Deadworld Slot Review

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If you ask some doomsday preppers, the world is going to end when a virus spreads throughout the entire world and turns everybody into zombies. That may not actually be the case, but it’s fun to pretend sometimes. If you’re a fan of the Deadworld comic books, Walking Dead and 28 Days Later, you’re going to love this next slot game. Deadworld by 1×2 Gaming (in assiciation with Caliber Comics) puts you right in the thick of a zombie apocalypse, and every spin of the reel brings exciting new rewards and a handful of freaky faces for you to fend off.

The creepy music and blood-spattered background really set the mood for this game, and the zombie sound effects which indicate wins are great. Stock up on emergency food and grab your favorite zombie blaster, because Deadworld is the real deal.

Features & How to Play

Deadworld plays like any standard slot game—it has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 50 paylines. One difference between this and many of 1×2 Gaming’s slot games is the fact that you can’t set the number of active lines; there are always 50. You can, however, change your coin value. To learn more about the paylines in Deadworld, click the “Show Winlines” button in the bottom-right corner of the game.

For its symbols, Deadworld uses a variety of zombie-related images. Here are the symbols in order from least to most valuable: woman with pistol, zombie with hat, buff zombie, girl with green skin, zombie girl, zombie eating brains, man with knife hand, zombie with sunglasses, pilot zombie, the buff zombie hunter, and the skeleton. To receive a prize, you must land 3 or more of these symbols on a single payline.

The wild symbol in Deadworld is clearly marked and can substitute for any symbol except the bonus symbols. The bonus symbol, a zombie woman with an outstretched hand, triggers the bonus round when you land at least 3 of them anywhere on the board. In this bonus game, you get to shoot horizontally moving zombies to win prizes. This is a great bonus game because it’s actually interactive—you’re not just clicking a random prize and hoping for the best. If you land 3 or more bonus symbols on a payline, you’ll be given a payout as well as a shot at the bonus game.


One of the best parts about playing 1×2 Gaming’s slot games is the fact that they can all be easily played through the 1×2 Gaming website. Just go to, click on “Products,” and find Deadworld in the list of available games. 1×2 Gaming doesn’t offer for-cash versions of their slot games online, so you’ll have to find this game somewhere else if you want to play for real money.

Since Deadworld (and 1×2’s other slot games) runs on Adobe Flash Player, you won’t be able to play it using the browser on your smartphone or tablet. And there doesn’t seem to be a mobile version of the game available on any app stores which is pretty much par for the course when it comes to 1×2’s slot games.


There really isn’t anything bad to say about this game. If I had to make one complaint, it’s that you don’t have an option to change the number of active paylines. But aside from that, Deadworld offers all of the bet customization settings found in most of 1×2’s slot games, and it has a few cool bonus features, too.

The design of the game is pretty neat, with a creepy soundtrack and plenty of zombie sound effects to complement the visual elements. The symbols are a bit similar in color and feel, though, which makes them a bit harder to distinguish from each other than in other slot games.

Deadworld’s bonus game is one of its biggest strengths. For most bonus games, you’re given a choice between a few different chests or boxes with prizes inside. These are usually lucrative, but they don’t give you a break from the constant spinning of the reels like Deadworld’s zombie shooting bonus game does.

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