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What are you feeling for lunch today? Italian? Chinese? French? Or, are you looking for something with a bit more spice and fire to it that will most definitely burn your tongue? If you’re looking for something spicy and hot, you’re in luck because Jumpin’ Jalapenos slot,  which is designed by WMS, is just the place for you to go! This unique online slot game is set at a delicious, popular taco joint and features hot, spicy jalapenos that will have you jumping around!

The Jumpin’ Jalapenos slot machine is a favorite among mobile and desktop slot game players. It features a fairly unique reel grid design and puts a generous twist on the Free Spins Bonus that will help you walk away with enough to buy your own taco place!

Take a Look at the Menu

When you enter the Jumpin’ Jalapenos casino game, you will be seated at your own table in front of the reels. The reels in this game is a bit unique. Although there are 5 reels, the 1st and 5th reel only has 4 rows while the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel has 5 rows. This gives the reel grid a unique design to it. The reels are framed with Mexican symbols and designs, and you’ll see the joint in the background to improve the atmosphere of the game.

There aren’t many symbols that you can choose from on the menu. There’s the boss, a raging bull, the taco place, a taco, a guitar and a desert. On the special menu, there’s also a jalapeno symbol that can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. The boss symbol is wild and can be used to fill in for any symbol except for the jalapeno symbol. It’s also the highest paying symbol in the game and will reward you with 500 times your line bet if you find 5 of them in a row on a win line.

You’ll also find some low value symbols on the side. They include an Ace, a King, a Queen, a Jack, a 10 and a 9. All wins are counted from left to right in this game.

Place an Order

Are you ready to place an order? Great!

Spin the reels of the Jumpin’ Jalapeno slot machine by betting on anywhere from 1 to 50 lines. The vast amount of lines in this WMS slot game gives you a lot more opportunities to land a winning combination. Jumpin’ Jalapenos can be played with game credits or actual currency. In both versions of this game, each bet that you can will not be per line but per 2 lines.

When playing Jumpin’ Jalapenos for free, your bet per 2 lines can be as little as 0.01 credit and as much as 5.00 credits. This converts to a value of £0.01 to £5.00 when playing with real money. At a maximum, high rollers can bet 125.00 credits or £125.00 on each spin. It’s worth betting the maximum amount allowed. If you bet £125.00 on a spin and find 5 boss symbols on a win line, you’ll take home an incredible £2,500!

Get that Extra Kick with the Hot Jalapenos

If you want some extra kick on the reels, look for three jalapeno symbols that can appear on reels 2,3 and 4. These symbols will trigger the Free Spins Bonus. During the Free Spins Bonus, you will be awarded with 12 free spins. If you find another 3 jalapeno symbols on the board during the free spins, you’ll be granted an extra 12 free spins again.

One of the most interesting aspect of the Jumpin’ Jalapenos casino game is that the Free Spins Bonus has a generous twist to it. When the reels settle, any boss symbols that appear on the reels will nudge the symbols in the same reel until they all become boss symbols. The board will be re-evaluated after all of the positions on the affected reels become boss symbols, and you’ll be paid out your winnings accordingly. If you land 5 boss symbols on each reel, you’ll win a colossal and incredible payout!

You’ll also get a scatter win for finding 3 jalapeno symbols on the board. The scatter win is four times your total bet. So, if you bet the maximum £125.00 on the spin, you’ll get a scatter win of £500.00. That’s still pretty decent as far as scatter wins go.

Overall Thoughts

Jumpin’ Jalapenos is a fiery hot slot game that packs a punch in the Free Spins Bonus. Other than that, this slot game is fairly simple and plain although the unique reel grid design may throw some players off. If you’re looking for a slot game that can give you that extra kick, Jumpin’ Jalapenos is the place to go. It most definitely won’t disappoint, and is one of WMS’ most popular games.

A Tip on How to Find the Hottest Jalapenos

We’ve all been there. After buying loads of jalapenos from the store, you cut them open and add them to your recipe only to find that the jalapenos lack so much heat that they might as well be a bell pepper. The opposite could be true, and you might find that even just a speck of jalapenos in the recipe could cause your mouth to become a raging and burning inferno. So, what’s the trick on how to find out how hot your jalapeno will be? Simple, take a look at how old it is.

Young jalapeno peppers lack any striations and speckles on their surface. They’re smooth as a baby’s butt cheek and pack little heat. As the jalapeno peppers age, they become to develop white striations and speckles. Eventually, they will turn a bright red color. The redder the jalapeno pepper, the hotter it will be. If you’re looking for peppers that will add a kick to the recipe without going overboard, look for jalapeno peppers that come with some striations and speckles.

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