Free Kooza Slots Machine

Some people think the circus is just for kids, but Cirque du Soleil has spent decades bringing big top entertainment to young and old alike. This has resulted in performances around the globe, and their popularity has been enhanced by a synthesis of elaborate costuming, memorable set design, and the breathtaking physical abilities of their performers.

Kooza is a touring production from Cirque du Soleil, and it’s been performed from China to Argentina. Now, thanks to the designers from Bally, you can enjoy the Kooza slot machine adaptation at a land-based casino near you.

For those unfamiliar with Kooza, this review should provide you with the basic information needed to start a gaming session. While this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll walk away a winner, you should at least understand what’s going on when the reels start spinning.


Play Kooza

Information about Kooza

Cirque du Soleil was created in 1984 to bring together circus styles from around the globe. Despite early struggles, it has grown to become the world’s largest producer of theatrical performances.

Each show is meant to have its own theme and style, and one of the more popular in recent years is known as Kooza. Written and directed by David Shiner, who worked as a clown in Cirque du Soleil’s touring performance of Nouvelle Experience, this production emphasizes clowning and acrobatics.

Rather than present a series of unrelated acts, Kooza weaves together a cohesive narrative that involves six main characters. These include the following:

  • The Innocent – The childlike main character of the show. He is discovering the world of Kooza for the first time, and the audience is meant to see it through his eyes.
  • The Trickster – A godlike and mischievous figure who creates the world of Kooza for The Innocent.
  • The Bad Dog – A mongrel who takes a liking to The Innocent and decides to tag along on his adventures.
  • Heimloss – The world of Kooza is filled with all manner of machinery, and this character is responsible for keeping them maintained.
  • The King – A buffoonish figure who’s frequently accompanied by his retinue of clowns.
  • Clowns – A pair of cartoonish performers who serve as footmen for The King.

The set of Kooza is meant to resemble a public square, but it repeatedly transforms into a circus ring during each performance. Props and costumes abound, and the central feature is a Hindu-inspired tower known as the “bataclan.”

The actual show is made up of 10 acrobatic performances, and the backing music is an eclectic blend of pop, funk, Indian tunes, and scores from the Golden Age of Hollywood. A few acts have been retired over the years, while current favorites involve high wires, hoop manipulation, a wheel of death, and contortions.

Slot Design

Most slot machines on the casino floor are stand-alone models, but Kooza offers something noticeably different. For starters, six of these machines are grouped in a circular pattern. Rising up from the center of this configuration is a tower-like structure, which is actually reminiscent of the “bataclan” found during the live performances.

An oversized video screen is located near the top, displaying both graphics from the game and video footage of the renowned traveling circus. Each time one of the players activates the bonus wheel, it’s resolved on these screens (which is an excellent way to draw in onlookers and new players).

Cost to Play

This is a penny machine, with a 300-credit maximum wager. That means the lowest bet is going to cost 3.00, which isn’t bad considering the possible returns. Feature are available at all wager levels, although you’ll need to risk maximum coins in order to have a chance at the bigger progressive awards.

Progressive Jackpots

The Kooza slot has four progressive jackpots, and the easiest way to win one of these is on the game’s Bonus Wheel. Amounts are obviously going to vary over time, but here’s an example of what you can expect (taken from a trade show exhibition):

  • Mini Progressive – $28.22
  • Grand Progressive – $101.54
  • Colossal Progressive – $1,020.44
  • Tres Magnifique Progressive – $400,284.07

Box Pick Bonus

This feature begins when three bonus box scatters turn up on reels one, three, and five. A trio of boxes are presented on the screen, and the player is asked to choose one in order to win either a cash prize or spin on the Bonus Wheel.

Bonus Wheel

If the Bonus symbol lines up across reels two, three, and four, you’ll activate the Bonus Wheel feature. The Trickster appears on the screen, prompting you to press a massive virtual button. As soon as the player does so, the huge video screens above the game are transformed into something resembling a wheel of fortune.

A few bonus rounds are available on the wheel, as well as the progressive jackpot and prize multipliers. As you might expect, the latter are the most common, and they range from 180x to 3600x.

Trickster Free Games Bonus Round

Triggered by a spin of the big wheel, this bonus provides the player with 10 free spins. As the number of complimentary games count down, look for the Trickster to appear on the reels and upgrade random symbols. When this occurs, they’ll be transformed into wilds for a single spin.

 Wheel of Death Bonus Feature

This bonus begins with footage from the show, as riders come to the ring and prepare to attempt the Wheel of Death. A virtual wheel then appears above the main screen, along with eight circles containing the following prizes:

  • 5x Multiplier
  • 3x Multiplier
  • 2x Multiplier
  • 10 Free Games
  • 8 Free Games
  • 5 Free Games

The Wheel of Death is superimposed over the circles. When it stops spinning, each end of the wheel lands on one of the circles to determine the bonus. For example, the player might land on five free games and the 3x multiplier, which means the winnings are tripled on their upcoming five bonus spins.

Free spins are immediately resolved on the game’s main screen. If the player is lucky, additional complimentary games can be earned at the rate of two at a time.


The Kooza slot machine from Bally debuted on casino floors in 2016, and it’s been a major hit for the company. Fans of Cirque du Soleil can recapture some of the magic of the show’s live performance, and the Bonus Wheel is sure to draw in a steady stream of new players. The remaining bonus rounds are also a nice touch, although they pale in comparison to the top progressive jackpot.