducing the main factors. You can also find the basics of how to adjust to different tournament types.

If you reach the final table then big prizes await. It can pay to understand the strategy for final table play before you get there. This article teaches you what to look out for and how to approach the game at this point. Of course, you’ll need to cross over the tournament bubble to get to the final table. We have that covered for you in this article on Taking Advantage Of The Tournament Bubble.

You can find small tournaments online, ranging from 1 through to 20 tables. These start as soon as enough players are registered and are collectively known as Sit N Goes. Strategy for these games is similar to that of larger tournaments, though there are subtle differences based on math. Start with our beginners article and from there find more advanced topics like math in Sit N Goes and how to adjust for different Multi-Table Sit N Goes in these articles.

Poker Strategy Tips – Different Poker Variations

So far the articles have focused on Texas Holdem, however there are several more poker games which are popular online.

Omaha is the second most popular game. This is played in 2 formats, high-only and hi-lo split. With 4 hole-cards and pot-limit betting rules, the unique strategy for these games make a refreshing change from Texas Holdem. You can check these articles for information on Pot-Limit Omaha Strategy and Omaha Hi-Lo. Once you have the basics down you can also read about Advanced PLO Strategy.

Stud Poker is a 7-card game where each player has their own individual ‘board’. This is also played as a high-only or hi-lo split game. Check out these articles for strategy tips for beating 7-Card Stud or 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo.

Nowadays, many poker sites offer games where the poker games change after so many hands. Mixed games include HORSE and PokerStars 8-Game. This is a great way to keep online poker fresh and fun, you can find strategy for Mixed Poker Games in this article.