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There aren’t too many things in this world that are as adorable as a sweet, fluffy kitty. Whether they’re curled up in your lap watching your favorite TV show or playing an elaborate piano number, cats are cool creatures. In fact, cats are so beloved that a Google search for “funny cat” returns 32,900,000 results.

If you’re a kitty lover, you’re going to absolutely love Kitty Cash from 1×2 Gaming. This cute and creative slot machine has a simple look, but there are plenty of fun features to keep you entertained. The board is a collage of bright colors, from various blues to hot pink, and the light, upbeat bounce of the music gives the game a fun feeling.

The design may be fun, but the gameplay is what’s really important when it comes to slot games.

Features & How to Play

Anyone who’s familiar with 1×2 Gaming’s other slot games should have no problem picking up Kitty Cash. There are 5 reels, 3 rows, and 9 paylines which can be toggled on and off. To set the number of active paylines, click the numbered rectangles on either side of the reels or use the “Lines” setting in the bottom-left corner. You can also set the value of each coin, allowing you to place a more precise bet that works for your budget.

Kitty Cash also features an auto bet setting, reset bets setting, and a max bet setting, all of which make it more convenient for you to place your bet and play.

Although it doesn’t use any traditional symbols, Kitty Cash uses a very standard setup for its symbols. Here are the lower tier symbols in order: yarn, fish bones, fish, mouse, orange cat, green cat. These symbols pay out when you match 3 or more of the same one on a payline. The higher tier of symbols includes the cat with yarn, the pink cat, the blue cat and the purple cat. These symbols will pay out for matches of 2 or more on a payline.

The wild symbol, a cat in front of the moon, can substitute for any symbol on the same payline except for the free spins symbol. The free spins symbol, a can of cat food, gives you 5 free spins for matching 3 symbols, 15 for matching 4 symbols, and 25 for matching 5 symbols. These free spins will play automatically using the bet you placed when you triggered them.

There is no bonus game in Kitty Cash.


Looking to play Kitty Cash for free online before you spend your cash on it? It’s easy! Just go to, go to the “Products” section, and find Kitty Cash in the list of games. This gives you a quick no-risk version of the game to try; if you want to play for money, you’ll have to find somewhere else to play Kitty Cash.

There is no mobile version of Kitty Cash available. Unfortunately, 1×2 Gaming uses Adobe Flash Player for all of its online slot games, so you’ll need to play on a laptop or desktop PC. 1×2 doesn’t offer a downloadable version of this game for mobile devices, either.


There’s nothing about Kitty Cash that’s going to wow you, but chances are you won’t be disappointed, either. This is a solid slot game that’s both fun and designed well. The board isn’t too crowded and it’s very easy to tell which symbols are which. It’s also nice to have the ability to customize your coin value and the number of active paylines as this can help you have more fun while staying in your budget.

If this game had a bonus feature and not just free spins, it would definitely have more entertainment value.

But at the end of the day, Kitty Cash is solid. You’re probably not going to spend hours on end playing this game, but if you’re just looking for a relatively simple slot game that offers big win opportunities and a cool theme, this isn’t a bad choice.

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