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Cosmic Crystals

When you think of slot machine games, a few things probably come to mind—Chinese symbolism, movies and TV shows, and all things related to wealth. Escaping the flashy flair and common themes used in many newer slot games, Cosmic Crystals has a simplicity about it that makes for a nice change of pace—not to mention its slightly unorthodox gameplay. A musical backdrop that perfectly encapsulates the thrill of adventure is a perfect complement to the game’s visual background, a beautiful medley of space featuring deep black, bright white, and vibrant shades of purple.

Strap on your spacesuits and ready your rocket ships—this is one slot game you won’t want to miss.

Features & How to Play

Whether you’re looking for a slot game that’s easy to play or one packed with awesome features, Cosmic Crystals has you covered. 50 paylines give you a ton of different ways to win, but the simple interface and easily recognizable symbols make it easier to play and understand. There are also only three rows across five reels so it’s easier to spot wins.

The smallest possible bet in this game is 0.50 coins, while the max bet is set at 100.00 coins.

Cosmic Crystals took a very straightforward approach when they designed their symbols. Jacks, queens, kings, and aces are represented by the letter they begin with, while other symbols include “cosmic crystals” in blue, purple, pink, green, and yellow, with the pink crystal holding the lowest value and the yellow holding the highest. In fact, the yellow crystal is the most valuable symbol in Cosmic Crystals by a fairly large margin.

One unique feature in Cosmic Crystals is the free re-spin feature. Every time you spin and don’t win anything, Cosmic Crystals gives you a free re-spin. And the best part is, there’s no limit—as long as you don’t win, you’ll keep getting free re-spins. Keep in mind that even the smallest possible win will prevent you from getting your free re-spin.

For the wild symbol feature, Cosmic Crystals uses what is called a stacked wilds system. Normally, the wild symbol can take the place of any other symbol to give you more chances to win. But in this game, when you land a wild symbol on a reel, it fills the entire reel, giving you three wild symbols for even more chances to win.

Unlike many other free to play slot machine games, Cosmic Crystals doesn’t have a bonus feature. While this is somewhat of a drawback, it’s remedied by the fact that there are so many other great features that give you more ways to win.


One of the best parts about the Cosmic Crystals slot game is the fact that you can easily play it online. Many slot machine games only offer in-casino options. Having a chance to try out various slot games before you visit a casino is a good way to figure out what you’re into and learn the ins and outs of each game.

To play Cosmic Crystals online, all you have to do is go to, the official website for the game’s manufacturer. From here, you can play many of their slot machine games for fun, including Cosmic Crystals.


Overall, Cosmic Crystals is a solid slot machine game. It may not offer the same potential for huge wins as other slot games, and it doesn’t have the scatter symbol and bonus feature that so many people love, but it’s a well-made slot game that’s easy enough to understand and play. And if you’re into the color purple, Cosmic Crystals definitely has one of the more aesthetically pleasing designs.

But where Cosmic Crystals really shines is its wild symbol and free re-spin feature. Many games use a simple wild feature (which is still fun), but landing a wild symbol in this game really opens up a lot of possibilities. And if you’re not having the best luck, you’ll always get a free re-spin if you didn’t win anything.

If you’re looking for a simple but fun slot game that’s easy on the eyes and ears, Cosmic Crystals is exactly what you need.

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