Fruity 3 x 3 Slot Review

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Fruit has always been a common symbol in slot games—just picture a cherry spoiling what could have been a big win had you landed 3 BAR symbols. So you might hear “fruit” in the name of a slot game and think it’s unoriginal, but you would be 100% wrong when it comes to Fruity 3 x 3. Abandoning the typical single spin format, Fruity 3 x 3 gives you nine different spins and more chances to win. 1×2 Gaming created a great combination of innovation and simplicity with this game, and the result is a slot game that’s as sweet as the fruit on its reels.

Features & How to Play

When it comes to playing this game, everything is pretty straightforward. Because each of the nine mini slot machines in Fruity 3 x 3 only have one row, there aren’t any bonus games, scatter symbols, wild symbols, or any other additional features, really.

Fruity 3 x 3 has nine single-row slot machines with three reels each, and each machine operates independently of the others. If you match up three symbols on one of the spins, you get a reward based on your bet. You can bet between 0.10 and 1.00 in this game, but your stake is multiplied by the nine spins you get for each bet. This means that the minimum bet is 0.90 and the maximum bet is 9.00.

There are 16 different symbols in Fruity 3 x 3, with the cherry worth the least and the star worth the most. The payout for each symbol depends on your bet, and is only multiplied by one-ninth of your total stake—or the actual number you’ve input at the bottom. The symbols in order are: cherries (x1), lemons (x2), oranges, (x3), plums (x4), peaches (x5), pears (x6), grapes (x7), watermelons (x8), bells (x10), red 7s (x15), green 7s (x20), yellow 7s (x25), single BAR (x30), double BAR (x50), triple BAR (x100), stars (x500). The top row of spins only has cherries through watermelons. The middle row contains some higher symbols, including bells, red 7s, and BAR. The bottom row can go all the way up to the stars, and also includes the double BAR and triple BAR.

Unlike many of 1×2 Gaming’s slot games, there aren’t really any custom settings in Fruity 3 x 3, although you can click the black bars above each reel to deactivate them. This is a nice change of pace since you simply have to place your bet, spin, and enjoy yourself.


If you’re looking to get a feel for Fruity 3 x 3 before spending your hard-earned money, you’re in luck. 1×2 Gaming hosts free versions of many of their slot games on their website. The only caveat is that you won’t be able to play on your smartphone because the game requires Adobe Flash Player.

One thing to note about 1×2 Gaming’s free version of Fruity 3 x 3 is that it gives you more coins to bet so it may not provide a realistic simulation of playing the game for cash. Additionally, 1×2 Gaming only offers a free version of their slot games through their website—if you want to play for cash, you’ll have to find it in a casino.


Simple slot games are always fun, and that’s exactly what Fruity 3 x 3 has to offer. There are no complicated paylines or advanced settings, just an easy to play slot game that you can quickly jump into and enjoy. Despite this, Fruity 3 x 3 has a fresh and innovative feel that keeps the game from feeling like a stale, cookie-cutter 3 x 3 slot game. And while the average win may not be as large as wins in other slot games, you only have to match three symbols to win, so frequent payouts are more likely.

All in all, Fruity 3 x 3 has all of the fun of a traditional 3 x 3 slot game with an innovative twist, and it’s absolutely worth checking out if you’re looking for a fresh spin on a classic.

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