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1 x 2 Gaming Review

For lovers of online gambling, finding a new way to spin the reels for the chance to win big is always exciting. While the major names in the industry dominate, like NetEnt, BetSoft, and IGT, there’s plenty of room for smaller players to gain ground.

Despite a relatively small presence in the gaming scene, 1×2 Gaming maintains a solid core of regular users who love the platform for its reliability, variety, and ease of use. With plenty of games and solid user reviews, gamblers in search of a dependable platform will find a lot to love about this software designer.

Despite its smaller scale, 1×2 Gaming is certainly worthy of its marketplace praise. Since the company’s inception, partner sites have spent over £800,000,000 on 1X2gaming products, providing a tidy niche for this boutique development firm.

More About 1 x 2 Gaming - History & Games

Despite a relatively minor presence in the global gaming market, 1×2 Gaming enjoys a prominence in the United Kingdom in particular. Launched in 2003, this longtime name in online gambling has been in business for nearly 15 years. Headquartered in Brighton, known as Silicon Beach for its strong presence of tech startups, this highly legitimate and well-regarded platform is a known entity among gamblers who value integrity and proper licensure.

Unlike many sites operating in the UK that seek offshore accreditation, 1×2 Gaming is approved by the UK Gaming Commission in addition to the governments of Malta and Alderney. 1×2 Gaming is an independent company that isn’t affiliated with any other names in the gaming world, making this lone wolf truly unique among its conglomerate-loving competitors.

In the online gaming industry, all software developers have unique features and functions. However, the selection of available games is arguably the most important aspect of all. In an effort to appeal to as many people as possible, 1×2 Gaming provides a little something for everyone with a focus across multiple areas in online casino gaming.

Virtual Sports by 1 x 2 Gaming

Easily the most prominent asset this platform has to offer, virtual sports saw a rise to prominence on 1x2Gaming. Effectively the pioneers of virtual football betting, boasting the Virtual Football Pro league with 162 leagues representing 146 countries, sporting fanatics can bet on computerized leagues playing football, rugby, and many more. Players can also bet on horse racing, greyhound racing, biking, and even tennis.

While 1×2 Gaming has many strengths, this is truly where they shine. Despite a plethora of available athletic events, the platform is best in the football arena, appealing to gamblers from around the world. As the original name in virtual sports leagues, the company is dedicated to upping the proverbial ante, going above and beyond to offer more than the competition.

Football leagues are available for virtually every major event, including the World Cup, Champions, Europa League, Euro Legends, the African Cup, and more. This unique way to play is highly effective at appealing broadly, reaching out to players within the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond.

As a testament to its capabilities, 1×2 Gaming offers football betting every 90 seconds, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. With great margins – over 5% in the UK and 10% in Europe – there’s plenty of demand for this creative approach in the wide world of sports betting.

1 x 2 Casino Games

While not nearly as popular as slots and sports betting, most major software developers continue to keep a toe in the traditional casino game market and 1×2 Gaming is no exception. In an effort to appeal to platforms that cater to lovers of an authentic casino experience, this software developer offers a relatively robust collection of casino games.

As the world’s favorite card game, poker plays a predominant role in 1×2 Gaming’s offerings. Whether players favor an American interpretation or want to play one of the other unique alternatives, like Three Card Poker, Six Shooter, or Sharp Shooter, there are plenty of options available.

Gamblers who can’t win at poker aren’t out of luck, however; the 1×2 Gaming selection extends beyond the basics. Gamblers can also choose from Blackjack, multiple forms of Roulette, Sic Bo, and Baccarat.

1 x 2 Gaming Video Slots

As the world’s preferred way to gamble in real money online casinos, slots can often make or break a company’s reputation. Luckily, 1×2 Gaming invests heavily here, putting significant energy into creating fun, flexible slots gamblers will love.

While some slots utilize common casino concepts, like fruits, gems, and jackpots, 1×2 Gaming follows industry trends in a good direction, designing online video slots that take advantage of beloved themes and historical archetypes, like Alice and the Red Queen, Aztec Secrets, and Gods of Olympus.

