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2 By 2 Gaming – Review, Free Games, History

2 By 2 Gaming, a producer of casino games and gaming software, is an up and coming innovator in the gaming space, despite being a relative newcomer to the market and a very small gaming company. Although the company has a fairly small portfolio of games, it uses collaborations with other gaming developers and a staff with a broad record of experience to use games that have garnered a disproportionate popularity to the size of the business in the global gaming market.

The highlights of their gaming portfolio include the hit slot game Spell of Odin, and other popular slots like Mandarin Fortune, Riches of the Sea and more than 60 other slot games that are playable in online casinos across various gaming jurisdictions worldwide.

Here’s a brief but detailed review of this small, Chicago based gaming creator, and the value they offer in the international online gaming market.

About 2 By 2 Gaming; Who Are They?

In 2012, two former employees of the large and successful American gaming software company Williams Interactive started their own gaming studio in the suburbs of Chicago. 2 By 2 Gaming is headed up by CEO Shridhar Joshi with his head of design Darryl Hughes. Despite the fact that 2 By 2 is relatively new as a company, these two men and the rest of their team come in with a long record of experience that gives them some credibility in the game development market.

Another way 2 By 2 has managed to compete with the largest slot game producers is by collaborating with other companies in their game production. Over the course of their time in the market, they’ve completed several deals and collaborations, including with Ruby Seven Studios in 2014, PLAOR gaming in 2015 and most recently as of 2017, a deal with Oryx gaming to produce new video slots.

The result has given 2 By 2 the ability to compete with bigger developers like PlayTech and BetENT in quality, although 2 By 2 has a long way to go before they compete with the big developers in the size of their portfolio.

2 By 2 Games and Gaming Software Summary

As previously mentioned, 2 By 2 Gaming doesn’t have a huge selection of games to play, but they make for this deficit in engaging gameplay. This shouldn’t be a surprise due to their founders’ history with one of the largest developers in the market, but all the same, 2 By 2 boasts some of the most engaging and complex video slots in the social and online casino sphere.

2 By 2’s Most Popular and Entertaining Online Slots

2 By 2 Gaming has a smaller portfolio compared to many developers with only around 65 total slot patents (the company claims to have 35 more patents pending which will eventually be released in the form of new video slots). In spite of this fact, some of the few that they do produce are comparatively very successful in the casino gaming market online. Here is a taste of what’s in store for players of 2 By 2 Gaming’s catalogue:

Spell of Odin

Spell of Odin transports players into an ancient Norse mythology, with pictures of the ancient god-figure Odin serving as wild symbols in the game. Stacks of the symbols on this classic 5 reel slot unleash Odin’s “spell” in the form of different animations and rich sound effects that keep a player entertained for hours. As far as the actual gameplay, there is not much that makes Spell of Odin stand out from other games, but all the same, the game is entertaining to play and easy to win, with 25 paylines, a progressing wild feature and chances to win free spins with scatters and wild symbols.

After only a few spins, nothing about Spell of Odin jumps out as a unique or remarkable feature compared to other popular games, but the overall quality of the slot makes it clear to see why the game is at the forefront of 2 By 2’s success in the market for video slots.

Mandarin Fortune

Mandarin Fortune is a slot that at first glance seems simplistic and bland, but when some time is put into this Asian culturally themed slot, it really grows on the player. For one, it’s extremely easy to learn; as a player wins on the 20 different paylines, the screen illustrates which lines win in which pattern, so players can get a better idea of how to win and how easy it is (for the record, i would rate the games winning odds at moderately easy to win).

Secondly, the game is simple, yet attractive. each spin comes with a catchy, Asian inspired tune and winning can set off a variety of different and pleasing animations. Mandarin Fortune is a good example of proof that a game doesn’t need bells and whistles to attract a crowd.

Riches of The Sea

Another slot game produced in part by 2 By 2 gaming (as well as PLAOR studios) is one you’ll see at pretty much every online casino that gives you access to 2 By 2 slots. Riches of the Sea transports the player into an undersea adventure, and despite the fact that it’s another standard 5 reel slot with 20 paylines and standard scatter, wild and free spin bonus rounds, the game is a testament to what 2 By 2 does as well if not better than the competition.

The game developer create games that keep players playing them over and over and coming back for more when they log into the place from which they are accessing the games, and I think this is partially due to 2 By 2’s ability to create rich environments as settings to their slots. I think the setting and background of many video slots is underrated as an aspect of their popularity, and 2 By 2 is a perfect example of how to make slots that just work for their players.

How and Where are 2 By 2’s Video Slots Played?

2 By 2 slots, like those of many developers, are made popular by virtue of partnerships with online casinos. 2 By 2 slots are available at many online casino sites, including Videoslots Casino, Energy Casino, Stan James Casino, Joy Casino, NextCasino, Casino Luck


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