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Everybody loves animals—well, almost everybody. Before your dog was a full-grown beast that spends its days demolishing food and defecating on your lawn, it was a cute little puppy with bearable breath. 1×2 Gaming’s Kitty Cash slot game was so successful that they decided to make the same game for dog lovers—and so, Puppy Payday was born. If you’re looking for a dog-lover’s version of Kitty Cash or just a new slot game to play, you’re barking up the right tree.

If your backyard had as many puppies in it as Puppy Payday does, you’d be one lucky dog. The first row of symbols sits on the fence, the next row sits in front of it, and the bottom row is front and center, eagerly awaiting a treat or a game of fetch.

Features & How to Play

If you’ve already played Kitty Cash, you’ll have no problem learning how Puppy Payday works. 1×2 Gaming made this game as a dog-lover’s alternative to Kitty Cash. There are 5 reels, 3 rows, and 9 paylines which can be toggled on or off. There is also an auto bet feature, a max bet feature, and a coin value setting that allows you to bet non-whole dollar amounts.

There are plenty of puppy payouts when it comes to Puppy Payday’s symbols. There are two tiers of symbols, as well as two special symbols. These are the symbols in the lower tier: dog bone, dog house, gray and black dog, brown dog, grew dog, and a puppy in a basket. These symbols only pay you when match 3 or more of the same symbol on a single payline. The next tier of symbols includes the brown and black dog, the white dog, the husky, and the red dog. These symbols all pay for matches of 2 or more symbols on the same payline.

The wild symbol in this game is a gold coin that can substitute for any symbol on the same payline to create a win. The wild symbol cannot substitute for the free spins symbol. The free spins symbol is a bowl of dog food that awards you with free spins when you match them on a payline. 3 symbols get you 5 free spins, 4 symbols get you 10 free spins, and 5 symbols get you 15 free spins. You can’t activate the free spins feature on a free spin turn.

There is no bonus game and no added symbol on free spins in Puppy Payday—just good old-fashioned fun.


1×2 Gaming offers their slot games for free through their website as a way for users and vendors to try the game out before spending cash on it. To play Puppy Payday online, go to 1x2gaming.com, head over the “Products” section, and locate Puppy Payday in their list of slot games. You can only play this game for free on 1×2’s site; you’ll have to find a for-cash version at another website or casino.

Users who are looking for a mobile version of Puppy Payday will face a major roadblock; since 1×2 uses Adobe Flash Player for their games, you can’t play them on smartphones and tablets, and there is no downloadable version of the game for mobile devices.


Overall, this is a great simple slot game with visuals and audio that are both well done and light. 9 paylines mean you don’t have to place huge bets but there are still plenty of ways to win. The free spins feature is a nice added touch, although adding an extra symbol on free spins or allowing the free spins feature to be triggered during free spins would have been nice. It’s also lacking a bonus game, a feature many people find necessary as a break from spinning the reels mindlessly.

If you enjoyed Kitty Cash, you’re going to enjoy this game. The two are, in essence, the same game. There are straightforward instructions, paytables, and a “Show Winlines” button, too, which makes Puppy Payday a great game for newcomers.

Give Puppy Payday a try—if you want something simple, you should enjoy this game.

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