The modern video slots field is only getting more creative, boasting additional reels, one hundred or more paylines, and progressive jackpots. 1×2 Gaming, however, prefers a more classic approach with straightforward slots defined more by themes than ways to win. While graphics are higher quality and pleasing to the eye, many of the truly dynamic options offered by the industry leaders are found lacking here.

This aside, 1×2 Gaming does have some big name products beloved by beginners and slot aficionados alike, including:

Alice and the Red Queen

Alice in Wonderland is a fan favorite, leading to dozens of movie and literary interpretations since the original publication of “Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There” in 1871. For gamblers seeking a modern twist on this beloved character, the Alice and the Red Queen Slot is full of throwback thrills. Set with a moody, dark feel and impish cartoon characters, players can spin the five reels to try to line up the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts, rabbits, vials, and even Alice herself. With the adorable teapot scatter symbol, there are plenty of ways to win big here.

Celebrity in the Jungle

Despite the somewhat odd concept of celebrities spending time in isolation, this fast-paced game is one of the most popular options provided by 1×2 Gaming. Set deep within the natural world and featuring everything from wild animals to native cultures, you’re never far from treasure as you follow famous faces through the wilderness. With five spinning reels with three symbols each, it’s easy to match up card symbols, snakes, or middle-aged men to hit it big across the jungle-themed paylines.

Candy Crash

Candy Crush is among the most popular mobile phone apps in existence, so it’s no surprise that Candy Crash from 1×2 Gaming is equally popular. Candy dominates the game, providing a backdrop evocative of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.Like most slots, lining up the fun and flavorful symbols across one of many paylines is the best way to win big, but the free spins aspect of this game is particularly sweet. The star scatter symbols provide a nice multiplier, while spinning at least one licorice piece can give you a way to spin for free.

Instant Wins

If playing involved games to win money seems like too much effort, the 1×2 Gaming Instant Wins games are just right for you. Featuring options like Poker Dice, which combines dice rolling with playing card symbols, and Soccer Scratch, a football-themed scratch-off card, you’ll know your winnings within seconds of gameplay.

Bingo and Keno

No casino is complete without Bingo and Keno, two familiar gambling staples. Wait for your numbers to be called to hit five in a row in Bingo or choose a lucky combination in Keno for winnings of up to 10,000x your bet. With creative twists and auto-draw functions, winning with these casino mainstays has never been easier.

1×2 Gaming Gameplay

What good is a great slot if you can’t access it? Some development companies focus on cumbersome downloads that stand in the way of fast and simple gameplay, but 1×2 Gaming provides a sleek, clean experience that can be enjoyed on any device or browser combination. As Flash and HTML5 games, 1×2 Gaming’s selection can be accessed on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

For mobile players, 1×2 Gaming’s capabilities fall a little short but still provide some variety for those dedicated to a touchscreen. A select collection of casino games, slots, and virtual sports betting interfaces are optimized for iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, and Android devices, providing an easy way to play top rated games on the go. While the company doesn’t offer their own mobile app, mobile gameplay may be available on partner casino smartphone applications.

1×2 Gaming Partner Sites

As a well-reputed software developer, 1×2 Gaming can be found on some of the biggest names in gambling, including Loadbrokers, Bwin, Bet365, and William Hill. It’s also possible to play favorite games right on the 1×2 Gaming site, providing an easy way to sample available options for players and site owners interested in learning more. Not all countries are supported, however; the 1×2 Gaming site strictly limits access based on geography, with players from the United States unable to play any of the available samples.

The Bottom Line: 1×2 Gaming

While certainly less known than the biggest players in the industry, 1×2 Gaming manages to hold its own. A fan favorite in UK-based casinos for its strong presence and strict adherence to local rules and regulations, 1×2 Gaming has plenty to offer to gamblers and casino operators alike. With a unique foothold in the world of virtual sports betting, this platform has paved the way for the modern development of online sports gambling.

If you’re seeking a new way to enjoy an online gaming experience, 1×2 Gaming is here to feed your need for big thrills in a familiar format. Featuring an exciting selection of slots, basic collection of casino games, and year-round betting on all of your favorite athletics, there are plenty of reasons to check out what 1×2 Gaming has to offer.


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