High Limit Slot Machines

High limit slots are played with higher denominations and a larger amount wagered on a single spin of the reels. Some players might not see the point in playing a game where you might lose a lot of money on a single spin, but the reason these games become popular is obvious when you think about it. Higher risk means higher potential rewards.

You can find penny slots at any casino online. You can also find dollar slots at any casino online. Your goal when looking for high limit slots online is to find games which allow you to put a lot of money into action on each spin. These games vary from casino to casino and from software package to software package.

Most players and casinos would agree that anyone playing for $5 more per spin is high rolling. At an average of 600 spins per hour, a $5 per spin player is putting $3000 into action every hour. That’s a lot of cash for almost anyone.

More About High Limit Slot Machines

In John Vorhaus’s book, Poker Night, he explains the concept of a “gulp limit”. His contention is that poker is more fun when  enough money’s on the line to hurt if you lose. The goal is NOT to play so far over your bankroll that you won’t be able to pay the rent if you lose. The goal is to increase the amount of excitement when you’re playing. This line of thought applies to all gambling games.

Your gulp limit is the amount of money you’d have to lose in order to swallow hard if you lost it. If you have $1.7 million in the bank, you’re not going to bat an eye at losing $100 in a slot machine session. On the other hand, if you only have $1700 to your name, losing $100 means something.

The reverse holds true. If you have $1.7 million in the bank, you’re not going to get too excited about winning $100 in a slot machine session. If you have $1700 in the bank, though, a $100 win is something to celebrate. I’ve been rich, and I’ve been poor, and either way, I was able to find a way to gamble and enjoy it.

Payback Percentages

All slot machine games are programmed mathematically with a specific payout percentage. This is a long-term mathematical expectation of how much of each bet a game will pay back to the players in winnings. And when I saw “long-term”, I’m not talking about a hundred spins or even a thousand spins. The long-term kicks in after several thousand spins. The more you play, the closer your results should mirror this theoretical payback percentage.

Here’s an example. Suppose you have a slots game with a 90% payback percentage, and it costs $100 per spin to play. If you make 600 spins per hour on this game, you will have an expected loss of $6000. You’ll have put $60,000 in action during that hour, and you’ll be paid back 90% of that–$54,000. Of course, in the short term, anything can happen. But the higher the payback percentage is, the more likely you are to end your session a winner.

Casino managers have a singular goal that’s closely related to this payback percentage concept. Their goal is to maximize the amount of money they make per square foot per hour. Comparing the expected loss for a low limit slots game with that of a high limit slots game makes something very clear—casinos can make a lot more money from the high limit games, even if they have a higher payback percentage. So casinos reward those higher limit players with a better payout percentage in order to encourage lots of action on those machines.

Suppose you have a game where the most you can bet is $1 per spin. At that 90% payback percentage we stipulate earlier, the casino only expects to win $60 per hour from your play. They could change the 90% payback percentage to 95% on the higher limit slot machine game and still earn an average of $3000 per hour from a player. That’s why casinos encourage high roller gambling.

These Two Factors Combined

When you think about the gulp limit factor has being related to the amount of fun you’re having, and the payback percentage as being related to your likelihood of winning, one thing becomes clear. When you’re playing slots, you should play for the highest stakes you can afford without causing yourself financial difficulty. You’ll have more fun AND you’ll be more likely to win.

Secrets of the Amazon from Playtech – One example of a high limit slot machine game online is Playtech’s Secrets of the Amazon game. You can bet on up to 20 lines per spin with a $25 wager per line, for a total dollar amount of $500 put into action on every spin. The game features imagery of tigers, leopards, and lizards you might find in the jungles of the Amazon.

A Day at the Derby from Rival – A Day at the Derby from Rival is another example of a high limit slots game online. When you play for $2.50 per line per spin, you can put $50 into action on every spin. Like most of Rival’s games, the reel symbols and sound effects for this game are excellent. You’ll find images of trophies, binoculars, mint juleps, and jockeys in this game.


“High limit” is a relative term when talking about slots games. $5 per spin might be a high limit for you, while $50 might be boring for someone who has a lot of money. No matter how large or how small your bankroll is, you should play the highest limit games you can afford in order to maximize your payback percentage. The higher the payback percentage, the more likely you are to walk away a winner, and higher limit games almost always have higher payout percentages than the corresponding lower limit games.