Alternative Games to Roulette

Any gambling game could be considered an alternative game to roulette, but which ones should you choose? Do you like roulette and its relaxing nature? Or do you enjoy the opportunity to socialize with other gamblers?

Maybe you don’t even like roulette. You might have decided that the house edge is too high, and you want a better gamble. Or you might want to play a game where you can win a bigger jackpot. You might even want to play a game where your decisions actually make a difference in how well you do.

No matter what your reasons are for looking at alternatives to roulette, the casino has something for you.

Alternative Games for People Who Enjoy Relaxing While They Gamble

Some people like roulette because it’s a relaxing, laid-back, slow-paced game. It has an elegance and sophistication that some gamblers love.

If you’re among those people, you should consider playing baccarat, too. Like roulette, it doesn’t require any strategic thinking. Also like roulette, it’s slow-paced and elegant.

Baccarat is a card game in which you play against the dealer. Your goal is to get a higher total than the dealer. The odds are better than in roulette, but the atmosphere is similar.

Keno is also relaxing, but the house edge is high. You do have the opportunity for much larger wins when playing keno, though.

Alternatives for Social Gamblers

On the other hand, if you like the social nature of the roulette, craps might be a great alternative. Craps is not a relaxing game, though—it’s a game of pure adrenaline and excitement.

You’ll often see players jumping up and down at the craps table. High fives are common. It’s fun to root for the shooter. If you like socializing while you gamble, roulette and craps are the two best choices in the casino.

Texas hold’em is also a social game, and if you play well, you can get an edge over the other players. In fact, that’s true of any traditional poker game.

Games with Better Odds

Standard American roulette has a house edge of 5.26%. If that’s too high for you, consider any of the following games with a lower house edge:

  • Baccarat offers a house edge of 1.06% if you’re the bank or 1.24% if you’re the player.
  • Blackjack offers a house edge of 0.5% if you play with basic strategy or 1.5% if you just use common sense. If you’re not real bright, and you make a lot of bad decisions, you’re still only facing a house edge of 3%, which is still better than roulette.
  • Craps offers a house edge of 1.41% on the pass bet. Avoid the more complicated bets, though, because they offer some of the worst odds in the casino.
  • Let It Ride offers a house edge of 3.5%.
  • Pai gow poker offers a house edge of 2.54%.
  • Video poker usually offers a low house edge, but it varies from game to game based on the payout table. 9/6 Jacks or Better has a house edge of 0.46%, and 8/5 Jacks or Better has a house edge of 2.7%. Both versions offer better odds than American roulette.
  • Three card poker has a house edge of 2.32%.
  • Casino war has a house edge of 2.88%.

Also, if you’re good at it, sports betting can be quite profitable and entertaining, too.

So You Want Bigger Jackpots

If you’re discouraged by the maximum jackpot of 35 to 1 in roulette, slot machines might be the answer. The house edge on slot machines varies dramatically, but 5% to 10% is a realistic estimate of the house edge. But the advantage to slot machines is they are able to offer huge jackpots, sometimes even in the millions of dollars in the case of progressives. If you want to gamble and potentially get a big win, try slots.

Keno is another option for players who want to go for a big win. It’s similar to the lottery, and the odds aren’t as good as roulette, but on rare occasions, you’ll hit a big win. Keno is also a relaxing, laid-back game, in much the same way that roulette is.

Games Where Strategy Matters

If you like to challenge yourself mentally, then a handful of casino games have results that can be affected by smart strategy. Blackjack is the first game many people think of when discussing gambling strategies.

If you memorize perfect basic strategy, you can get close to even with the casino mathematically. If you learn how to count cards, you can even get a small edge over the casino.

Video poker also offers you the opportunity to flex your mental muscles. Full pay Deuces Wild offers an edge to a player who knows how to play well of 0.76%, and with slot club memberships, even games with a negative expectation can come close to being a positive expectation bet if you know the right strategies to use.

Of course, Texas hold’em and other poker games offer you the opportunity to use your smarts to win more often.

Sports betting is also a game of wits. If you’re good enough at handicapping, you can overcome the book’s 4.5% edge. You’ll have to win more often than 55% or so, though.

Roulette is fun, but it shouldn’t be the only gambling game you play. Other games offer different pleasures, and there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of all that casino gambling has to offer.